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8 Ways To Fix Microsoft Word That Can’t Be Typed 2024


8 Ways To Fix Microsoft Word That Can’t Be Typed – Microsoft Word is one of Microsoft’s dropout platforms that is used to pour writing. It has become a popular platform because of the ease of access and the sophistication of the features it offers. Even though it is fairly sophisticated, it turns out that there are still many errors that often occur in it.

8 Ways To Fix Microsoft Word That Can't Be TypedHow To Fix Microsoft Word That Can’t Be Typed 2024

One of them is that it cannot be used for typing. The trigger can be caused by various factors, both internal and external, such as a laptop error. A situation like this will be fatal when it occurs while working on an important document with minimal time duration.

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However, there is no need to worry because it turns out that this situation can be overcome using practical methods. This article will help you deal with untyped Word. Read the full explanation below.

Cause Word Cannot Be Typed

Cause Word Cannot Be Typed

You must be wondering, why does an error like this happen? Apparently, the cause comes from various sources both external and internal. The following are things that cause words to not be typed.

  1. File locked or locked by the owner
  2. Error laptop
  3. The keyboard is not detected by the computer
  4. Wrong activation code
  5. A version of Microsoft Word that requires updating
  6. Number Lock activated accidentally

How To Fix A Word That Cannot Be Typed

How To Fix A Word That Cannot Be Typed

The various triggers that prevent Word from being typed can be overcome in many ways. Here are some solutions that you can apply.

#1. Restart The Laptop

The first way you can do to solve this problem is to reload the laptop. The word can not be typed can be caused of many applications that are running at the same time. These applications slow down the performance of the laptop and cause this problem to appear. You can use this method to solve it. In addition, a storage capacity that is too full can also be a trigger. Therefore, you can also do the cleaning.

#2. Turn On Edit Mode

Sometimes, Microsoft Word cannot be typed because you have not activated editing mode. You can activate it by pressing the Enable Editing notification at the top of the page.

#3. Turn Off Document Protection

Another thing that can be the trigger is document protection which is still active. Documents with security, cannot be modified. Therefore, you must first turn off document protection. The method is as follows:

  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. Press the ‘Files’ menu
  3. Select the ‘Info’ option
  4. Find the words ‘ Protection Document ‘, then press it
  5. Check the option ‘Mark as Final, Restrict Access, and Editing’
  6. Disable all three
  7. Press the ‘ Mark as Final’ option
  8. Press ‘Ok’
  9. Wait until you receive the ‘ Edit Anyway’ notification

#4. Do A Version Update

One of the reasons Word can’t be typed is a version that’s too old. The old version makes Word have less good performance. In fact, one by one the features will be removed and cannot be used. So that this doesn’t take long, you have to update Microsoft Word to the latest version. The trick is to visit the official site and download the latest version.

#5. Check The Keyboard Connector Or Cable

Hardware such as keyboard cables can also cause this problem to occur. Whether or not the hardware is problematic can be checked by installing another keyboard. If when using the other one it works, it means that the problem really lies with the keyboard.

#6. Activate Microsoft Word

Make sure the installed Microsoft Word is active and ready to use. Word inactivity can be caused by an expired trial period. This usually happens to connoisseurs of freebies.

You have to download it again so you can enjoy the next trial. However, subscribing is much better to avoid similar problems from happening again.

#7. Change The File Format

Unsupported document formats can also be the main cause. If the problem is really caused by the format of the document, you can save it again through the following steps:

  1. Open a Microsoft Word document
  2. Select the ‘ File menu on the Toolbar
  3. Then select the Save As option
  4. Then, select the desired storage location and create a new name
  5. Press ‘Save’ to save

#8. Disable Um Lock

The last way that you can use to solve the problem of Word can’t be typed is to disable Num Lock. Active Num Lock causes the laptop to only detect numbers. Therefore, try to press the Num Lock key on the keyboard.


Those are some ways you can do to solve the problem Word can’t be typed. The solutions above can be applied according to the trigger. You can check them one by one and start by reloading the laptop. If this method doesn’t work, you can apply other methods.

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