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5 Google Ranking Factors That Really Count 2024


5 Google Ranking Factors That Really Count – When it comes to giving users the best results for their search that Google’s ranking factor in the specified query should be better. Ranking factors Google and other search engines have developed sophisticated algorithms that take thousands of factors into account.

5 Google Ranking Factors That Really Count

5 Google Ranking Factors That Really Count 2024

The aim of this work is to enable the user to find the answer to his request as quickly as possible.

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Given that content quality is a basic and absolutely necessary requirement to ensure users are satisfied with the results, it is only one of the variables that allow a web page to position itself well for certain search keywords.

Before proceeding to describe the top Google ranking factors, it is important for your site to introduce the concept of search intent in Google Search.

What does the search mean?

Not all user queries are the same. In principle, we can group questions into three categories:

  1. Query informationResearch is aimed at obtaining information, for example: [how to create good content], [how to position yourself on Google], [and how to navigate pages].
  2. Navigation questions. Research is aimed at performing an action, such as opening a website or application in the case of a mobile device. An example of a navigation query could be [Tokopedia], [Klikmania], [Indonesian general site].
  3. Transactional queries. Research is intended to buy a product or service. For example [buy iPhone 6], [Nike Air Max 43], [custom online tshirt].

In most cases, Google’s algorithms can now recognize the search intent of a given query, thanks to the help of human raters :

People who evaluate the search results submitted by Google for some questions actually do, estimating user satisfaction and page quality (based on the clues provided by Google itself).

Below we simply review Google ranking factors to get a better position.

The following reviews Google’s 5 ranking factors for positioning your website

With the same search intent, the search engine will return to the user an ordered list of results based on thousands of variables, practically impossible to know in full.

However, based on the study of authoritative sources and practical experience it is possible to have a good idea of ​​your site’s SEO thanks to an evaluation of the following areas:

#1. Authority

As you can imagine, SEO satisfaction shows how popular a site is on the web. By making parallels with real life, a site’s popularity grows the more it is mentioned by other sites that enjoy a good reputation.

The Wikipedia site is the most authoritative website as it is cited by countless online sources, many of which are of the highest quality.

So if you want to position your site on Google, you should know that links pointing to your site are important, especially if the site is from an authoritative site in your sector.

The most useful tools for evaluating the popularity of a website are Majestic and MozAhrefs is also in. which provides an estimate of Google’s satisfaction with evaluating a set of inbound links.

#2. Semantics

In order for users to read your content, it’s important that Google bots understand the topics covered on your site. In general, the more a site tackles a vertical issue, the more it will be considered an expert in the field and that is likely to be the.

In fact, for certain questions, a site that is rich in thematic content manages to outperform sites that are much more authoritative. However, it deals with generic topics.

That’s why knowing how to choose the right keywords is important. A site that uses the natural way with words related to a specific semantic area, will have a good chance of positioning itself on the most profitable queries for its business.

For this reason, review content (and write new ones) following an accurate keyword analysis. You can create a Semantics article with some of the suggestions in this article about the best tools for keyword research.

#3. User experience

In this category, we include a large number of technical issues that may compromise the usability of the site. In the most extreme cases, it can even cause users to leave your site.

Google actually prefers fast sites and excellent performance, and this includes the fact that they are responsive (i.e. able to adapt to the device one is navigating).

An excellent tool used by SEO professionals to get an overview of a site’s performance is PageSpeed ​​Insights, which was developed by Google itself.

#4. Crawlability

Since Google can index the pages of your site in the best possible way, it’s important to make sure the content is easy for its crawlers to crawl.

This means avoiding text inside images (they won’t be readable), structuring site pages in an orderly manner, using the most appropriate HTML tags, and much more.

The crawling elements can affect the overall site structure as well as the individual page level. Without going into too much detail, we can say that Google values ​​that pages and content are laid out in a way that is clear and easy to understand because that’s what users want.

#5. Authenticity

Many webmasters adopt practices discouraged if not overridden by Google (sometimes unwittingly), which can result in the site being penalized.

Selling/buying links to gain or change your site’s ranking, for example, is prohibited by search engine guidelines.

An example that does not reveal bad faith is duplicate content on many e-commerce sites. It often happens that the same product always presents the same duplicate description on multiple sites, because it was provided by the supplier.

This is frowned upon by Google which favors creating original content at the expense of often being smaller sites.

Attention to poor content blogs is also the same with low-value content on web pages.


It’s important to have a page with a good HTML ratio, meaning a good relationship between text and code. We talk about these and many other factors in this article about Google penalties.

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