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Best 10+ PS2 Emulators for Android Recommendations 2024


Best 10+ PS2 Emulators for Android Recommendations – Currently, there are many game emulators scattered on the Internet that can be played on Android.

Best 10+ PS2 Emulators for Android Recommendations

Best 10+ PS2 Emulators for Android Recommendations 2024

One of the most sought-after emulators is the PS2 (Playstation 2) game, emulator.

In the past, the PS2 was indeed a prima donna among gamers with a touch of stunning graphics and gameplay.

The PS2 is listed as the best-selling console of all time and now, you can play the game on Android.

The main advantage of playing PS2 games on Android lies in its practicality (handled).

You also don’t need to prepare additional devices such as PS sticks because they can be played on the screen with virtual buttons.

Furthermore, even though the screen display is smaller, you can still enjoy the euphoria of the glory of PS2 games in the past, such as GTA San Andreas, Tekken, and so on.

For those of you who are still confused about finding the best PS2 emulator, don’t worry, because we will share a list of the best PS2 Emulators that can be directly downloaded through the official website or on the Playstore channel. Here’s the list:

Best PS2 Emulator Recommendations for Android

Here is a list of the 10 lightest, best, and lag-free PS2 Android apk emulators that you can play, including the following:

#1. PPSSPP Gold Emulator

PPSSPP Gold Emulator

PPSSPP Gold is one of the most popular paid PS2 emulators. In the Playstore line, this emulator has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times and has a rating of 4.7.

PPSSPP Gold offers capable graphics, and an easy-to-understand interface, and is only priced at Rp. 19 thousand.

Just like the free version, PPSSPP Gold Emulator supports ISO and CSO extensions. You can buy the game on the Google Play Store or through the PPSSPP game download site.

Name PPSSPP Gold – PSP emulator
Size 14 MB
Minimum Specs Android 2.3 and up
Developer Henrik Rydgard
Download Link bit.ly/PPSSPPGoldEmulator

#2. DamonPS2


DamonPS2 is an Android PS2 emulator that is quite popular among gamers, especially PlayStation 2 fans.

This emulator has two types, namely the regular version and the PRO version.

The regular version, of course, has many shortcomings when compared to the pro version, the advantages of the pro version include:

  1. Supports various formats, the format used in the pro version is certainly more than the regular version, such as the use of .iso, .img, .bin and .nrg formats. So by using the pro version you can play more games and be flexible.
  2. HD graphics quality, of course, the graphics in the pro version have the best quality, where the graphics used can be up to 1080p.
  3. Using cheats, the pro version also provides cheats as an excellent feature in the pro version, so those of you who like this feature is required to use the pro version.
  4. Without ads, this feature is of course very profitable for people who don’t like ads, because some people don’t want to be disturbed when playing games to get maximum focus.

There are many more features found in the pro version, such as supporting the use of gamepads, texture filters, OpenGL ES 3.1 acceleration, and other parts.

Name DamonPS2 64bit – PS2 Emulator – PPSSPP PSP PS2 Emu
Size 25 MB
Minimum Specs Android 5.1 and up
Developer DamonPS2 Emulator Studio
Download Link bit.ly/DamonPS2Emu

#3. Golden PS2

Golden PS2

Through Golden PS2, the experience of playing PS2 on Android devices is fun. The reason is, that this emulator can run games in resolutions up to 1080 HD with a ratio of 16:9 which is adjusted to the original PS2 ratio.

Of course, with this good performance, the comfort of playing games is adjusted to the Android specifications you have because it will affect the FPS (frame rate per second).

One drawback with the Golden PS2 is that the screen will go black just before the game actually starts. Download Golden PS2 at the following link:

Name Golden PS2 Emulator For Android (PRO PS2 Emulator)
Size 7 MB
Minimum Specs Android 4.4 and up
Developer Ousmane Condé
Download Link bit.ly/Golden-PS2

#4. Pro PPSS2 Golden Emulator

Pro PPSS2 Golden Emulator

Pro PPSS2 Golden Emulator is claimed to be able to play up to 90% of game titles on PS2. Pro PPS2 Golden allows every gamer to change the theme according to taste.

This emulator has good visual controls and can be played without the need to install a BIOS. Download the Pro PPPS2 Golden Emulator at the following link.

Name PS2 Gold Emulator (PPSS2 Golden PRO)
Size 8 MB
Minimum Specs Android 4.4 and up
Developer Loc Bolit
Download Link bit.ly/ProPPSS2Golden



The next best PS2 emulator recommendation for Android is PTWOE.

PTWOE has a size of not less than 45 MB.

TeamEMU as a developer deliberately designed PTWOE with a minimal appearance so that the emulator is able to produce high-quality graphics and make it easier for gamers to explore the emulator.

Download PTWOE at the following link:

Name PTWOE Playstation 2 Emulator
Size 45 MB
Minimum Specs Android 2.3.2 and up
Developer Pham ThiCham
Download Link bit.ly/PTWOE

#6. FPse


FPSE may not be a popular name on this list, but with its fairly small size, FPSE can be an alternative to the PS2 emulator on Android of your choice.

FPSE promises excellent sound quality and an easy-to-understand interface program. You can ask for this emulator for IDR 47,000 from the Google Playstore.

Name FPse for Android devices
Size Varies
Minimum Specs Varies
Developer Schtruck & LDchen
Download Link bit.ly/FPse-Emulator

#7. PLAY!


Play! is an emulator that can run on various OS and devices.

Not only that, this emulator can read almost all PS2 games in ISO format.

Besides being free, this emulator also provides a BIOS when you download it from the Google Playstore. The size of the emulator is only 8 MB and has received the attention of more than 500 thousand gamers.

Name Play!
Size 8 MB
Minimum Specs 4.4 and up
Developer Virtual Applications
Download Link bit.ly/Play-EmulatorPS2



PPSSPP is one of the most popular PS2 emulators and has been downloaded more than 30 million times. This emulator which was produced in 2012 has a fairly small size, which is only 28 MB.

Through the PPSSPP emulator, every gamer can choose the level of graphics that can be adjusted to the specifications of the Android they have. In addition, the configuration process on PPSSPP Gold is practical and not complicated.

PPSSPP supports ISO and CSO extensions. There are even small PPSSPP game files that can be played on low-spec devices.

If interested, you can download it at the following link:

Name PPSSPP – PSP emulator
Size 14 MB
Minimum Specs 2.3 and up
Developer Henrik Rydgard
Download Link bit.ly/PPSSPP-EmulatorPS2

#9. DamonPS2 Pro

DamonPS2 Pro

You can download Damon PS2 Pro on the Google Playstore service. So far Damon PS2 Pro has received the attention of more than 5 million gamers worldwide.

This emulator is capable of running at least 20% of PS2 games. One thing that makes this game get a rating of 3 on Playstore because it has bugs in graphics, and does not support 1080 HD resolution.

If you are still interested in this emulator, you can directly download it here:

#10. ePSXe for Android

ePSXe for Android

ePSXe is one of the best PS2 emulators for Android. epSXE is available in two versions, premium (Rp 49 thousand) and free.

In premium mode, epSXE claims to be able to run games with up to 99% compatibility. Not only that, but the speed, sound, and interface are also quite stunning.

While the free version, we can play various PS2 games with some limitations. In this free version, you don’t get a PS2 emulator application, but a plugin to support premium emulator performance.

If you’re interested in trying it, here’s the ePSXE download link on the Google Play Store.

Name ePSXe for Android
Size 11 MB
Minimum Specs 2.3 and up
Developer epsxe software sl
Download Link bit.ly/ePSXe-EmuPS2


Some of the emulators above may have a paid version and of course, require you to buy the application.

We also don’t recommend you use the MOD version (modification) which of course has risks and dangers if you use the pirated version.

After looking at the ten recommendations for PS2 emulators for Android above, which one do you want to use? Let’s share your experience in the comments column!

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