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36+ Newest IG Aesthetic Filters for Selfies 2024


36+ Newest IG Aesthetic Filters for Selfies – Everyone wants to upload good and cool photos on Instagram, where using filters is the main option. Here you can try the IG Aesthetic filter which is currently popular.

36+ Newest IG Aesthetic Filters for Selfies

36+ Newest IG Aesthetic Filters for Selfies 2024

Not only good to use, but photos with aesthetic filters will have a different impression. So you can show it off to your friends or followers.

What is IG Filters?

What is IG Filters

For those of you who are not familiar with this one filter, then you should know it immediately. This filter is starting to become a trend that is widely used today because it looks good and can make photos look more different.

As the name suggests, aesthetic filters themselves can be interpreted as filters that can make photos look aesthetic. Whether it has temalomo, modern, old times, nature, fun, colorful, electronic, and many others.

How to Use IG Aesthetic Filters

How to Use IG Aesthetic FiltersAdding this aesthetic filter to a photo or video is very easy, besides that it is also permanent and can be used at no cost at all. For how to use this one filter on IG, you can follow the following method:

  • Open your Instagram application via your Android phone or iPhone.
  • Next, make sure you are logged in to the Instagram application, then go to the History menu at the top left of the screen.
  • When you have you can find various effects next to the camera button.
  • Swipe right until you find the search icon in the form of a magnifying glass.
  • Click the icon and you will be directed to the effect gallery.
  • Here you can select the desired effect, then click the effect to view it.
  • To try it you can press the try button at the bottom.
  • Meanwhile, if you like it, then you can directly download it by pressing the down arrow next to the try button.
  • Wait a few moments until the filter affects download process
  • After that, return to the main Instagram homepage and you can use it, which can be for history, photo posts, or even video posts.

List of Latest and Popular IG Aesthetic Filters

There are so many aesthetic filters that you can use, of course, each filter has its own characteristics that you can adjust to your needs. Like as food photos, selfies, landscapes, and so on. In more detail, here is a list of aesthetic filters and their reviews:

1. Mooboard 1

Mooboard 1Displaying several photos at once with unique frames, of course, is the main advantage of this filter called Mooboard 1. Where this filter is perfect for you to use in selfie needs or an object that you photograph from various directions.

2. Vintage Karma

Vintage Karma

Vintage Karma is an aesthetic filter that you can try too, especially for the need to take photos of objects or buildings around your city. This filter itself can make photos have a thicker atmosphere of city nuances and the impression of semi-lomo.

3. +3 Aesthetic Color

+3 Aesthetic Color

Make Instagram photos look more fun and also fun, that’s what you can do by using the +3 Aesthetic Color filter. Here you can make photos look more colorful and look more alive, so they have a pleasant impression.

4. Zalenka


For those of you who need a filter with soft and gentle nuances, the Zelenka filter can be one of your choices. This filter will make the photo turn a little brighter and blurry, so it looks soft and comfortable when viewed.

5. Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk

As the name suggests, the Coconut Milk filter can make photos whiter, but the white in question is still natural and suitable to be applied to various types of photos. Starting from selfie photos, portrait photos, scenery, indoors, and so on.

6. Aquamarine


Photos that look bluish and have natural nuances are abilities that haven’t been found much, so this Aquamarine filter is a good one to add to your collection on IG. This filter itself is very good if you use it in indoor-themed photos.

7. 3D Blush

3D Blush

Being able to add unique shades makes the 3D Blush filter also very popular, as it has 3D shades that are suitable for various types of photos. Especially for full-body photos from head to toe, because you can make them look more aesthetic.

8. Vintage Mirror

Surely you’ve seen urban photos with water shadows on the street, these photos mostly use a filter called Vintage Mirror. It turns out that you can also use this filter for the needs of photos on Instagram.

9. OldCam

Photographing the old camera style certainly has its own uniqueness, where you don’t have to buy an old-school camera. But it’s enough to just use the OldCam filter, then you can get photos with those ancient nuances.

10. Low Light

Light photos are currently popular everywhere, so you should also have this filter on your Instagram. This filter itself serves to make low-light photos look brighter with softer and more colorful light.

11. Lomo Art

Looking soft and soft is the impression that will be felt when we use the Lomo Art filter, where this filter is very suitable for various needs. Such as landscape photos, low light, vintage, and many others.

12. Juno


Showing or photographing a certain object sometimes looks normal, but the Juno filter makes the object stand out more. So you can get a photo in accordance with the desire to photograph the object.

13. B&W Dramatic

B&W Dramatic

The type of black and white photo is still one of the most popular photos, where one filter that can make a photo black and white is B&W Dramatic. In addition to making it colorless, this filter will add effects to make the photo look more realistic.

14. Lark


Another aesthetic filter comes from a filter called Lark because this filter can make ordinary photos like photos taken with a digital camera. So it is quite widely used for the needs of professional photos in Instagram posts.

15. Loyalty


Taking photos of rooms and uploading them on Instagram is an activity for many people, but not everyone can produce good indoor photos. Therefore, for those of you who also experience the same thing, then use the Loyalty filter to make your photos even better.

16 .8mm

At first glance similar to the OldCam filter, the 8mm filter can also make photos have an ancient theme. The difference is that 8mm will make your photos have an ancient impression, but in terms of detail, they are still good and pleasant to look at.

8mm is also one of the most widely used IG aesthetic filters today, so the quality is unquestionable. Moreover, you can use it for free and also permanently on Instagram that you have.

17. Chromatic


Photos that look blurry or double will be great for certain shooting themes, it turns out that you can also do this by using the Chromatic filter on Instagram. Don’t worry because the photo will look blurry and double, but the main object can still be seen.

List of Great Aesthetic Filters for Selfies

For those of you who need a special filter for selfie photos on Instagram, then there are also aesthetic selfie filters that you can try. Where these filters will help you get prettier or cooler selfies, here are some aesthetic selfie filters and their reviews:

1. Golden Hour

Golden Hour

Having photos that look orange or like photos at dusk, that’s what you can do by using the Golden Hour filter. You can make the selfie look more exotic and aesthetic because the color of the photo is orange or gold.

2. Chantilly

Adding knick-knacks to selfie photos is certainly often done, one filter that has this ability is called Chantilly. In contrast to other filters that look sloppy, the Chantilly filter can add natural knick-knacks. So it is suitable for you to use.

3. Red Love

Red Love

Love emoticons will certainly make selfie photos more beautiful, the filter commonly used to add love emoticons is Red Love. Uniquely, here you can also make your cheeks red too, where your selfie photos will also be more beautiful and funny.

4. Freckles


A face with small freckles certainly has a realistic impression, this Freckles filter can make your face have these freckles. Don’t worry because these freckles don’t make you ugly, they will make your selfies more dynamic and aesthetic.

5. Bem Panuterona

Bem Panuterona

There is also a Bem Panuterona filter that you can try for selfies on Instagram, where this filter will make photos change for the better. Just apply this filter and you will be surprised by the better photo results when you upload it on the social network Instagram.

6. Lover


Similar to the Red Love filter, the Lover filter also functions to add love-love to Instagram photos. The difference is Lover has a more natural color and there are color gradations, so it’s good for use in all types of selfies that you do.

7. Angel Pink

Angel PinkMaking cheeks or faces with pink color will certainly be very beautiful, here you can use the Agel Pink filter to do it. Not only on the cheeks but there are also pink accessories that will be added to the photo frame.

8. Fresh Makeup

Fresh Makeup

For those of you who feel that selfie photos are not good because the makeup is too thick or thin, then try the Fresh Makeup filter. This filter will make your selfie photos look more natural, so you can be confident about uploading them to your Instagram.

9. Cuteness


Regular selfies will generally look very empty and lacking in the aura, but that will change when you add the IG Cuteness filter. As the name suggests, this filter will make selfie photos even funnier with additional accessories in the form of love, rainbows, stars, emoticons, and others.

10. Good Vibes

Good Vibes

Good Vibes is an aesthetic selfie filter that is suitable for you if you are bored with ordinary filters because this filter will make selfie photos look fun. Here your face will be cropped and added with a new background that is more fun and colorful.

11. Tartar


Glow-up photo enthusiasts are certainly no stranger to the tartar filter, where this filter is commonly used to make selfie photos cleaner and whiter. So you will look more beautiful or handsome when using this one filter.

12. Gold Girl

Gold Girl

Selfie photos with gold themes are now very popular on social media such as Instagram, where now there is a new filter that can make photos look gold, namely the Gold Girl filter. At first glance, this filter is very similar to the Golden Hour filter, but it can create softer orange photos.

13. Daisy


Daisy flowers are often a beautiful accent to add to selfie photos, this filter is certainly one of the mandatory filters for those of you who want to post beautiful selfies. Because with this flower, selfie photos will have a prettier and brighter impression.

14. Rose Bling

Rose Bling

As the name suggests, the Rose Bling filter can add a flower icon to your selfie photo, uniquely not only flowers but your face will also look redder. Especially in the cheek area and also your lips, so your selfie photos will be more beautiful when you post on Instagram media.

15. Tropical Presets

Tropical Presets

Can make photos have a hot tropical theme and a distinctive yellow color, of course, the Tropical Preset filter must be on your Instagram filter list. Because this filter is very good and almost suitable for all photos you post, especially selfie photos that are outdoors.

16. Eyelashes


Indian selfie photos tend to be monotonous, especially in the dark black part of the Asian eyes. Therefore, use the Eyelashes filter on Instagram, where this filter will make your eyeballs turn more colorful and also beautiful.

17. Pink Butterfly

Pink Butterfly

The all-pink photo theme is definitely liked by many women, for those of you who are also like that, the Pink Butterfly filter is suitable for you to use. Because this filter will make the whole photo all pink, it will look prettier and also cute.

18. Inkravtania


A smooth or white face is indeed a dream for everyone, but not everyone has a face like that. Therefore, the help of filters is needed, such as the Inkravtania filter that can make your photos smoother or the modern language glow up or glowing.

Although it can make selfie photos look whiter and smoother, they don’t seem overly or silly. So it is perfect for those of you who like natural selfie photos but look white and also smooth.

19. Lilac


The purple theme will certainly make your photos look sweet and cute, Lilac is a filter that you can use to create purple Instagram photos. Even though it doesn’t look real, this effect will be great for making selfie photos even more adorable.


There are so many IG aesthetic filters that you can use, and each filter has its own function and characteristics. Here you can choose the filter that you like the most when posting photos on the Instagram social network that you have.

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