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19 Best Offline Football Games for Android and PC 2024


19 Best Offline Football Games for Android and PC – Usually, soccer fans have at least one or two soccer games on their cell phones or PCs. In this article, we will provide recommendations for several offline soccer games.

19 Best Offline Football Games for Android and PC19 Best Offline Football Games for Android and PC 2024

Currently, there are many soccer games available on various platforms such as PC, Android, IOS, or PlayStation.

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Each of these soccer games has unique gameplay and different graphics. For those of you who want to try ball games for the first time, you definitely want a good game experience.

This time we will provide recommendations for the best and newest offline soccer games for all of you, especially Android smartphone and PC users.

This soccer game that we recommend has good graphics, but of course, each of these games has advantages and disadvantages, as well as whether the game is good or not depends on your taste.

There are many offline Android ball games that you can try. The following is a list of offline football games for those of you who prefer to play the game on your Android smartphone.

#1. FIFA Soccer Mobile

FIFA Soccer Mobile

The game offered by FIFA Soccer Mobile is that you can build, manage and train your soccer team.

Here you can arrange your national team according to the players you idolize.

You can also unite old players and new players on the same team.

The game controls are very easy to operate, starting from analog player movements, and buttons for baiting, shooting, and changing players.

#2. Dream League Soccer 2021

Dream League Soccer 2021

DLS 2021 or Dream League Soccer 2021 is one of the most popular Android soccer games because the playing atmosphere is very exciting, coupled with the voices of supporters and commentators that make this game feel real.

The graphics provided by this game are very light because the textures are not HD like other Android games.

#3. Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer has the same fame as FIFA Soccer where these two games compete with each other to present an interesting gameplay.

In terms of graphics, you could say that Pro Evolution Soccer is more interesting and stunning. Realistic graphics make this game look real. Here you can play in each league or tournament.

#4. Football Manager 2021

Football Manager 2021

Football Manager 2021 or often known as FM21 is a soccer game where you are here only as a manager who manages the nets of your own team such as managing teams, setting strategies, setting formations, and so on. You can also provide physical training, talent and even transfer the players you want.

#5. Flick Kick Football Legends

Flick Kick Football Legends

This ball game looks more classic when compared to other soccer games. Here you will not play ball games in general like Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA games because you only act as managers here.

The graphics offered by this game are very light and unique because the animation is like a cartoon.

#6. Real Football

Real Football

This game was developed by a well-known developer, namely Gameloft. The developer presents realistic and competitive ball game gameplay.

Create your own team and win trophies in every competition.

#7. Top Eleven 2021

Top Eleven 2021

Top Eleven will teach you to become a skilled football manager. Here you have to arrange a ball team according to your playing style.

Recruit star players to be able to win matches easily and create beautiful game tactics to take down the opponent’s defense.

#8. Head Soccer La Liga

Head Soccer La Liga

Head Soccer is a very unique game because this game uses the head to head the ball. The players of this game are more focused on players from the Spanish League or what you often know as La Liga.

Here you will face 1 vs 1 to score as many goals as possible with your head against your opponent’s goal.

#9. Champion of the Field

Champion of the Field

Game with very beautiful graphics for Android users. The gameplay is also similar to FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer which presents lively and unique field conditions. You can play as many tournament and league modes as you want.

#10. Football Strike

Football Strike

The last android offline football game is Football Strike where you here have to shoot the ball at the specified target. Score goals as good and as spectacular as possible from any angle.

#11. Mobile Kick

Mobile Kick

Mobile Kick is an Android football game that is different from ball games in general. While other ball games are played for 90 minutes on the field, Mobile Kick only focuses on penalties and free kicks.

In terms of gameplay, it seems that not many people are interested in playing this game because there are only penalty and free-kick modes.

In addition, the movement of the ball, kicks, and jumps seem out of sync because they look very stiff.

#12. Ultimate Soccer

Ultimate Soccer

Ultimate Soccer provides several game modes, namely Career mode, Friendly mode, and World Cup. You can choose any club that you like.

Unfortunately, the names of the clubs in this game are very different, for example, Arsenal became London Cannon and Manchester United became Canton United.

#13. Football Master 2022

Football Master 2022

Football Master is very focused on tactical games where you have to organize the game strategy and then the game on the field will be run by AI.

What’s unique about this game is that there are lots of high-level soccer techniques and the players have the same celebration as those in the real world.

#14. World Soccer League

World Soccer League

The World Soccer League can be your choice if your cellphone is in the potato cellphone category.

As an Android game, the movement can be considered quite smooth compared to some ball games whose names are not very well known.

The funny thing is, this game uses the name of the club and the name of the player’s play, for example, a Chelsea striker named Drogba was changed to Drugbi, and so on.

#15. Score! Hero

Score! Hero

Gameplay that is owned by the game Score! This hero is very unique because you don’t need to move the players, but you can control shots and ball headers in a direction that you are free to choose.

The purpose of this game besides getting the ball into the opponent’s goal, you have to complete the mission according to the orders given. To be able to proceed to the next stage, make sure you get at least 2 stars.

#16. Winner Soccer Evo Lite

Winner Soccer Evo Lite

Winner Soccer Evo Lite is suitable for those of you who don’t have much cellphone storage because the game size is very small. In terms of gameplay, this game is very playable in terms of bait, shot, and movement.

Player names in this game use real names so you won’t be confused about who these players are.

#17. Stickman Soccer

Stickman Soccer

Stickman Soccer is a very unique ball game because the faces or heads that each player has are very similar. As the name suggests, the players in this game have cute stickman heads.

The Best and Newest Offline Football Game for PC

The following is a list of recommendations for offline ball games for your PC users. Immediately, see the following list!

#1. FIFA


FIFA EA is one of the choices for soccer PC games that can present interesting gameplay and graphics. Besides being realistic in terms of graphics, the gameplay provided by FIFA is more alive like you play football / watch football in the real world.

#2. PES


PES is a tough opponent for FIFA because these two ball games are the kings of football.

PES doesn’t want to be outdone by FIFA where PES provides better graphics than FIFA but some players or fans have an interest in each of these games because they have their own advantages and disadvantages.


Those are recommendations for offline Android soccer games and offline PC soccer games that you can try. Don’t forget to continue to support EXP by sharing its articles with your friends.

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