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3 Easy Ways to Create Pattern in Photoshop 2024


How to Create Patterns in Photoshop – You must know here how to make a pattern. What is the pattern? In short, the pattern is the same object or image and is repeated so that it forms a design reference. The objects also vary, such as polka dots, squares, and lines to icons.

3 Easy ways to Create Pattern in Photoshop

3 Easy Ways to Create Pattern in Photoshop 2024

There are several ways to create patterns in Photoshop, from using the already-offered pattern overlays to creating your own.

Well, here just follow the steps.

#1. Making a Simple Pattern

Here are the steps to create a simple pattern:

  • The first step, open the Photoshop application on your PC.
  • Then create a new worksheetclick the File menu > select New > set the size as you wish.
Making a Simple Pattern
  • After the worksheet is open,
    now look at the toolbar on the left > select the Paint Bucket Tool.
Making a Simple Pattern
  • Next, look at the options
    at the top
    , click on the Foreground column, and then change Pattern.
Making a Simple Pattern
  • Now you select the type of pattern
    you want to use by left-clicking on the pattern picker
    menu. In
    this example, I’m using the right diagonal dash pattern.
Making a Simple Pattern
  • Finally, hover over the worksheet and left-click.
  • Then the result will follow the type of pattern you choose.
  • Done.

#2. Creating Pattern Shapes

  • First, open Photoshop on the PC you are using.
  • Next, create a new worksheet by pressing the Ctrl + N shortcut on the keyboard > then adjust the size as desired.
  • After that you have to create a shape, how to see the toolbar on the left> select the Rectangle ToolIf you want simple, then you can use a shortcut by pressing U only.
Creating Pattern Shapes
  • Then right-click on the shape layer
    that you have created > then select Blending Options
Creating Pattern Shapes
  • Then the layer
    pop-up window will open. Now click Pattern Overlay > on the Pattern
    menu you click then select the type to use
Creating Pattern Shapes
  • You can also control
    others, such as blend modescale, and opacity
    If you have, just click OK.
  • Then the result will be
    similar to the following image.
Creating Pattern Shapes
  • Done.

#3. Creating a Polka-dot Pattern

If the previous method makes a pattern in shape. So this polka dot pattern is still the same, namely using an ellipse shape.

The method:

  1. The first step you have to open
     let alone first.
  2. Then create a new worksheet
    by pressing Ctrl + N on the keyboard.
  3. Now set the size,
    you can follow the following configuration of my worksheet.
Creating a Polka-dot Pattern
  • Next, you have to
    create a circle
    , how to use the Ellipse Tool > then set the
     on the worksheet that has been formed.
Creating a Polka-dot Pattern
  • Then duplicate the shape layer
    that you have created by pressing Ctrl + J on the keyboard.
    So now you have two shape layers.
Creating a Polka-dot Pattern
  • Now click the Filter menu
    > hover over Other > select Offset
    This offset
    is expected to repeat the object that will appear.
Creating a Polka-dot Pattern
  • If there is a warning, you can select Convert To Smart Object.
Creating a Polka-dot Pattern
  • Then a pop-up window for
    configuring Offset will open
    . In this example, I will set
    the horizontal and vertical spacing to +250
Creating a Polka-dot Pattern
  • Now save the pattern
    you have created
    click Edit > select Define
     > type the name > press Enter.
Creating a Polka-dot Pattern
  • Then create a new worksheet and click the Layer menu > point the cursor to Layer Style > select Pattern Overlay.
Creating a Polka-dot Pattern
  • Next, select the polka dot pattern that was created > set the scale or size as desired > and click OK.
Creating a Polka-dot Pattern
  • Then the answer will be similar to the image below.
Creating a Polka-dot Pattern
  • Done.


This is a discussion about How to Create Patterns in Photoshop. Now you can create simple patterns, in shapes and polka dots. If someone is having trouble, just
ask.️ Hopefully, this information can be useful and help you to learn Photoshop.

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