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3 Ways to Download Books from Google Books for Free 2024


3 Ways to Download Books from Google Books for Free – Another website that provides online book services besides Scribd is Google Books. Google Books itself was founded by the world giant company, Google Inc. This Google Book service provides various kinds of books, novels, and so on.

3 Ways to Download Books from Google Books for FreeHow to Download Books from Google Books for Free 2024

Another feature, you can read these books at any time because they can be accessed online. There are millions to hundreds of millions of books that have been uploaded on Google Books.

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You can get books from various languages ​​in the world, for example, English and Indonesian. What’s more, if you are an active user, you will see different kinds of books every week.

But there are problems when you want to read books from Google offline. You are not allowed to download Google Books.

Maybe there are reasons why you can’t download books from Googlebook.

Want to know how to download it for free? Watch this tutorial video.

If you don’t have a lot of quota…

Don’t worry, thelastsurvivors.org will provide the best solution on how to download the full Google Books for free.

That way you will get books in the Google Book service and can be read offline.

How to Download Free Books from Google Books

The Google Book service itself cannot get the book even though we pay Google. However, you can really get these books.

One of them is to use the method I want to give you. This method is quite easy because it can be done on all devices such as Android phones, iPhone iOS, PCs, laptops, and all Windows computers.

#1. Using Google Books Downloader

The first way to download books on Google Books is arguably a very easy way.

Why? Because you only install the application and paste the link that you have into the application.

  • First, you must download the Google Books Downloader application at https://www.bestsevenreviews.com/google-books-downloader/
  • Select the operating system you are using. Remember Windows can only be used on Windows 7.
  • The next step is to go to Google Books.
  • After entering, please find the book according to your wishes.
  • If you have found it, please copy the URL in the top bar.
  • You can paste the URL into the Google Books download application field. Then you can choose what format you want the document from Google Books to be in. When you feel the settings are complete, you can press the Start button.

Wait until the generating process is complete, it may take some time. When finished, a folder will automatically be created on your Windows desktop page.

Do you want to get files from Scribd without paying? Can! Use the free Scribd download method.

#2. How to Download Books From Google Downloader

Not only PC and laptop users can download books on Google Books.

Android cellphone users can do it with the help of an application, here’s how to download Google Books for free

  1. First of all, you can download the Google Books Downloader at https://www.bestsevenreviews.com/wp-content/gbooksandroid.apk
  2. Then install the application on your Android phone.
  3. Once installed, run Google Books Downloader.
  4. On the search book menu, you can search for books using that menu.
  5. Select your favorite book, and then a Download button will appear. You can start downloading books from Google Books automatically.

#3. Download Ebooks on Google Books with MozilaCacheView

How to download book pages that are not downloaded on Google Books with blank pages. In that case, google does not allow access there.

However there is an effective way to access these services using Mozilla Cache View.

Where you have to download the software on a PC to download pages that don’t all appear on Google Books.

  • Previously you had to download software called MozilaCacheView at https://pastelink.net/2a90q
  • Then extract the file in the form of RAR.
  • You can see there are two files there.
  • You can select a file called MozillaCacheView.exe, just double-click it, and it will automatically go to the main page of the application.
  • Then you can select the Firefox cache folder. Usually located in C -> Users -> Your Windows Admin Name -> AppData -> Local -> Mozilla -> Firefox -> Profiles -> Policy32_Default -> Cache
  • After that, you can check the “Load only cache file from the last” section. Then enter the number 30000.
  • Then fill in the filter using the “books.google.co.id” filter.
  • A very large file will appear automatically. You can save the file by pressing right-click and then Save, it will be saved to your PC or laptop.


So that’s how to download free books on Google Books without paying. Maybe you can see some files that haven’t been downloaded at all. That’s only natural because Google doesn’t give permission to download.

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