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10 Best Flowchart Applications for Windows 10 PC 2024


10 Best Flowchart Applications for Windows 10 Laptop PC – Looking for a flowchart application for a PC / laptop? On the internet, you can find a variety of software that makes it easy to create visual media for this one business activity. Interesting right?

10 Best Flowchart Applications for Windows 10 PC

10 Best Flowchart Applications for Windows 10 Laptop PC 2024

Yes, the use of a flowchart is important when talking about a business or organization. A flowchart is a media that visualizes the ideas and workflow of a project carried out by an organization.

Through the presence of a flowchart, we can understand more deeply the working mechanism that will be carried out, as well as what kind of goals are desired in the project.

Currently, it is not difficult to find software for flowcharts for computers. There are various choices, you only need to adjust to your needs, whether for business, organization, or individual.

Interestingly, most of these flowchart-making applications are equipped with default templates so that anyone can easily produce data visualizations as part of brainstorming with the team.

Interested? Check out the 10 recommendations for flowchart applications for PC / laptop below which are definitely worth downloading for those of you who want to make diagrams. The apps we mentioned are compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11.

#1. Overflow


Want to impress the presentation participants? Maybe you need an interesting flowchart. If you are confused about choosing the right flowchart software for Windows, an application called Overflow is worth a look.

Overflow allows you to design diagrams instantly. Without spending a lot of effort, flowcharts that attract the audience can easily be made through this application.

The tools presented are complete. Templates are also available for more efficient and time-saving use. Later, the diagrams that you have successfully created can be saved in PNG and PDF formats. Or, you can also connect it to a cloud service.

#2. Microsoft Visio Standard

Microsoft Visio Standard

Microsoft Visio Standard is a flowchart tool that was developed directly by Windows so there is no doubt about its quality and security.

Microsoft Visio Standard has been trusted by millions of users to design various types of flowcharts, diagrams, mind maps, organizational charts, brainstorming sketches, and many more. Users are given the freedom to create the visuals they want through this software.

The elements provided in the Worksheet are also complete. You can include photos, text boxes, hyperlinks, and much more. Finished flowcharts can be shared directly via email, cloud services, or saved in PNG and PDF formats.

#3. GitMind


GitMind is a cross-platform application that makes it easy for anyone when it comes to deal with presentations. Making flowcharts on a PC is easier by using GitMind

GitMind facilitates users who want to create flowcharts, organizational charts of an institution, to various kinds of diagrams such as fishbone and tree diagrams in one powerful application.

Still layman? Relax, GitMind provides various types of templates that you can choose at will. This freedom is also supported by a simple user interface that makes it suitable for anyone.

#4. FreshDiagrams


If you’ve ever made a flowchart in Microsoft PowerPoint, it’s guaranteed that you won’t get confused when using an alternative application called FreshDiagram.

FreshDiagram is presented as an alternative for users who feel that the features in Microsoft PowerPoint are not sufficient for making flowcharts. FreshDiagram comes with a simpler interface but is rich in features.

This application provides a complete customization feature. You can save and import easily because it features flexible file format support, including JPEG, BMP, PNG, and GIF.

#5. yEd


yEd is the next cross-platform flowchart maker application that is recommended for you to download. One of the reasons is that it is 100% free so you don’t need to spend a budget to buy flowchart software.

Even though it’s free, the feature support that yEd presents is quite abundant. You are free to make flowcharts or import them from files that you already have.

The types of flowcharts that you are free to design through this powerful application are mind mapping, organizational charts, swimlane diagrams, ERD, and many more.

#6. OrgChart JS

OrgChart JS

Looking for a lightweight org charting app? OrgChart JS is the answer. Slightly different from previous applications, OrgChart JS allows users to create flowcharts linked with HTML, JavaScript, or CSS.

So, if you work as a web developer, using OrgChart JS will be very useful to support work productivity.

By default, OrgChart JS requires users to purchase its license if they want to get unlimited features. However, you can also use the trial version first, really.

#7. MindManager


MindManager is an application developed by Corel. Ease of use is what MindManager is trying to offer especially for those who are creating chart diagrams for the first time.

This flowchart application for PCs/laptops presents a variety of templates and supports an interactive but simple user interface so that it is friendly to ordinary users. The tools provided are complete.

To enjoy MindManager, you must first subscribe. Want to just try it? Relax, MindManager provides a trial version that is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11.

#8. DiagramStudio


Creating flowcharts can take a lot of time, but with DiagramStudio, it doesn’t take long to produce attractive and informative flowcharts that are ideal for presentation materials.

Yes, DiagramStudio allows anyone to easily create flowcharts, diagrams, org charts, and much more. Adopting the Microsoft Office Suite-style interface, you will definitely find it easy to adapt to how to make flowcharts on a PC via DiagramStudio.

There are many templates that you are free to use and then modify in DiagramStudio, including adding elements such as shapes, symbols, and photos in JPG, BMP, DIB, ICO, PCX, and JPG formats.

#9. DiagramMaker


Diagram Maker is a free offline flowchart application for PC. So, if you want to cut your budget, Diagram Maker is one of the best options to try.

Just like its competitors, Diagram Maker presents a variety of templates that you are free to edit later by adding various elements that are available built-in. You can use everything for free, you know.

Later, you can print the finished flowchart or save it in bitmap form. Easy and practical, right?

#10. MindGenius


For those of you who work as project managers, using MindGenius is highly recommended if you need tools for powerful flowcharts, mind mapping, infographics, and organizational charts.

MindGenius allows you to maximize the data visualization that is being created. The features in MindGenius are intended for professional needs. You can create and combine several types of diagrams into one unit, you know.

You can even observe the progress of the project that is being worked on by relying on MindGenius. To enjoy MindGenius’ powerful features, you have to buy it first.

Those are the 10 best flowchart applications for PC / laptop that we have reviewed and recommended. Which do you think is the most interesting to download?

Regardless of the need, an application for flowcharts that is worth installing is one that provides built-in templates in it that will facilitate the process of making diagrams, mind maps, and the organizational structure that will be worked on.


It would be even better if you use the paid version because usually, the features provided are unlimited, aka more complete.

These flowchart applications offer a variety of features and tools for creating diagrams and visual representations of workflows, processes, and systems. Ultimately, the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences, so it’s recommended to try out a few of them before settling on one.

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