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12+ Best Recommendations PC Screenshot Applications 2024


12+ Best Recommendations PC Screenshot Applications – PC screenshot applications are needed for school assignments, offices, or just to save screen images that are important enough to remember. But sometimes to do this is very annoying if you have to use the default application such as Windows or Mac.

12+ Best Recommendations PC Screenshot Applications 2022Best Recommendations PC Screenshot Applications 2024

For Windows itself, you can capture the screen using the “PrtSc” button which means print screen. Then you have to copy the screenshot in the paint application or copy and paste the document without cutting out unwanted parts.

Therefore it needs an easy process without the need for quite long steps. The quickest and easiest solution is to use a third-party app for quick and easy screenshot needs.

On this occasion, I will explain some of the best PC screenshot applications.

Let’s discuss them one by one!

12 Recommended Best PC Screenshot Applications for (Windows & Mac)

Recommended Best PC Screenshot Applications for (Windows & Mac)In general, long-time computer users know some well-known PC screenshots applications such as Snipping Tools and Lightshot.

But besides these applications, there are many other applications that are no less good for use in the need to capture the screen with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

In addition to capturing the screen and saving it as an image file, some of the applications below can record the ongoing screen in the form of a video file.

Some of the applications below can be used for Windows and Mac operating systems, while some recommendations for the best PC screenshot applications are as follows:

1. Snipping Tools Windows
2. Greenshot Windows
3. PicPick Windows
4. ShareX Windows
5. ScreenPresso Windows
6. Jing Windows
7. Lightshot Windows & Mac
8. TinyTake Windows & Mac
9. Skitch Windows & Mac
10. Nimbus Capture Windows & Mac
11. Clarify Windows & Mac
12. MonoSnap Windows & Mac
PC screenshot app

#1. Snipping Tools

The first is the application of snipping tools which is well-known among various computer users. Although it is an old application, this application is still quite reliable due to its ease of use.

Snipping Tools does not need to be downloaded or installed, because this application is automatically installed if you are using the Windows 7, 8 and 10 Operating System.

For its own use, you just need to do three easy steps that can be done to take screenshots using this application, which is as follows:

  1. Right-click on the mouse and select New
  2. Drag or select the area you want to capture
  3. Click Save

Due to its simplicity and very easy use, the features provided are quite simple. Therefore, this PC screenshot application has quite a lot of shortcomings when compared to other applications.

The shortcomings of snipping tools are as follows:

  • Does not have a special hotkey, so the speed is very very limited
  • Few features, only provide lines and highlights

So, if you need a PC screenshot application that is simple and easy to use then this application is perfect for you to use.

#2. Greenshot

Next is greenshot, this application is reliable if you need speed in taking screens or screenshots. This application does not provide an interface but provides a hotkey feature or through the system tray. The greenshot application has 4 screenshot modes, namely:

  1. Full Screen,
  2. Window,
  3. Region and,
  4. Last Region.

In the use of greenshot, after taking the screen there are several options for the follow-up to be carried out. You can save it directly on the storage media or edit it first using Paint or the editor panel provided by greenshot.

However, the editor panel provided by greenshot only has features that are less attractive and somewhat outdated. In this panel, you can only add accessories in the form of text, arrows, some wake spaces, and bubbles. In addition, this application has other shortcomings such as the absence of a feature to crop images and so on.

Download Greenshoot

#3. PicPick

PicPick is an application that can be said to have complete features. These features are generally not shared by other similar applications, one of which is the screen capture mode. The modes are quite diverse, such as:

  • Window Control,
  • Scrolling Window,
  • Fixed Region,
  • and so on.

In addition to shooting modes that are quite complete and diverse, PicPick has quite a lot of effects. Like an image editing application, the effects that PicPick offers are so diverse, such as:

  • Invert,
  • GrayScale,
  • Pixelate,
  • Frame,
  • Blur,
  • Watermark
  • and other.

In addition to the above advantages, there are also other advantages such as you can share directly to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Email, and Imgur or save directly on storage media. You can also print your screenshots using this application.

Download PicPick

#4. ShareX

ShareX is a small/lightweight PC screenshot application that only measures 15 MB. But don’t be fooled by the fairly small size, because ShareX has amazing features such as the availability of 13 shooting modes.

This application can also record videos in MP4 and GIF formats. In addition, this application can convert images containing text into text that can be copied. This application can also upload your screenshots on imgur.

With a small size but with extraordinary features, this application is suitable for those of you who have a PC screenshot application with a lightweight but very powerful size, it’s just that the interface provided is quite simple.

Download ShareX

#5. ScreenPresso

ScreenPresso is not much different from the ShareX application, but with a better and more modern interface. There are accessories on offer such as Arrow, Rectangle, Bubble, Numbering Tag, and others.

This application also provides various features, such as Crop, Blur, Canvas Size, Cut Out, and a screen recorder that can be saved in MP4 or GIF format. But unfortunately, this application cannot upload your screenshots directly online or share them on social media.

Download Screenpresso

#6. Jing

While previously it was an application that could only be used on windows operating systems, Jing can be used on Mac operating systems as well. This application is quite simple because it only provides one shooting mode.

To access the menu, there is a floating button or bubble on the right side of the orange screen. This button allows you to take pictures or view image history and general settings.

#7. Lightshot

Lightshot is the lightest PC screenshot application, which is only about 5 MB. This application can use the region mode in taking pictures. This application also does not have an interface, so to take pictures simply press the “Prntscr” button or through the System Tray.

After taking a picture, you can edit the resulting image with available accessories such as text, arrows, and frames. After the process is done, you can save it directly on your computer or upload it to the Lightshot server.

Download Lighshot

#8. TinyTake

Next up is an application called TinyTake. This application is actually similar to the ScreenPresso application where in addition to being able to take pictures, this application can also be used to record videos on the screen.

What distinguishes it is that TinyTake can be used as a webcam that can screenshot faces while in front of the camera. For the features of this application, there are no striking differences, such as crop, line, rectangle, arrow, text, blur, and so on.

But in order to use the TinyTake application, you must first register so that later you can upload your images to your own TinyTake server.

Download TinyTake

#9. Skitch

Next up is an application developed by Evernote called Skitch. This application can be used by windows and mac operating systems. However, the Windows version did not get updated again after version 2.8 in 2016.

There are three modes used in taking pictures, namely Region, Full Screen, and Blank. The accessories it offers are also quite diverse, such as highlights, arrows, frames, text, and so on.

The interface used is also fairly user-friendly because all editing functions are placed in one place. So that it can make it easier when editing images.

But there are weaknesses that are quite burdensome in using this application, namely the absence of a redo feature or repeating the process. Therefore if you make a mistake, you have to start over from the beginning of the image editing process.

#10. Nimbus Capture

There are two modes of taking pictures in the Nimbus Capture application, namely Full Screen and Fragment. There are also accessories that can be used such as a pencil, arrow, rectangle, and eclipse.

There is an effect in editing that is quite unique, namely the numbered tag which functions for numbering certain parts of the image. There are also blurring and cropping effects.

Nimbus Capture can determine your own image size with the custom size menu provided. In addition, there is also a screen recording feature and uploading image results which are quite similar to other similar applications.

Download Nimbus Capture

#11. Clarify

Clarify is a PC screenshot application that is quite similar to other applications that have features such as notes, borders, and other simple features. But there is an advantage that this application can take pictures using various methods such as capture, shortcuts, and icons on the toolbar.

Unfortunately, this application is not suitable for those of you who have a need to record the screen, because this application does not provide a screen recorder feature.

# 12. MonoSnap

In the last order is an application called MonoSnap. The features provided are not much different from the other applications mentioned above. To use this application, you must register and create an account first which will later be used to upload online the results of the images you create.

Download MonoSnap


This is the discussion of the 12 best PC screenshot applications where each application has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Make sure you know the purpose and features needed before trying to use a PC screenshot application so that the desired results are maximized and disgusting.

If you have other recommendations or just want to ask, please submit your question or statement in the comments column.

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