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Top 10 Best Virtual Credit Card Providers (VCC) 2024 Updated


Top 10 Best Virtual Credit Card Providers (VCC) Updated – Who doesn’t love shopping, let alone online shopping? You just choose this and then pay and the goods arrive at home.

Top 10 Best Virtual Credit Card Providers (VCC)Top 10 Best Virtual Credit Card Providers (VCC) 2024 Updated

Lately, we have been spoiled with easy online shopping, especially with various payment systems, such as credit cards. Buy now, pay later.

But not a few people whose credit card applications are rejected for various reasons. But there’s no need to worry because VCC can solve this problem.

VCC or Virtual Credit Card which in India is called a virtual credit card is not a new thing. However, not many people know about the presence of this VCC.

The following review will provide information on how to get, make, characteristics, benefits, and tips for choosing a VCC.

Ordinary Credit Card VS Virtual Credit Card

A Virtual Credit Card or VCC is a transaction tool similar to a credit card. The issuer of the VCC will provide software programs that are installed on customer devices.

This software is used to get a temporary credit card number. Then this number will be associated with the original credit card number. What is the difference between a credit card and a VCC?

Credit card Virtual Credit Card
Physical form There is a physical form of a card that can be held and carried like an ATM card. There is no physical form, only a card number, three CVV numbers, and an expiration date.
Purpose of Use For shopping transactions with various merchants, you get rewards, points, and bonuses. Online transactions globally and internationally.
Balance Base The credit card has no balance because this CC system is a debt that must be repaid in the months after the transaction. Before making a transaction, you must fill in the balance like filling an account.
Balance Limit CC or credit card customers will usually be offered different limits according to income. VCC does not have a balance limit because the system is the same as a debit card. Therefore, VCC is often referred to as online debit.
User People who have permanent jobs (as evidenced by salary slips) will find it easier to get credit card acc. This is to ensure that the customer is able to pay the debt installments. There are no special requirements for VCC customers because the balance comes from their personal accounts.
Transaction Direct transactions. Special transactions via cyberspace.
Security Credit cards are less secure because there is information from customers that can be connected to customer accounts. Transactions with VCC are safer because customers do not need to provide personal information and credit card data.
Card Program Many programs such as promos and cash back. There is no promo program or cash back.

VCC Service

In general, virtual credit cards can be used the same as debit cards in general. It’s just that the use of VCC is safer so that it can avoid the crime of scamming other debit card crimes.

#1. Online shopping payment tools

Shopaholics who are fond of shopping on e-commerce on a global scale, such as Amazon, eBay, and others, definitely won’t go far with a credit card.

This VCC can also be used as an alternative online payment method by entering the customer’s card number.

#2. Global payment system

In addition to shopaholics, VCC can be used for freelancers. Its function is to create a global payment system for national and international transactions such as PayPal.

PayPal acts as a virtual bank that accepts funds transactions across countries and continents. The method is very easy by registering a VCC identity number.

#3. Financial Controller

This virtual credit card has a relatively short validity period. Some are 4 months, a year, or two years.

If the validity period has expired then you have to extend it again by submitting a VCC request. The absence of a limit scheme will cause customer spending consumption to be more controlled.

#4. Fund Transfer

Virtual credit cards make it easy for you to send funds to various parts of the world to any account. The trick is to fill in the desired limit then you can send the funds.

VCC Characteristics

Looking at the services provided by this online credit card, there are several advantages and disadvantages that customers get, such as:

  • There is a daily limit of funds depending on the funds deposited into the credit card account.
  • It is safer because it can only be used for one transaction and cannot be cloned because it is not physically shaped.
  • VCC is published for primary users and does not have additional VCC.
  • Some Indian VCCs can be used to pay monthly bills.
  • Only serves as an online transaction method. Sometimes it can only be for certain sites.
  • Must extend because it is only valid for a certain period.
  • Some agents or issuers impose a fee on subsequent transactions.
  • No monthly interest.

Where to Get VCC?

You can find many free VCC service providers on the internet such as Entropay, Neteller, Yandex, and Payoneer. Many of them can create an account and issue free VCC.

However, there are still fees incurred every time you make a transaction ranging from 1.9% to 4.5%. The amount of fees charged also depends on the amount you want to transfer.

The higher the number of funds you transfer from the VCC agent limit, the lower the discounted fees incurred.

In addition, there are also many websites that offer VCC. You can buy VCC with a price range between 60 thousand to 200 thousand. Of course, the price offered depends on the desired VCC active period.

Banks in India also provide virtual credit card services such as CIMB, BNI, Mandiri to BCA. But the condition is that you have to open an account at the bank first.

How to Make Virtual Credit Cards VCC

Here’s how to make VCC for free:

#1. Payoneer

Payoneer is one of the most popular free VCC providers in India. For each transaction, you will be charged a fee of approximately 3% of the total bill paid.

  • Access the Payoneer website at www.payoneer.com.
  • For first-time registration, select the Register menu.
  • Then fill in your types of work such as freelancer, affiliate marketer, or online seller.
  • Then fill in the data regarding your need to have a VCC and then select the Register button again.
  • Fill in the required data such as first and last name, email address, and date of birth. If you have clicked the Next button.
  • In the next column, fill in your residential address, postal code, and telephone number and click Next.
  • Next, fill in the security form by creating a password and security question. Select a security question and fill in the answer.
  • If it is filled click the Next button.
  • Then connect the account with the local bank where you will withdraw your funds later. By filling in the account type data, country, currency, account name, account number and swift number & bank clearing code.
  • After everything is filled, select the Send button.
  • To activate the VCC, please enter the email menu used to register.
  • If there is an incoming message from Payoneer then open the link.
  • Your Payoneer account is already active.

#2. Entropay

VCC Entropay is a registered VCC provider site for 3d security. If you already have a debit card with 3d secure services such as Mandiri or one that has the Visa logo, you can easily top up your Entropay balance.

  • Go to the website https://www.entropay.com.
  • Click the Sign Up Now menu, then fill in your personal data in the form of an email address, username, password, date of birth, and country.
  • Then select Get Your Card! and choose a way to top up VCC.
  • Choose to use a credit card or bank transfer.
  • However, if you don’t want it to be filled in, you can select the Cancel button and immediately be redirected to the display location of your VCC account.
  • If you choose credit or debit then you will be directed to the card data filling page.
  • One of the cards that can be used is Mandiri but must be verified by Visa.
  • Then fill in the cardholder’s name, card number, expiration date, and CVV number.
  • Next, fill in the nominal funds to be top-up and select the currency to be used.
  • Then continue by clicking Top-up Virtual Card.
  • Make sure the registered cellphone number is active because you will be sent an authorization code.
  • Next, you will be directed to the verification authority page for VISA.
  • After getting the message, enter the authorization code into the text field that has been provided.
  • If successful, you will get an Entropay card number, valid and expired month and year, CVV number, and the amount of balance you have.
  • However, if the process fails, you will be directed to a page to repeat the previous process.
  • Use another card for the top-up process.
  • For email verification purposes, just look for the settings menu and select the My Profile menu, click unverified.
  • Enter the incoming message then enter the activation code into the activation code text field column.
  • Don’t forget to enter your Entropay password in the text field then click the Verify Email Address button.
  • After the email verification process ends, click the Close button.
  • To check the status then open the settings menu and select My Profile.
  • The email status will change to verify if the process is successful.


  • Supports EUR, USD, and GBP currencies.
  • Globally accepted in more than 120 countries.
  • The top-up fee is less than 1%.
  • Free card creation and online purchases.
  • Get unlimited virtual cards and more than 10 accounts.
  • Free from fraud.
  • There is a feature that sets limits for complete control over the money held.

#3. Neteller

Neteller provides free VCC on the first VCC creation. While on the second manufacture and so on, it will cost 3 USD.

  • Go to the site https://www.neteller.com/.
  • Then select Join for free and fill in the data in the Register column.
  • Fill in the data in the form of first and last name, email address and password then select Register Now.
  • Then fill in the data in the form of the name, full address, city and country, postal code, phone number, gender, new password for the account, and security question.
  • When finished do Confirm.
  • If the process is successful you will get an account ID and secure ID which is used to log into your Neteller account.
  • In the last process, you will get a confirmation email to the registered email address.
  • Open the incoming message and confirm the email.


  • Easy payment process even if the debit or credit card doesn’t work.
  • Can be used on thousands of international shopping sites.
  • Maximum of 5 active accounts at the same time.

#4. Yandex

Yandex is a VCC service provider based in Russia. However, there are no restrictions for citizens other than Russia to use this service.

  • Visit the website https://money.yandex.ru/ then select  Create a Wallet.
  • Fill in the active mobile number and click Continue.
  • Then fill in the data with the username, password, and email notification by adding the word “@yandex.ru”. For example, the username is bloggernazrul, then it becomes panuwun@yandex.ru and the last is an active cellphone number.
  • Click the continue button and wait for the incoming message containing the code.
  • Check the column containing the words I want … then click the Start a Wallet button.
  • After that, you will be directed to enter the Yandex dashboard.
  • Click the Bank Cards menu and scroll down to the bottom and select Learn More.
  • Click Get a Card and click again on the Get a new password button.
  • Wait a few moments until the code is sent to your cellphone number.
  • Enter the code received in the Text message password field and select Proceed.
  • The process ends and you can get a Yandex Money account.


  • Customer data is safe.
  • Can be used for various types of online payments.
  • The transaction process is very easy.
  • Get the virtual wallet feature.

#5. CIMB Niaga Octopay

If you want to apply for a VCC from CIMB Niaga, you must be a customer and have a Facebook account.

  • Log in to your Facebook account then look for the Octopay by CIMB Niaga Indonesia application.
  • Then in this log, Octopay selects the Open CIMB Niaga Account First menu.
  • Followed by completing the required data and selecting the desired type of savings account.
  • After that, you can bring your account opening reference number to the nearest Digital Lounge.
  • This process is to activate a savings account and take a CIMB ATM card.
  • To get Octopay VCC log in to Facebook and enter the Octopay by CIMB Niaga Indonesia account.
  • Select the Octopay Registration menu and select Continue.
  • After that, enter your 13-digit account number, and 6-digit ATM PIN and enter the captcha code.
  • Create a user ID, password, security sentence or secure word, email address, and cellphone number.
  • Wait a few moments until you get a message containing an activation code.
  •  Then enter the activation code and the process is complete.

#6. Mandiri Debit Online

Before getting VCC from Mandiri, you must first register for Internet Banking services.

  • Open the https://ibank.bankmandiri.co.id/retail3/ page then enter the user id and PIN.
  • Then click the Profile icon and select the Settings menu and select the E-commerce Settings menu.
  • Immediately enter the 16-digit Mandiri ATM debit card number.
  • Enter the working cellphone number to get a one-time use OTP code.
  • Press the Confirm button and wait for the notification message containing the challenge code.
  • You can also turn on the Mandiri PIN token.
  • After entering the pin then select the number 1 and enter the challenge code.
  • Wait until the new code appears enter the code in the PC field and select OK.

#7. BNI Debit Online

The VCN provided by BNI can only be used for one transaction. If you want to make a transaction again, you need to register again.

In one transaction you will be charged Rp. 500.00 for SMS Banking. Before making a BNI VCN, you must have a BNI account and register for SMS Banking.

  • Register your account to get VCN by sending an SMS to “REQ VCN (nominal money for the transaction) then send it to 346.
  • After that, you will receive an SMS reply and enter 2 digits at random from your SMS Banking PIN.
  • Wait a few moments until you get a reply SMS containing 16 digits VCN, 3 digits CVC, and months of expiration.

#8. BCA KlikPay

Making VCC or VCN at BCA uses OTP, but previously you have to register online or offline at the nearest branch office.

  • Access the website www.klikbca.com/klikpay then select the Registration menu and activate it by entering your mobile number and email address.
  • Then specify the payment method with a BCA account or CC.
  • Please note that 1 KlikPay BCA account can only be linked to one KlikBCA user ID and 1 BCA Card.
  • After getting the activation code, you can open the website www.klikbca.com.
  • Log in to your Internet Banking, and proceed with the BCA KlikPay Administration-Activation menu.
  • Proceed with authorization with KeyBCA.
  • After that, wait a while until you get a verification code sent to your cellphone number or email.
  • Verify by opening the site www.klikbca.com/klikpay.
  • Then login and select the BCA KlikPay Administration or Activation menu.
  • You will be charged an SMS fee for every activation code or OTP, so make sure you have enough credit.

Tips for Choosing Virtual Credit Card VCC

If you are interested in buying a VCC, it’s a good idea to use the following tips so as not to be deceived by fake agents:

#1. Reputation

Search for VCC publishing agents on internet forums. Don’t forget to check how long the agent has been operating. At least use an agent that has been operating for at least 3 years.

#2. Features

See the features offered by comparing 2 or 3 publishing agents. Choose the one with the most profitable features.

#3. Contact CS

Try contacting the agent’s CS if it is easy to contact and always gives a good and fast response, then consider buying a VCC from the agent.

It can be concluded that this Virtual Credit Card can be a solution for those of you who cannot get a credit card. Indeed, this VCC has limitations so it cannot be used freely.


However, this virtual payment method is suitable for those of you who don’t like debt. Moreover, you can maintain the confidentiality of personal information so that it is not misused by hackers.

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