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30+ Sites to Watch Movies Online for Paid and Free 2024


30+ Sites to Watch Movies Online for Paid and Free – Since the IndoXXI site stopped broadcasting last January, many have had a hard time watching movies online easily and for free.

30+ Sites to Watch Movies Online for Paid and FreeBest Sites to Watch Movies Online for Paid and Free 2024

However, you don’t need to worry guys. There are still many sites that provide similar access. That is to enjoy streaming/watching cool cinema movies.

And it is possible that sites such as IndoXXI or LK21 will continue to appear.

Especially during a pandemic like now, anyone will still be able to watch movies only from home, and from a smartphone.

Curious what sites are replacing IndoXXI? Can’t wait to see your favorite movie right away? Let’s follow the following list of online movie-watching sites.

Online viewing sites are like virtual cinemas that provide various films from different genres and categories.

Starting from Family, Animation, Romance, Drama Series, Action, Horror, and Comedy genre films, of them are available.

These sites also provide films from various countries and from different year ranges.

Do you want Asian movies, Box Office, or Korean dramas? Old film to the latest? There is. Just choose.

To put it simply, sites like Netflix or LK21 can be accessed with any device as long as they are connected to the internet. Can be with HP, Android / iPhone, tablets, and laptops.

30 Best Legal Free and Paid Film Sites & Apps to Watch Online Movie

For legal viewing sites, you can access it by subscribing first. Either a daily, weekly, or monthly subscription.

The following is a list of legal online movie-watching sites that can be used as a reference for watching movies at home.

#1. VIU

VIUViu is the official app that provides a stock of Asian movies and dramas. Although dominated by Korean dramas, there are many other types of films available here.

This paid application also offers thousands of films from Japan, Thailand, and India to Indonesia. To stream movies smoothly on Viu Premium, you only need to pay the following fees.

  • IDR 30K per month.
  • IDR 75K per 3 months.
  • IDR 100K per 6 months.
  • IDR 200K per year

Application Access: Viu.com

#2. Tubi TV

This legal site to watch free movies online can be accessed after you register and create an account on Tubi TV.

Tubi TV provides about 30 categories of films from various countries. The most widely available on this site are comedy, action, horror, and drama types.

However, there are also references to children’s films, stand-ups, classic films to documentaries. Unlike Viu, Tubi TV does not require users to subscribe.

This app is more like a movie library that can be accessed with both PC and mobile phones for free. However, there is no Indonesian subtitle menu in the application.

App Access : Tubi TV

#3. WeTV

We TV is a new legal application that can be accessed in Indonesia. This site has an attractive appearance and provides a variety of shows ranging from films, variety shows, and dramas.

There is also a special feature to filter movie categories and choose the image quality you want. For the premium version, here are the prices for the subscription.

  • IDR 15K per month.
  • IDR 45K per 3 months.
  • IDR 159K per year.

But without subscribing you can still watch the movie collection. It’s just limited. Oh yes, We TV also has a Youtube channel for your additional reference.

App Access : We TV

#4. Popcorn Flix

Another official and legal site that is safe for you to stream at home. Namely Popcorn Flix.

There is a large collection of various categories of films such as horror, drama, comedy, urban, etc. You can easily watch and download it for free.

The cost you have to spend to subscribe here is quite cheap, starting from IDR 12K per month.

App Access : Popcorn Flix

#5. Viki

This one is a movie streaming application based in the USA. FYI, Viki is a branch of a Japanese eCommerce company called Rakuten.

This free movie-watching site only provides the best Asian dramas such as Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, and so on. There is also a service for enjoying K-Pop-style music videos.

App Access : Viki

#6. Netflix

Netflix is ​​a digital streaming service provider originating from California, United States. This paid service offers thousands of audiovisual media content, from films of various categories to documentaries.

Unfortunately, Netflix access is quite limited because the payment is only limited to credit cards and bundling certain card networks.

Even so, Netflix offers other conveniences because it can be used on any device, from cellphones to Smart TVs. The cost to subscribe to Netflix ranges from IDR 49K to IDR 169K per month.

App Access : Netflix

#7. iflix

iflixWith this application, you can freely stream movies, TV, and other interesting entertainment programs.

Not only that, iflix also allows its users to access it from any device. Be it laptops, cellphones to Smart TVs.

Iflix provides almost all film categories, including documentaries and anime. There is also a collection of interesting programs both from Indonesia and abroad. Interestingly, there are e-sports shows and football matches on iflix.

How much does an iflix subscription cost? You only need to pay around IDR 39K per month or IDR 108 per 3 months.

App Access: iflix

#8. Catchplay

CatchplayDo you want to stream the latest movies as well as TV programs? This application is worth a try guys.

Catchplay is a paid application that offers updated movies. So, you no longer need to go to the cinema to watch the latest releases.

The subscription price for this application is quite affordable, starting from IDR 45K for a monthly package.

App Access : Catchplay

#9. Genflix

Unlike Netflix, Genflix comes with a limited collection. on the streaming service. You won’t find exclusive series or self-produced film content.

However, there are several categories that you can enjoy here. Among them are Indonesian, Western, and Indian films, Anime, and film series.

Uniquely, Java language content is available which of course does not exist on other streaming sites.

Genflix Indonesia package prices are quite friendly, namely:

  • 2 weeks MAXI package for IDR 25K.
  • 1-month MAXI pallet for IDR 49K.
App Access: Genflix

#10. HOOQ

HOOQThe Hooq digital streaming service is a joint product of Sony Pictures, Singtel, and Warer Bros.

What’s interesting about Hooq is that it provides a complete collection of local films to the latest ones. There are also exclusive homemade films and series. box office, Korean dramas, and many more.

Access to subscribe to Hooq is also very easy. Because it can be through OVO, electronic vouchers, credit and debit cards to pulses.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Hooq? Hooq provides movie rental packages for IDR 22.4K per film. For a monthly subscription, it costs IDR 49.5 K.

 App Access : HOOQ

#11. Prime Videos

It is a movie streaming service provider owned by Amazon.

The advantage of Prime Video lies in the Twitch Prime package, which is a service for streaming games. However, the movie collection on Prime Video is quite limited, still far behind Netflix.

Also, there are no Indonesian films in the application. However, you can be quite satisfied with the box of five films offers on Prime Video.

App Access : Prime Video

#12. Crackle

CrackleCrackle is a website service that provides free movies under Sony Pictures.

So don’t be surprised, the movies you find here are mostly copyrighted by Sony. There are also other popular movies and TV shows that are not broadcast on other sites.

Application Access : Crackle

#13. Hulu

Just like other legal streaming service providers, you can only use Hulu by subscribing.

But you can still access the film collection for free, you know. However, access is limited.

Hulu has thousands of movies and entertainment programs in various categories, such as comedy, drama, horror, and action. There are also television channel services such as MTV, TLC, FOX, ABC, etc.

To subscribe, there are 3 packages that you can choose from:

  • Hulu plans for $5.99 per month.
  • Hulu No Ads plan for $11.99 per month.
  • Hulu + Live TV plan for $54.99 per month.
App Access: Hulu

#14. Yidio

This one is not actually an application or site for streaming movies. But it is a connector between the user and the channel of the streaming provider.

With Yidio, you can easily access streaming sites like Netflix, HBO, Sony Crackle, etc.

Through Yidio, anyone can watch their favorite movie on the channel of their choice without having to bother subscribing.

#15. Video

YidioVideo is one of the most popular online streaming applications today. Apart from being complete, Vidio also provides services to enjoy up-to-date programs.

There is a variety of programs from entertainment, news, soap operas, and sports to sports competitions.

Video is also a highly recommended application for drama enthusiasts. There are Thai, Korean, Japanese, and even Indonesian dramas.

You can free-watch Indonesian subtitles online in the Vidio application.

Application Access : Video

In addition to the legal and mixed sites above, Youtube can also be an alternative for streaming or downloading movies. Although for the latest film, you can only see the trailer version.

List of Free Movie Watch Sites & Apps

In addition to a number of legal sites and applications above, there are still references to watching cool movies for free.

Unfortunately, names other than the above include illegal sites whose security is quite questionable.

Here mimin will only share information, guys, but not to suggest that you use it.

Here are some site names and links to free cinema movie streaming.

#16. Cinema 21

Cinema 21 is the best alternative for watching indo sub movies for free. This site appears to replace Screen 21 which was previously blocked.

You could say the appearance of the website is quite similar to the 2 sites that have been absent, namely IndoXXI and LK21. Here the films have also been sorted by certain categories.

Among them are mystery, fantasy, romance, horror, drama, etc. The film collection is also quite complete, both in the form of old films to the latest releases.

Does this site provide free access? Yes, you are free to watch as many movies online and free at Cinema 21. However, sites like Cinema 21 are not 100% safe, guys.

Site Access : https://dutafilm.uno/a 21

#17. World 21

Dunia 21 offers free streaming services for Indonesian and foreign films.

In addition to streaming, Dunia 21 also provides services for downloading HD-quality movies. However, this site is illegal, so it is possible that the site address changes periodically.

In the meantime, you can access the Dunia 21 website via the following link.

Site Link: https://dutafilm.uno/ia 21 

#18. Friend21

Another option for the lk21 film is Kawan21. This site has a very complete collection of films.

There are movies from various genres and various countries. There are also Korean drama series from 2010 to the newest one this year. There’s even a semi-film as well.

Even though it’s complete, there will be lots of ads when you’re streaming movies on Kawan 21. So, it’s better to just use legal sites, guys.

Site Access :

#19. MovieGan

FilmGan is an alternative 2020 movie download site for streaming online. The collection of films is quite large and varied.

Starting from the old 80s films to the most recent. There are also Western Box Office films that already have Indonesian subtitles.

In addition to streaming features, FilmGan also provides free download access.

Site Access: https://filmgan.site/

#20. Great Movies

Film Apik is one of the sites on the list to replace IndoXXI. In it there are thousands of the best films from various types of genres.

Starting from the genre of horror, action, and comedy to Korean drama series. Here you can also watch anime TV series from Japan. What’s more, all access to Apik Movies is free, free of charge.

Site Access:

#21. Melong Movie

For those of you who are still drinking quota but still want to watch Indoxxi movies online on screen 21. Melong Film can be the best choice for you guys.

This streaming and movie download site has a complete collection of movies and very few ads.

Site Access : https://melongfilm.in/

#22. Watch movies 168

Nonton Fil 168 is a site for watching movies online for free sub-Indo, which is quite recommended. The reason is, the collection of films available is very complete.

There are Indonesian films, Hollywood, Bollywood to Korean dramas from the old to the most updated.

Site Access: http://nontonfilm168.me/

#23. Film Ambassador 21

This is a site similar to IndoXXI that provides a wide collection of films. Access is free, you can only watch or download movies.

Site Access:

#24. Dramaqu

If you are a Korean drama lover, the Dramaqu site can be an alternative for an overnight drama marathon. The drama collection is very complete, from the oldest to the newest.

This site also has a service for watching movies on Kaca21 LK21 Indoxxi, you know, guys. So it’s not just Korean dramas, there are other film and TV series categories as well.

Unfortunately, there will be a lot of advertisements scattered when you access this site.

Site Access : https://dramaqu.live/

In addition to the names of the sites above, there are still several references to watching streaming sites for online films, 2023, and sub indo.

The following is the name of the site and its link.

Site Name Link
21 . Glass Screen https://layarkaca21.onl/
Movie Warehouse https://gudangfilm.us/
Dragon XXI
Blue Cinema https://bioskop.video/
Stream Screen https://bioskop.video/
21 Video Cinema https://bioskop.video/dunia21/
Film Ambassador https://dutafilm.uno/


Want to watch safe but paid movies or free but risky ones? Maybe some of the questions and answers below can help you guys.

Can legal sites like Netflix be accessed for free?

Yes. Some of the above legal sites and apps still provide free access to some shows. You just need to register and create an account. But this free access is only for some, not all.

How to subscribe to legal and official sites?

Some sites and apps provide friendly and easy payment methods. For example, with OVO balances, credit, credit or debit cards, and banks.

Are illegal sites safe to use?

Absolutely not. Illegal sites are not recommended for use. In addition to harming many parties, illegal sites are also dangerous for you.

Are there any illegal sites that don’t have pop-up ads on their pages?

Not. Almost all illegal sites have pop-up ads that are always annoying. This site also opens up opportunities for malware and harmful viruses to enter your device.

Keep in mind that some of the above illegal movie streaming and download sites are not recommended. Apart from being unsafe, this kind of site has become the target of Kominfo because it is detrimental to many parties.

So, just use applications and legal watching sites recommended by the government such as Genflix, VIU, HOOQ, Youtube, etc. Although paid but safe and better to use.

Attention: Bloggernazrul does not support any kind of hijacking or illegal use of content. The content mentioned on Bloggernazrul is submitted by users or collected from other open-access portals.


That’s a list of references to 30+ sites to watch movies online for Paid and Free, that Mimin can convey. Have fun streaming.

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