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What Are Telegram Bots? Here’s a guide on how to use it 2024


What Are Telegram Bots? Here’s a guide on how to use it – Of course, you are no strangers to this Telegram application. But, do you know what is meant by the Telegram Application? Telegram is a cloud-based and free multi-platform instant messaging service application.

What Are Telegram Bots Here's a guide on how to use itWhat Are Telegram Bots? Here’s a guide on how to use it in 2024

The Telegram application is also available on a cellular phone, and this application also has a computer system.

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You can also use the Telegram application as a chat application, which allows you to send a video, audio, photo, message, or document at once.

You can also use Telegram on various operating systems, for example on Windows OS, iOS, Android, Linux OS, and macOS together. Telegram also supports two-layer secure encryption.

About Telegram

About Telegram

Telegram also has a Secret Chat which is end-to-end or only visible to users, cannot be forwarded, is not stored on a server, and can be deleted immediately according to what you want.

You can also make a status on Telegram, that is, only by making a photo or short video, and therefore you cannot make a status in the form of an article.

It is also possible that in the future Telegram will be able to provide a writing status feature, but at this time it is still not available. The photo status on Telegram is also very different from the status on WhatsApp.

Telegram also has advantages compared to the WhatsApp application such as being able to choose a theme, providing more group members, having a username, having and being able to create a sticker, supporting multiple accounts, and much more.

Advantages of the Telegram Application

This Telegram chat feature turns out to be very safe, for you Telegram users who don’t want your Telegram chat to be peeked at all, you can really take advantage of this Telegram chat feature.

But even in all applications and Telegram, they have their own vulnerability from an accidental security hole, because this will happen in various applications and cannot be avoided.

The Telegram application also has a very useful feature, namely the Bot feature. This bot feature was launched in the Telegram application in 2015.

Telegram Bot is an abbreviation of a robot, which in other words means a machine that can respond to a user’s message automatically for the job you want. If you already know about the importance of this feature, then you will feel very spoiled by this Telegram feature.

What Are Telegram Bots?

This Telegram Bot feature is just an account in Telegram that has been operated by software that already has AI features. You can use this Telegram Bot according to what you want, such as doing a search, a reminder, a liaison, a teacher, and so on.

You can also use this Telegram bot without the need for a telephone number and without the need to be installed. Because this bot has run on all platforms that support Telegram. They have also walked invisibly and will not bother you.

What can the Bot do? Telegram has also given you freedom and openness to a third party that is used to develop a new bot.

This Telegram bot has also been assessed as being able to provide convenience in automating the activities of its users, and you can also use it as a container that is suitable for programmers who really want to hone their creativity here.

The developers of the Telegram application have also created a lot of new Telegram bots, which are always named with the bot ending to make it easy for users to call and search for a bot that they want.

This bot can also act like a smart newspaper. Every time, if you really want new content, then you can easily get it.

Only with Telegram Bot, you can stay integrated, with many external services. Apart from that, you can also make a service transaction and can also offer various services with this bot.

If you are a game lover, you can also use this Telegram Bot as a tool for making games. This feature can also help you, in looking for opportunities to develop a hobby for yourself with other people.

How To Use A Telegram Bot

There are several ways that you can use this bot. In this article, I will explain several ways you can use a telegram bot.

Here are some very easy ways that you can use for Telegram Bot:

The first way

  1. You can send a message, in the form of an order to the Bot feature by opening a chat with one of the bots that you want to target.
  2. Continue by looking for a bot in the search box in the Telegram application, if you have found it, all you have to do is enter the text of the bot you want to search for.
  3. If you have done the above, all you have to do is chat by typing a command according to what you want.
  4. A command that you have sent earlier, will be followed by being forwarded to software running on a server.
  5. The last step is, you just wait while it travels on the server, the commands you have sent will be encrypted at the same time by doing a community with the Telegram application.

The second way

  1. You can interact with the bot you want.
  2. To interact with bots, you must send a request or command by directly typing the bot’s username and command in an input field. This is commonly referred to as online bots.


You can choose several ways to use a bot on Telegram. Read and examine the article about the Telegram Bot that I have provided, hopefully, it can add some information that you can understand.

Don’t forget to use the Telegram Bot feature correctly, to make it easier for you to use it. Hopefully, the article that I have submitted is useful, see you in the next article.

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