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4 Ways to Activate Windows 7 Permanently & Safely 2024


4 Ways to Activate Windows 7 Permanently & Safely – After successfully installing Windows 7, there is one more thing you have to do, which is to activate Windows 7.

4 Ways to Activate Windows 7 Permanently & Safely

4 Ways to Activate Windows 7 Permanently & Safely 2024

Windows 7 usually provides a trial period of 30 days, if it is not activated immediately it can cause some problems.

Windows desktop backgrounds that have not been activated will usually turn black with a warning that the Windows 7 you are using has not been activated. You can find the warning at the bottom right of the desktop.

How to activate Windows 7 is actually very easy to do, and on this occasion, we will discuss 5 ways to activate Windows 7 that you can try.

But you don’t have to try everything, please choose the one you think is easiest to do.

#1. Using Windows Loader

This software is one of the most popular and widely used software to activate Windows 7, you can use this software for free and its use is relatively easy.

How to activate Windows 7 using Windows Loader:

1. Download the Windows loader file that will be used, you can download it here.

2. Please turn off the antivirus and firewall on your laptop or computer first. How: go to Control Panel System and Security Windows Firewall Turn Windows Firewall on or off Click Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended).

Using Windows Loader

3. Also turn off the internet connection on your laptop or computer.

4. Run the Windows Loader software by right-clicking Run As Administrators.

5. The loader software will display the detailed specifications of the Windows 7 that you are using. Click Install to start your Windows 7 activation process, please wait until the process is complete.Using Windows Loader

6. Restart the laptop or computer that was installed earlier.

7. Done.

#2. Using KMSPico

KMSPico is also no less popular than the previous software, besides being able to be used to activate Windows, KMSPico can also be used to activate all Microsoft Office products. This software also has a very small size.

How to activate Windows 7 using KMSPico:

1. Download the KMSPico software here.

2. Turn off the antivirus, firewall, and internet access on the laptop or computer you are using.

3. Install the KMSPico application as usual.

4. If there is no error when the KMSPico installation process is complete, please restart the laptop or computer you are using.

5. Your Windows 7 will be automatically activated.

#3. Using CMD

If you don’t want to install additional software to activate your Windows 7, this method can be an alternative. Because we will only use cmd to activate Windows 7.


This method can only be done 3 times for 1 device and will only be valid for 120 days, meaning that after 120 days you will return to trial mode.

How to activate Windows 7 using CMD:

1. Run the command prompt (CMD) on your laptop or computer with Run As Administrator.

Using CMD

2. Enter the command slmgr -rearm then press enter and the script will run automatically. Please wait until the process is complete and you will be asked to restart the laptop or computer.

Using CMD

3. Please restart your laptop or computer, and your windows will automatically activate for up to 120 days.

#4. Using a Valid Product Key

Here are some free product keys that you can use to activate Windows 7:


Windows 7 Activation Benefits

The original Windows 7 is clearly different from the pirated one, which means that not only minor annoyances will disappear on your laptop screen, but you can get several benefits that are not small, such as the following.

Original Windows License

Before activation, the operating system you are using is temporary, not permanent. Therefore, after activating, the Windows 7 that you are using changes automatically to be original.

The rights are completely yours

Windows 7 that has not been activated will be considered a loan window, meaning that you feel the suitability of use according to your needs. The end of the ‘loan’ period is marked by the appearance of the words “Activate Windows Now”.

This means that you have two options when the text appears. First, replace the Windows operating system with another, such as Mac or Linux, if it doesn’t feel right.

Second, continue using Windows as your operating system by purchasing a genuine Windows license if you feel it suits you.

Get Access to All Features

Using the original Windows allows you to access all the features contained in it. However, basic features, such as games and Microsoft Office, can still be used even if Windows has not been activated.

This last method is slightly different from the previous 3 methods, you are required to have a valid product key to activate your Windows 7. For those of you who don’t have the product key, don’t worry, you can use this product key list.

How to activate Windows 7 using the Product Key:

1. Go to the Start menu Control Panel Windows Activation.

2. Click on the Activate Windows online now option.

Using a Valid Product Key

3. Enter the product key that you have.

4. Wait until the activation process is complete.

5. If successful, the message Activation was successful will appear.

Using a Valid Product Key

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This is an explanation of 4 ways to activate Windows 7 permanently & safely, if you don’t activate it immediately, all disturbances will be experienced while operating.

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