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4 Easy Ways to Solve Xiaomi Fast Charging Not Working 2024


4 Easy Ways to Solve Xiaomi Fast Charging Not Working – Fast Charging is indeed one of the mandatory features currently needed by phone users, so it’s no wonder that now many smartphones are equipped with this feature, including some Androids from Xiaomi.

4 Easy Ways to Solve Xiaomi Fast Charging Not WorkingHow to Solve Xiaomi Fast Charging Not Working 2024

But unfortunately, sometimes this fast charging feature doesn’t work properly. In fact, the process of charging your cellphone is much longer.

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So, for those of you experiencing the problem of Xiaomi’s fast charging not working, try to find out the cause and how to fix it below.

Causes of Fast Charging Not Working on Xiaomi Phone

Every problem has a cause, including quick charging on Xiaomi that doesn’t work. Here are some common causes:

  1. The fast charging feature is not yet active
  2. The charger cable does not support fast charging
  3. The charger head does not support fast charging
  4. There is a problem with the charger port on the cellphone
  5. Battery problem
  6. Power IC rusak
  7. The resulting charger output does not match the maximum voltage supported

#1. Activate the Fast Charging Menu

Activate the Fast Charging MenuThe first step you have to do is activate the fast charging feature on your Xiaomi cellphone.

On some types of Xiaomi cell phones, the fast charging feature is activated automatically when you connect it to a charger that supports fast charging.

But in some other types, you have to activate it first.

To activate the turbo charge feature on Xiaomi, here’s how:

Step 1: Please open the Settings menu

Step 2: Then look for Battery settings.

Step 3: Enable the fast charging option.

#2. Check the charger

Check the charger

Try to check the charger that you are using, and make sure the wattage on the charging head is by what is needed by your cellphone. Also, make sure that the charger supports fast charging.

Apart from checking the charger head, you should also check the USB cable, who knows if there is a torn or peeling cable that makes the power flow not smooth?

As with the charger head, the cable used must also support fast charging.

We recommend that you use the original charger head and cable from Xiaomi because usually the original cable already supports fast charging.

Except for certain types such as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, where the existing original charger doesn’t support fast charging, even though the cellphone does.

#3. Check the Charger Port

Check the Charger Port

The charger port on a dirty cellphone can also trigger turbo-fast charging on a Xiaomi cellphone to be inactive.

So you should check the charger hole on the cellphone and clean it if there is visible dirt.

To clean it, you can follow the following method:

  • Use tools such as small cotton buds, tissues, or brushes
  • After that, add alcohol or eucalyptus oil if you have it
  • Next, don’t pour it directly into the hole, put a tissue or other tool that you use first
  • Then gently wipe the tissue/other tools on the USB port

#4. Phone Service

Phone Service

If the conditions are already:

  1. All the methods above have been done
  2. Already using a charger that supports fast charging
  3. Tried another charger
  4. Previously, the quick charge feature ran smoothly

But it still doesn’t work either, so the only solution to overcome fast charging can’t work on your Xiaomi cellphone is to take it to a service center.

We prefer to bring it to the Xiaomi Service Center, apart from being official, who knows, this damage can claim your warranty.


This is the discussion regarding the causes and how to fix Xiaomi‘s fast charging that does not work, hopefully, this problem can be resolved in one of the ways above.

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