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10 Best PC Video Editing Applications Without Watermark and Free 2024


10 Best PC Video Editing Applications Without Watermark and Free – Content creators should use a capable PC video editing application with various features. Not only manual editing applications but also editing applications that provide many filters automatically so that they are easy to apply.10 Best PC Video Editing Applications Without Watermark and Free

10 Best PC Video Editing Applications Without Watermark and Free 2024

No need to worry, there are various types of video editing applications that are lightweight and can be used easily. You can choose the application according to the features needed to create video content.

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When choosing a video editing application, you also need to pay attention to the specifications of the PC/laptop used. Thus, editing activities run smoothly without lag which sometimes makes you emotional. Instead of being curious, let’s look at the following video editing application recommendations.

There are several applications that we will recommend for you, both of which you can use for free, or you must first purchase a license. Immediately, we see a set of applications as below.

#1. AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor


If you are looking for a lightweight PC video editing application, AVS Video Editor can be an option. This application is widely used for those who have a PC / laptop with not too high specifications. One of the advantages of this application is the video cache feature.

This feature allows users to edit videos with Full-HD resolution so that they are a feast for the eyes. Not only that, the editing speed also deserves thumbs up. In addition, this application can split videos, embed audio, cut, provide text, and so on.

There are 300 transition effects that can make your videos more attractive. For those who want to make cool videos without overloading their memory, this application is worth choosing.

#2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro


Adobe is a well-known vendor for developing applications and editing software. One of the popular applications that he released was called Adobe Premiere Pro. There is no need to doubt the ability of this application to produce cool videos.

It’s no wonder that many professionals rely on this Adobe product. The editing features in it are quite complete and easy to use. You can rely on it for simple purposes, such as capture, titler, and trim.

If you want to edit videos that are more complicated, this application has a collection of features that support it. You can get high-quality videos, even up to 4K resolution. Not only that, quite a lot of formats are supported because the codec is fairly complete.

This is different from other video editing software which sometimes has a limited storage format. For those of you who want to give a unique effect to the video, this application provides it quite completely.

It’s just that, this application is likely to be less friendly for beginners. You have to learn it slowly because the menus in it are quite complicated to operate.

#3. Virtual Dub

Virtual Dub


VirtualDub is a lightweight video editing software that is free to use. This app is specially designed for Windows OS users. In addition, the interface that is displayed is simple and does not seem heavy.

For those of you who are just learning to edit videos, it’s best to use a concise application. One of them is VirtualDub, which, although lightweight, has quite functional features. Interestingly, there is also a screen recording feature that can be used to make video editing tutorials.

#4. Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas ProThis application, released by the Sony vendor, is recommended for professional video editors. Given the features in it are quite complex and require special techniques in operation.

But if you are quite familiar with video editing, then this application can be chosen. Sony Vegas Pro is indeed very helpful for making cool videos. One of the features that many like in this application is the animation feature that is available automatically.

So, you don’t need to create your own animation when you need it. Unfortunately, this application is not free so users have to buy a license.

#5. Corel Video Studio

Corel Video StudioNot only Adobe, Corel is also known as a vendor that provides video editing applications for PCs. One of the well-known products is Corel Video Studio. This application is suitable for professionals and beginners who have not been learning video editing for a long time.

The interface is fairly simple and the features in it are easy to understand. Even though the interface is light, the features in it are sophisticated, you know.

Among them are audio clearers, creativity options, XAVC.S, freeze frames, effects, converting titles to alpha channels, score filters, media library management, screen capture, 4K hardware acceleration, and so on.

The audio clearer feature will make the sound in your videos clearer and clearer. Thus, it can be as desired.

However, keep in mind that this app is not free. So, you have to buy a license so you can use it to edit videos.

#6. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie MakerAs the name implies, this application is only intended for Windows users. So, those of you who have a hobby of editing videos can just use this application. The results are good, cool, and full of creativity.

Not only that, the operation is also not complicated because of its concise interface. It’s no wonder that this application is very suitable for use, even for beginners. However, the features in it are also fairly interesting.

The results of video editing are quite satisfactory for various purposes. For those of you who use Windows OS, this application is highly recommended.

#7. Avidemux



Avidemux is a cool PC video editing application that is free to use. Even though it’s free, the features in it can’t be underestimated, you know. This application has powerful capabilities and is practical to use.

The Avidemux vendor itself deliberately designed it as a video editing application with easy operation. For beginners, the operation of this application is easy to produce cool videos.

This app provides a feature to embed filters, cropping, and encoding is also available. Although it is more recommended for beginners, even professional video editors can use this application.

#8. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio


Not a few beginners feel confused when they want to start editing videos. The number of applications available on the internet is quite confusing when it comes to choosing one. No need to worry, you can rely on Pinnacle if you want to start learning.

Pinnacle Studio has a fairly simple interface but the features in it are quite functional. This application also has a variety of basic editing features that are great for beginners to learn. You can make quality videos without using complicated applications.

You can spill all the creativity you have to be able to edit videos as attractive as possible. No need to doubt the results of video editing in it. Although this application is touted for beginners, the quality provided is actually quite good.

#9. Lightworks



Lightworks can be the right choice if you want to make interesting videos without complicated steps. This application is known to be light but rich in editing features. Call it the effects, media, preview, and timeline features.

Of course, you can use it for free without making app purchases. Lightworks can be the right choice if you are confused about which application to use for video editing.

#10. CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector


The next recommended video editing application is CyberLink PowerDirector. You can operate it on a PC easily. Many tools are very functional but still easy to understand. Even though it’s the first time using it to edit videos.

For those who are looking for a lightweight PC video editing application, there’s no need to hesitate to try this one application.

By using the right video editing application, you can produce attractive videos. Therefore, the applications mentioned above can be tried if you are learning to edit videos.

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