Home Guide 12 Portable Windows Applications to Support Creativity Must Try! 2024

12 Portable Windows Applications to Support Creativity Must Try! 2024


12 Portable Windows Applications to Support Creativity, Must Try! – Need a portable Windows application to support your creativity? Hm. Maybe you can try some of the following applications.

12 Portable Windows Applications to Support Creativity Must Try!

12 Portable Windows Applications to Support Creativity, Must Try! 2024

Is your computer or laptop capacity almost full? Wow, that’s a shame. Even though you may need to install a new application to support creativity.

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But there’s no need to worry. Fortunately today there are many portable applications. Yes, as the name implies, portable applications allow you to use applications that ‘don’t need to be installed on a computer.’

All you have to do is store the application on a flash drive or other external storage media, connect the device to the computer, and voila… The application is ready to be used as usual.

This time I will recommend several portable creativity applications that are suitable for you Windows computer users. If so, just look at the review, OK?

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Recommended Windows Portable Applications for Creativity

#1. Snipaste

Screenshots may often be seen as a trivial activity. But if in your work or other activities, you often take screenshots ( for example, take screenshots of pictures, documents, browsers, etc. ), maybe you can try Snipaste.

SnipasteSnipaste is an application whose main feature is to take screenshots. The only difference is that the application offers a variety of tools/methods for taking screenshots.

Apart from that, for operation, you only need to use the keyboard keys so it’s easy and fast. No need to be confused about how to use it, because this application will immediately show shortcut instructions on the screen.

Actually, Windows is equipped with a screenshot feature, namely Snipping Tools. But there’s nothing wrong with trying the Snipaste application either. What’s more, this application provides other, more diverse features that may not yet exist in Snipping Tools.


#2. Ghostwriter

Ghostwriter is a text editor that uses Markdown syntax. Every file created by Ghostwriter is a plain text file that can be easily edited, even if there is no Ghostwriter application installed on any OS.

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Furthermore, Ghostwriter provides a more relaxed and distraction-free writing platform. This app offers full-screen mode and a clean interface.


#3. PhotoDemon

PhotoDemonPhotoDemon is an application that offers tons of features for a portable photo editing program. You can use this application to modify images as fast as lightning, add text, and view metadata, and you can even use this application to take screenshots, you know.


#4. ShotCut

ShotCutShotCut is one of the best video editor applications available today. Interestingly, the portable version of this application is also the same as the original version.

The portable version of ShotCut still offers the ability to quickly edit movie files even if you’re on the go, and of course, you don’t need to install an application on your computer.


#5. TAudio Converter

TAudio ConverterTaudioConverter is a very powerful portable audio conversion application. Through this application, not only can you convert files to various music formats, but you can also take advantage of other features such as trimming, normalizing, clipping, channel modification, etc.


#6. Portable Blender

Blender Portable, as the name suggests, this application is a portable version of Blender. For those of you who don’t know, Blender is an open-source 3D computer graphics application that allows its users to create animated films, visual effects, 3D printed models, etc.

Well, Blender Portable is a version of the application that you can transport anywhere using a flash drive / external hard drive.


#7. Q-Jot

Q-JotQ-Jot is a portable text editor application specially designed for Windows users. You can use this application to open and edit various types of Microsoft Word files, HTML code, to Unicode text.

Apart from being a text editor, you can also use Q-Jot to save files in various formats. On the other hand, this application can also open files of any format. This makes it suitable for group work. The problem is usually not everyone saves files in one format. For example, your friend A saves files in .doc format, and your friend B might save files in other formats.


#8. Textify

For those of you who work typing, maybe the Textify application can help you. What can this application do?

So Textify has a main feature to fetch text. This application can basically convert any text that is on your screen, to plain text. To put it bluntly, this application allows you to copy any text on the screen and paste it into a writing application ( eg Notepad, Microsoft Word, Wordpad, etc. ).

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By using the Textify application, your activities will be greatly helped. For example, when you want to make notes and materials from pictures on the internet, you can use Textify to practically copy notes. The point is this application will help save you time!


#9. Gridy

GridyGridy is a very interesting app. In an instant, the Gridy application can turn your entire desktop space into a transparent grid. This application allows you to snap your Windows screen into neat and organized sections.


#10. Shortcuts

ShortcutsShotcut is an application that supports portable video editing. As we know, the majority of video editing applications must be installed on a computer. But with Shotcut, you can just drop Shotcut into the flash disk and bring/move it to any computer.

With its portable nature, Shotcut will give you many advantages. One of them is that you can quickly edit movies on the go. In addition, this application does not need to be installed on the computer. Perfect for those of you who travel a lot but the deadline is still waiting!


#11. Don’t Sleep

Don't SleepJudging from the name alone, you might have guessed the function of this application. Yep, Don’t Sleep is a portable application that will prevent your computer from automatically sleeping or locking. You just plug in the flash that contains this application. Then open the application, and your computer will always be on until you close the application.

There are many advantages that you can get when using the Don’t Sleep application. One of the most important, you can use the computer to turn it on while doing other activities without worrying about the locked screen. For example, you can do assignments while browsing for a long time.


#12. HDDScan

HDDScanHDDScan is an application that can help you to diagnose the health of the drives on your computer. This kind of application is very rare in a portable form.

Well, HDDScan will help you maintain drive health. Not only that, this application will also ensure that your drive is always in a clean condition. That way your computer’s performance will always be maintained, especially when you use it to work on long projects.



Alright, those are some recommendations for portable Windows applications to support creativity. Because it is designed as a portable application, you can experience other advantages. Namely, you can carry, move, and use the application on any Windows device.

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