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Download and How to Install PUBG Lite for PC for Free 2024


Download and How to Install PUBG Lite for PC for Free – Now PUBG or Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Lite is present in several countries in Asia, one of which is Indonesia. Many players are competing to download it, but many have failed to play it because of the wrong method.

Download and How to Install PUBG Lite for PC for freeDownload and How to Install PUBG Lite for PC for Free 2024

For that, pay close attention to how to install PUBG Lite on this PC so you can play it successfully.

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Even though it is still in the beta stage, in fact, this battle royale game is loved by many players.

The reason is clear PUBG Lite is here to fulfill the wishes of players who have computers or PCs with low specifications, aka potatoes.

Another reason is that you don’t need to reach into your pocket to get it because it is provided free of charge. So, see how to download and install PUBG Lite below!

Create a PUBG Account

The first step is to create a PUBG account first by registering on the official PUBG page.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email from the official PUBG account, then confirm and verify your account.

It should be noted that if you create an account, it’s not for fun, so try to fill in the data correctly.

Because this data will be really needed when you take part in an event and win it.

Download and Installer PUBG Lite on PC

Next download the PUBG Lite file. The file name is pubg-lite-setup.exe which has a size of 61 MB.

How to Install PUBG Lite

After registering an account and downloading the PUBG Lite file, the next step is to install the application on a PC or laptop.

Run the .exe Program

After the download is complete, click on the program and run its installer file. Don’t forget to tick ‘ I Agree ‘ on the next license tab. Later you will be faced with selecting the installation location.

Select the storage area where you want, at least 2 GB for storage capacity.

After that click ‘ Next ‘ and ‘Install’. Once the installation is complete, there will be a command to run the program, select Finish.

Download and Installer PUBG Lite on PC

Login  to PUBG Account

After the application runs, the first page will be the welcome page is the PUBG account page. Here enter the email and password you previously registered before downloading PUBG Lite.

Download  Game Files

If you already have the data, then click ‘Install’ to download the saved data to your PC. Wait until the indicator shows one hundred percent and your PUBG Lite is ready to play.

Play PUBG Lite

After the installation is complete, you will be taken to the initial homepage. Click Start, if there is a   corrupt data file you can check it and resolve the file.

If not, continue with character creation. Starting with the process of filling in the nickname.  When finished your game is ready to be played.

Apart from being launched for PCs and laptops, there is also  PUBG Mobile Lite which is specifically for the Android and iOS platforms.

Specifications for Playing PUBG Lite

You need to know, that 99% of PUBG Lite adopts the Steam version of PUBG which was launched first. So that you are not confused, first check the specifications.

To be able to run this game program, you need at least a Windows 7 operating system and above with a 64-bit speed.

For the CPU it requires a minimum of a 2.4GHz Core i3, with 4GB of RAM. The GPU needed to be able to display games smoothly is an Intel HD Graphics 4000 plus a 4GB HDD.

If you want to get a memorable PUBG Lite playing experience, try to have your laptop specifications above it, as for the CPU, try to have a Core i5 2.8 GHz, with 8 GB of RAM, while the GPU is NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon with HD 7870.


So, those are the specifications, how to download,  and how to install PUBG Lite for PC. How have you been able to install it? Successful playing?

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