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5 Ways to Download Youtube Subtitle (100% Working) 2024


5 Ways to Download YouTube Subtitle (100% Working) – There are several web-based platforms that you can use to download YouTube videos and their subtitles. Since the CC subtitles are separate from the video, you will have to download them separately as well.

5 Ways to Download Youtube Subtitle (100% Working)

How to Download Youtube Subtitle (100% Working) 2024

This article will explain step by step how to download YouTube videos, download YouTube subtitles, how to display subtitles, and how to translate subtitles.

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This review is perfect for those of you students or students who want to learn English through YouTube videos, especially those who are low on quota.

Youtube is a platform that you can use to learn languages ​​practically. You can download English-language videos as well as download YouTube subtitles. From there you can learn a lot of new vocabulary, how to write it, and how to pronounce it like a native speaker.

When you download a YouTube video, the auto-generated subtitle or CC (closed caption ) will not be downloaded. You have to download it separately.

But there are also some videos that already have a hard sub. That’s another story. The reason is, that the subtitles are already part of the video.

After downloading videos and subtitles from YouTube, you can watch them offline. So those of you who are poor at quotas can still use this method to learn languages.

How to download YouTube videos and subtitles is very easy. You can follow some of our guides.

#1. How to download YouTube videos

For starters, we will explain how to download YouTube videos without any application that you have to install. This method is more effective and efficient. You can also apply this method using a cellphone or laptop.

You will use a web-based platform that is Savefrom.net.

  • First, copy the link from the YouTube video that you are after.
  • After that, open the Savefrom.net website.
  • Paste or paste the video link in the column provided. Then, click “Download”.
  • The page will automatically scroll. Click on “Download without installation”. After that, the video quality options will appear.
  • Some options have a ” mute” sign. Choose the option that does not have a mute sign so that the video you download has sound.
  • Once you click on one of the options, you will be redirected to another page that will play the video.
  • Click the three-dot icon then select “Download”.

Now you have the video. Next, you have to download the subtitles.

#2. How to download YouTube subtitles

To download YouTube subtitlesyou can also use a web-based platform like the method above.

Some platforms that you can use, for example, oursubtitle.com, Savesubs.com, downsub.com, etc.

The procedure for downloading on each platform is basically the same. We will explain how to use Downsub.com as an example.

  • You must first copy the YouTube video link that you want to download the subtitles.
  • After that, open the Downsub.com website. Then, paste the link in the column provided and click “Download”.
  • At the bottom, several options for subs from various languages ​​will appearYou can click on one of the options with the .srt extension. After that, the subs will be automatically downloaded.

You now have the video and subtitles. But your journey is not over. To show the subs in the video, there are several setups you have to do.

#3. How to Show Subtitles in Media Player

The following are some of the setups that you have to do so that subs can appear on the video that you downloaded earlier.

  • First, make sure the video file name and the .srt file are the same. Then, unite the two files in the same folder.
  • After that, open the video with the media player installed on your laptop.
  • If the subtitles haven’t appeared, you can first activate the subtitle feature on the media player. Every media player does it differently.
  • For example, we use the built-in Windows Movies & TV application. How click on the icon ” Show menu for subtitle & audio “, then select the subtitle.
  • Your video now has subtitles.
  • How to play videos with separate subtitles on Android must use a supporting player such as VLC for Android.
  • Move the video files and subtitles to the HP memory first. After that, download and install the VLC for the Android application.
  • Open the app. All video files will appear in the application’s library. Play the video.
  • Usually, if the subs already use the same name as the video, it will appear automatically. The icon for setting subtitles is in the lower left corner.

Now you can open these videos to learn a language anytime without having to worry about losing your quota.

You can also change the language of the subtitles earlier. So you can get insight from two languages, English and Indonesian.

#4. How to Change Language in Subtitles

There are many English videos that don’t have Indonesian subtitles. You may need the Indonesian version to understand what it means. Don’t worry, you can translate existing English subtitles into Indonesian.

For the record, the translation tool is based on Google Translate. So the translation is not 100% accurate. Especially if the English use a lot of terms or slang.

The name is also learning, you can adjust and find the true meaning later.

The following is how to change English subtitles to Indonesian.

  • First of all, first, open the Translatesubtitles.com website.
  • You can drag and drop or manually upload .srt files to this website.
  • After the file has finished uploading, subs will appear on the website.
  • Select Indonesian in the translation options. After that, click “Translate”.
  • Click “Download” to download it.

You now have Indonesian subs.

As your learning progresses, you may find that the translation is not accurate. As a practice and to test learning outcomes, you can translate the subs manually.

You can use the Translatesubtitles.com platform. After uploading the .srt file, you can manually edit the “Translated Text” section.

#5. Download YouTube subtitles Easily with a Web-Based Platform

Nowadays learning languages ​​is getting easier. You can learn English on YouTube for free.

You can make it a habit to watch English videos and read the English subtitles to find out what they’re really saying.

You can also download YouTube video files and subtitles for offline playback.

How to download the file is also very easy. You can use a more practical web-based platform. Apart from platforms for downloading videos and subtitles, there is also a web-based platform for translating subtitles.


By downloading YouTube videos and subtitles, you can save more on your quota. Whenever you want to play a video, you are no longer dependent on internet access. So, you will be freer to learn languages ​​with these videos.

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