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How to Use Lucky Patcher on Android Without Root 2024


How to Use Lucky Patcher on Android Without Root – Lucky Patcher is an application that can be used to unlock a locked feature from another application.

How to Use Lucky Patcher on Android Without Root

How to Use Lucky Patcher on Android Without Root 2024

For example, to remove ads that appear in an application, unlock locked features, and many others.

In addition, Lucky Patcher allows us to be able to get application purchases for free, and can also get License verification from the Android application.

By using the Lucky Patcher application, we will also be able to hack a game without having to root.

At the initial stage, Lucky Patcher will analyze the application that we will patch. Then will provide some possible options that we can do.

As the name implies, Lucky means lucky, it turns out that not all applications cannot be patched. If you are lucky, then the patch you want can be done.

Download the Latest Version of Lucky Patcher

Version 9.9.0
Size 6.7 MB
Category Tools
Price Free
Rating 4.8/5
Minimum OS Android 2.3 and up
Developer ChelpuS


If you need the old version of the Lucky Patcher application, you can download it via the download link below.

Download Lucky Patcher Old version

How to Install Lucky Patcher

To install the app, you have to open the APK file. For more details, see how to use the following Lucky Patcher application.

Files are compressed in ZIP format. So you have to extract the ZIP file after downloading.

After you extract the ZIP file, then you will find the Lucky Patcher Apk file.

Lucky Patcher has a complete look. So it will be confusing for people who are beginners to use it.

In the Lucky Patcher application, there is a color code that has and indicates its own meaning. The following is a list of the meanings of these colors:

  • Green:  This means the app can be saved and disconnected from  Google Play.
  • Yellow:  This means the device has some patches available.
  • Blue:  This means the app contains Google ads.
  • Purple:  This means that this application is a system startup application.
  • Orange:  This means that the application is a system application or system application.
  • Red:  This means that the application cannot be modified.

Lucky Patcher is not a Malware, Virus, or malicious application, but Google can show you a warning.

Disable “Play Protect” on the Play Store to hide this warning.

How to Use Lucky Patcher

Following are some steps on how to use the lucky patcher properly.

  1. Download the Lucky Patcher application first on the link provided
  2. Install the Lucky Patcher on the Android phone you are using
  3. Open the Lucky Patcher Application
  4. Once open, you will see a list of installed applications on your phone.
  5. Select the application you want to patch.
  6. Then a description of the results of the application analysis will appear, for example, such as  Google Ads Found or In-app Purchase Found
  7. Then select  Open Menu of PatchesHow to Use Lucky Patcher

  8. After that, several patch options will appear in this application, for example,  Remove Google Ads, Remove License verification, Change App’s Components, Support Patch for In-App and LVL Emulation, Create Modified APK File, and also Manual patcher
  9. Just choose one patch that suits your needs
  10. If you have, then click  Apply
  11. Just wait a few moments, until the process is complete
  12. Now you see the changes in the application.

How to use Lucky Patcher Without Root

Lucky Patcher can also still be used on non-rooted Android phones. Here’s how:

  1. Download and install the Lucky Patcher application on your Android phone
  2. Open the Lucky Patcher app
  3. Select the purchase option > then buy an application.
  4. Then the question will appear  “Do you want to try to get this app for free?”
  5. Just select  “Yes”  then select  “Send Reply to Application (Unsigned)”
  6. After that, just wait for a while.
  7. In addition, you can also use Lucky Patcher to select the  Create Modified APK option
  8. Wait until several available modification options appear.
  9. Please wait for the process to finish.

Advantages of Using Lucky Patcher

  • You can get the full version of the application for free.
  • Can remove “license verification” from premium or paid applications.
  • Can remove ads from free apps.
  • Get free purchases from in-app purchases in apps and games.

The Lucky Patcher application is indeed handy because this application has a module that we can use for our needs and needs on our Android phones.

For example to hack offline games. We think online games will be very difficult to hack.

Because all the existing data is not in the apk that we have, but on the game’s online server.

Lucky Patcher Custom Patch

Many websites share fake Lucky Patcher apps.

Therefore, we will share the original Lucky Patcher Application through this post.

We got this app through the Lucky Patcher app official website and you will always get the original version from here.

In addition to the examples mentioned above, Lucky Patcher still has many other cool apk modification features.


That was the explanation of the tutorial on how to download & use the latest Lucky Patcher on both rooted and unrooted phones.

Therefore, it should be for us to be able to use all the features of this Lucky Patcher application to the fullest.

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