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15 Most Difficult Games in Game World History! 2024


15 Most Difficult Games in Game World History! – Want to know the hardest game of all time? So come and check out 15 games with the highest difficulty levels you’ve ever seen! From Nintendo classics to current generation titles, you have games made to make players mad because they are so hard to play!

15 Most Difficult Games in Game World History!

15 Most Difficult Games in Game World History! 2024

1. Dark Souls

  • Released:  2011
  • Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Both Dark Souls and others in the Soul family are known for these games for their ABSURD difficulty. When we talk about tough games, Souls is always the talk.

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Even the weakest enemies in the game will work and will probably kill you time and time again. The good thing is that dying in Dark Souls means improving your game because you see your mistakes and start developing a game style and strategy.

2. NiOh 2

  • Released:  2020
  • Platform: PS4

NiOh was praised for its well-constructed narrative and high, even provocative, difficulty. In NiOh 2, the violence and difficulty doubled up sound unnecessary.

The game is almost as complex as Dark Souls, being 90% beat and 10% narrative. Enemies are aggressive, and fast, and require a lot of attention at all times so you don’t die.

Which is pointless, as dying is almost standard…

3. Ninja Gaiden II

  • Released:  2008
  • Platform: Xbox 360

The Ninja Gaiden franchise is hardcore. But II was a terrible experience in terms of difficulty. The normal level is the hardest level of the normal game, while the hardest level is impossible. Reaching the end of the game could happen, but the enemies there have cannons in their arsenal, with perfect aim. In other words: if you like to be angry, go ahead.

4. FTL – Faster Than Light

  • Released:  2012
  • Platform: PC

In FTL you control a spaceship and must go on a mission to save the galaxy from aliens. As the enemy approaches, you have several possibilities and decisions to make. And there is the difficulty of the game! Your shield privilege? Put all your strength in the engine and run? Eliminate enemies from a distance or in close combat? Until you decide, friends, you’ve blown!

5. Mega Man 9

  • Released:  2008
  • Platform: Wii, PS3 dan Xbox 360

Today Mega Man may seem easy to play, but in the 90s it was a no-nonsense sentence, and Mega Man 9 followed suit. The abundance of traps, coming from below, from above, and from the sides, made it impossible to deal with a moving enemy. Now imagine that on the Xbox version, Capcom created the Superhero difficulty level. Only death along the way…

6. Devil May Cry

  • Released:  2001
  • Platform: PS2

Devil May Cry is hack ‘n slash of the highest quality. The narrative, graphics, and combat system are still perfect today! But the number of demon enemies on the screen is VERY high. And if you play the game Hard you will feel that dying is all you can do. Even more so if you get a Godfather…

7. Super Meat Boy

  • Released:  2010
  • Platform: PC, Xbox 360, PS Vita, PS4, Wii U, Switch, dan Seluler

Super Meat Boy is like Super Mario Bros. but controls a piece of meat. And it’s these differences that make this game so much fun. But the level of difficulty is absurd because every second in the game stage is getting faster. And then you already know: it’s hard not to get hit by enemies.

8. Goblin Ghosts’n

  • Released:  1985
  • Platforms:  Arcade, NES, Atari, and Mobile

In Ghosts’n Goblins you get hit and live half your life. Two hits and you’re dead. Enemies come from nowhere, all the time. But the worst thing is: if you forget to bring the holy cross to the end of the game, you will have to repeat the last two levels. If you pick it up, ops: you have to play it again because it’s not supposed to take you. And even on a more difficult level. You really want to die…

9. Battletoads

  • Released:  1991
  • Platform: NES, Mega Drive, GameBoy, and Xbox One

In Battletoads, you control a frog, with a proposal similar to Ninja Turtles: defeat enemies in the arcade phase. The problem is that the difficulty level borders on the impossible. Especially at the stage where you control the motorcycle. Driving the thing was one of the most complicated tasks in the 90s.

10. Another World

  • Released:  1991
  • Platforms:  Atari, Mega Drive, SNES, GBA, PC, Mobile, and Nintendo Switch

Another World really is from another world. Players control a character who must face aliens. So far so good: the problem is that the game was developed not to respond well to player commands. In other words, jumping or running can be a problem when you need it. And the lack of subtitles means you don’t know what to do to move on…

11. Contra

  • Released:  1987
  • Platform: NES

Contra made many players cry from anger because it inspired players to become Rambos, but it brought in even worse enemies than Rambo. Plus, it’s a platform game, so the scenario itself can be your worst enemy in this adventure.

12. Mask

  • Released:  1995
  • Platform: SNES

The film Mask inspired a strange but very popular game in the 90s. The Mask has only 7 levels, but if you leave the first one without using cheats, you are already a master. The game received a lot of complaints for bringing little weapons to the protagonist, few lives, lots of enemies, and no help to get through the levels.

13. Hand of God

  • Released:  2006
  • Platform:  PS2 dan PS3

God Hand sold very little, and the game’s difficulty may be responsible for this. There is a difficulty bar on the screen, ranging from 1 to 4, the final level of which is known as DEATH. The more you are hit by enemies, the lower the level will be. But when you dominate the game and hit the world, you reach level 4. And then, my friend, your opponent becomes impossible to beat.

14. Shinobi

  • Released:  1987
  • Platform:  Sega 16 System

Shinobi is arguably the most famous ninja game of all time. The combat mechanics are pretty easy to understand, but the enemies are many at once. This makes your shurikens and jumps nearly useless in some stages. Bosses are very powerful, requiring a well-studied strategy to defeat them.

15. Castlevania

  • Released:  1987
  • Platform: NES

All the Castlevania games from the 80s and 90s could fit in here perfectly. Platform gameplay, with various puzzles, and scenarios full of obstacles and surprises, apart from the constant and unique enemies are the characteristics that make this Dracula hunt a very difficult experience.


If you’re up for a challenge, these games are definitely worth trying. However, be prepared for a lot of frustration and setbacks along the way. Remember that the point of playing games is to have fun, so don’t get too discouraged if you can’t beat them.

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