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24 Best Offline & Offline Motorcycle Racing Games for Android 2024


24 Best Offline & Offline Motorcycle Racing Games for Android – Lately, well-known developers have shown each other to make games of the best quality. Not only in terms of graphics and visual effects but the challenges contained in the game are also important things that must exist in a game.

24 Best Offline & Offline Motorcycle Racing Games for Android24 Best Offline & Offline Motorcycle Racing Games for Android 2024

Games with motorbike racing themes are one of the best-selling types of games gamers seekWell, seeing the number of enthusiastic gamers in this regard, well-known developers also took part in making games with this theme.

On Google Play itself, you can actually choose a variety of different types of motorbike racing games with different gameplay. Of course, not all of them have good quality or are worth playing.

Well, if you have trouble finding the best, then you are very lucky when you find the best Android game recommendations from Bloggernazrul. Let’s check the following reviews to the end.

#1. Drag Racing: Bike Edition (Offline & Online)

Drag Racing Bike Edition (Offline & Online)

Do you like racing games that challenge your adrenaline? Here, try Drag Racing: Bike Edition. In this game, you are really challenged to do a motorbike race in the form of one-on-one drag on a short straight track.

Even if you don’t steer the motorbike, you must be proficient in playing the gas and shifting gears manually. This is a challenge for the players themselves.

In this drag motorbike racing game, the most challenging thing is playing in career mode. Which is where you will be faced with formidable enemies at each level. The higher your level, the more enemies you get, of course, have a pretty good ability to race on a straight track.

Therefore, if you want to win at each level, it’s a good idea to have a racing strategy to upgrade the engine parts. This is what makes your motorbike go fast and optimally.


#2. Death Moto 4 (Offline)

Death Moto 4 (Offline)

After being successful in the sequel to previous games, the developer has again spoiled gamers with his newest game called Death Moto 4. In this newest game, gamers are not unexpectedly enthusiastic enough to play it.

Why is this Android motorcycle racing game quite popular? Of course, because in games made by  WEDO1.COM GAME players can not only feel the excitement of racing. However, there is one thing that stands out that makes every player instantly addicted, namely the fun of racing while fighting with various cool weapons.

Not only that, the presentation of graphics and visual effects offered is also quite good. Amazingly, this one racing game has a size that is not too big. Where android users who have minimal specifications can still feel the excitement of this game.


#3. Mad Skills Motocross 2 (Online)

Mad Skills Motocross 2 (Online)

Mad Skills Motocross 2 is a cross-motorcycle racing game where every player will feel the sensation of different racing excitement. The reason is that players are required to compete on a steep and challenging track.

What makes this game quite popular is the PvP (Player vs Player) feature. Where in this feature players can compete against friends and other players around the world. Whoever gets to the finish line first is the winner.


#4. Trial Xtreme 4 (Offline & Online)

Trial Xtreme 4 (Offline & Online)

Almost the same as the game made by Turborilla above, in this Trial Xtreme 4 game, you also race on a steep track using a crossover motorbike. The difference in this racing game is that each track has a level of difficulty that is quite challenging for adrenaline.

Not only that, the excellent graphic presentation can also make every player feel at home for a long in playing this game. According to Google Play data, more than 50 million players have downloaded and played this game. Therefore, this one racing game is a pity for you to miss.


#5. SBK16 (Offline)

SBK16 (Offline)

Are you looking for a racing game similar to MotoGP? Here, try SBK16. In the racing game made by Digital Tales Srl, the reason is that players are really spoiled for motorbike racing like MotoGP.

In this game, players will feel the excitement of racing like a real one. How not, because the 3D graphic presentation that you can later choose will make it seem as if you are racing on a winding race track.

Later you can choose various well-known motorcycle brands, such as Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati, MV Agusta, BMW, or Yamaha. Of course, you can choose from a variety of cool motorbikes to your liking. Curious about the gameplay? Try it, guaranteed fun!


#6. Race the Traffic Moto (Offline)

Race the Traffic Moto (Offline)

Race the Traffic Moto is an android motorcycle racing game where players are challenged to race on the highway. In this game made by  Play365, of course, you have to be good at driving to avoid cars and trucks while racing on the highway.

In this game, there are 7 different types of motorbikes to choose from with different speeds. Motors that you can later use are dirt bikes, Vespas, to sports bikes.


#7. Real Bike Racing (Offline)

Real Bike Racing (Offline)

Almost similar to the SBK16 racing game, where in this racing game players will feel the sensation of racing like MotoGP racing using motorsportThe quality of the graphics presented is not as good as other racing games.

Even so, the developer still presents the excitement of challenging motorcycle racing. Not only accelerating the speed of the motorbike, players are also required to handle their motorbike as well as possible. Because the enemies and the existing trajectory are quite difficult for you to conquer.


#8. Real Moto (Offline)

Real Moto (Offline)

If you are looking for the best motorbike racing game that is the most exciting with good 3D graphics, then Real Moto is the right choice. How not,  Dreamplay Games really presents quality graphics and visuals that are very stunning.

Later, you can choose 11 types of cool sports motorbikes to use in career mode. Where in this adventure mode you are presented with more than 150 challenges that are increasingly difficult at each level.


#9. Fun Kid Racing – Motocross (Offline)

Fun Kid Racing – Motocross (Offline)

The next racing game may not have as good graphics as the previous racing game. As the name implies, this racing game is actually made with the lightest possible graphics so that children like it.

Tiny Lab Productions as the maker of this game deliberately made the background of the track with a beautiful view. Because usually, children will like it. But make no mistake, the tracks in this racing game are also quite challenging for the child’s adrenaline.


#10. Ducati Challenge (Offline)

Ducati Challenge (Offline)

Have you ever heard of the Ducati brand of sports bikes? Yes, Ducati is already familiar to everyone’s ears. Ducati itself is a cool motorcycle brand that comes from Italy.

In this Ducati Challenge game, players will be able to feel the speed of using a Ducati motorcycle. There are several types of Ducati motorcycles that you can use for racing, starting from the Multistrada 1200 S, Streetfighter S, Superbike 1198 SP, and many more.

The graphics offered in this game, of course, you don’t need to question anymore. Instead of being curious, just try playing the game to feel the gameplay firsthand, guaranteed addiction.


#11. MotoGP Race Championship Quest (Offline & Online)

MotoGP Race Championship Quest (Offline & Online)

Are you a big fan of Moto GP? If so, then you should also play a game called MotoGP Race Championship Quest on your Android. This android motorcycle racing game made by WePlay promises fun in its gameplay. You are required to get the highest score by driving the motorbike as fast as possible at each level.

Not only that, but you can also challenge your friends to get the highest score. Although it has a size that is not so large, this game is supported by 3D graphics and very responsive controls. So you will feel at home playing it for hours.

Basically, this game is available for free, but there are some items in the game that you can buy with real money.


#12. Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic (Offline)

Moto Rider GO Highway Traffic (Offline)

Have you ever played Traffic Rider before? Here, this Android motorbike racing game also has similar gameplay to the game made by Soner Kara. In this game, you are required to drive a motorcycle as fast as possible to the finish line. 

Not just pressing the gas, you also have to be observant in avoiding the surrounding vehicles to stay safe until the finish line. At each level, this game presents challenges from the easiest to the hardest.

One of the toughest challenges in this game is timing. Yes, you have to be fast in driving your motorbike if you don’t want the game to end in the middle of the road. Even though it’s a bit difficult, the graphics in this game are good enough so you won’t get bored with the challenges that are so difficult at each level.


#13. Racing Moto (Offline)

Racing Moto (Offline)

It still has the same gameplay as the previous game, it’s just that Racing Moto has a graphical presentation that is not so magnificent that even Android users with light specifications can enjoy the excitement of this one Android motorcycle racing game.

Droidhen Casual as the developer of this game provides several types of very responsive steering controls. Interestingly, here you can use boosts to accelerate your vehicle to get to the finish line faster. Interested in playing it?


#14. GX Racing (Offline)

GX Racing (Offline)

GX Racing is a new Android motorcycle racing game that has quite exciting gameplay. After a few months of its launch,  this FunGenerationLab game managed to lure millions of gamers to try it.

What makes this game quite attractive is the presentation of visual effects and graphics. Moreover, the motorbikes and the characters available here are also made in a mini style. So many gamers are curious about the gameplay in this game.

Talking about features, this game provides 20 cool motorbikes and 100 more challenging and exciting tracks for sure. Not only that, you can also modify your favorite motorbike or character to make it more interesting when appearing in races.


#15. Traffic Rider (Offline)

Traffic Rider (Offline)

It is undeniable that Traffic Rider has advantages in both graphics and gameplay. The proof is that the game made by Soner Kara has been played by more than 500 million Android users.

Despite having a light size, this game offers a series of features that are quite complete. Where there are 26 choices of motorbikes, 70 missions, as well as excellent visual effects when you ride, be it day or night.

This game has a simple goal, the faster you drive, the more scores you will get. Interestingly, you can perform stunts by lifting the front wheel to get extra scores and money. Sounds fun right?


#16. AE 3D MOTOR (Offline)

AE 3D MOTOR (Offline)Just like  Traffic Rider,  where this android motorbike racing game called  AE 3D MOTOR  requires you to race with the motorbike as fast as possible to get the best time.

Even so, you certainly have to be careful with vehicles from the opposite direction if you don’t want the game to end in the middle of the road. The higher the level you go, the more difficult the challenge.


#17.  Motorcycle Extreme (Offline)

Motorcycle Extreme (Offline)Have you played  Skater Boy or BMX Boy before? If so, this game entitled  Extreme Motorcycle has gameplay that is not much different from the game mentioned earlier.

The difference is, here you will drive a motorbike to collect stars or trophies at each level. This motorbike racing game is relatively relaxed where you are not required to race at high speed but focus on getting to the finish line safely and getting stars and trophies.


#18. Top Bike (Offline)

Top Bike (Offline)Top Bike is an offline Android motorcycle racing game where you will drag  1 vs 1. In addition to offering an amazing visual presentation, this  T-Bull game also has dozens of motorcycle collections that will certainly make you not bored playing it.


#19. Cafe Racer (Offline)

Cafe Racer (Offline)Maybe you are not so familiar with the title of this Android motorcycle racing game. Yep,  Cafe Racer is not that popular in Indonesia. However, this game is quite loved out there.

What makes this game interesting lies in the graphical presentation. Even though it is packaged in cartoon graphics, players will feel the audiovisuals and good controls when riding a motorcycle in this Cafe Racer.

This game itself provides 3 different levels of difficulty. If you choose the most difficult, of course, the rewards received are also large. Oh yes, this game also provides features for stunts.


#20. Pro MX 3 (Offline & Online)

Pro MX 3 (Offline & Online)Are you looking for an exciting and challenging motorbike cross-racing game on Android? Maybe you can try  Pro MX 3  which has been played by more than 10 million Android users.

In this game, there are various game modes that you can choose from, from Championship mode to unlock new tracks to multiplayer mode which allows you to challenge other players around the world.

Although packed with graphics that are not so special, this game is still fun to play because players can perform various acrobatic actions while racing. With simple graphics, Android users with low-end specs can certainly enjoy this game too.


#21. Wheelie Challenge (Offline)

Wheelie Challenge (Offline)As the name implies,  Wheelie Challenge invites you to do motorbike racing actions but in an interesting way, namely doing wheelies throughout the game.

Actually, it doesn’t have to be a wheelie forever, but if you manage to wheelie for as long as possible, of course, the score you get will also get bigger. In addition to offering wheelies with motorbikes, the developer also provides other vehicles such as ATVs, bicycles, and others.


#22. MotoGP Racing ’17 Championship (Offline & Online)

MotoGP Racing ’17 Championship (Offline & Online)For those of you who like MotoGP racing events, it may be obligatory for you to play this Android racing game.

The reason is, that this game presents the exact same gameplay as racing in MotoGP, ranging from 500 cc to 990 cc motorcycle types, types of tracks,  realistic graphics, and real sound effects,  to the rules that exist in the MotoGP championship.


#23. Bike Race Free (Offline & Online)

Bike Race Free (Offline & Online)As you can see from the screenshot above, the game titled  Bike Race Free requires players to race on unusual tracks. In addition to offering crazy tracks, here you can also perform stunts while racing.

Besides being able to be enjoyed offline, in this android racing game you can also play online with friends or other players in multiplayer mode. Guaranteed fun!


#24. Stickman Downhill Motocross (Offline)

Stickman Downhill Motocross (Offline)Just as crazy as the previous motorcycle racing games, where  Stickman Downhill Motocross also has a collection of very challenging tracks. Packed with cute Stickman characters, this game also offers a very unique visual presentation when you bump or fall, guaranteed to be fun and crazy!

What’s more, you can also record each of your games through the features provided by the developer. That way you can share crazy stunts while you drive on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and others.



Well, those are the 24 best offline & offline motorcycle racing games for Android, that you can play for free, both offline and online. Have any other recommendations? Please share via the comments column.

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