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10 Best Offline FPS Games for Android 2024


10 Best Offline FPS Games for Android – FPS genre games have fun and a different experience from other games in general. The reason is, that this kind of game presents 3D graphics with a first-person perspective, or what is known as a First-person Shooter (FPS).

Best Offline FPS Games for Android

10 Best Offline FPS Games for Android 2024

Talking about the best FPS games on Android, you may be familiar with PUBG Mobile, Modern Combat 5, Call of Duty Mobile, and so on. However, it is quite difficult to find FPS games on Android that can be played offline or without an internet connection.

For that, in this article, Konyoha will share a collection of the best offline FPS games on Android that you can download for free on the Google Play Store. Alright, without further ado, just take a look at the full review below.

List of the Best Android Offline FPS Games

#1. Counter Terrorist Strike

Counter Terrorist Strike

The first game on the list this time is Counter Terrorist Strike 2021, which was developed by developer Last Bullet Studio. As the title implies, in this game you will feel the sensation of fighting against terrorist attacks which are presented with 3D graphics and quite epic visual effects.

There are two game modes, namely campaign/career mode where you will be faced with various missions that are quite challenging. Another one is the team deathmatch mode with a choice of different locations or maps.

#2. FPS Cover Strike

FPS Cover Strike

Still being developed by the same developer as the previous game, Last Bullet StudioFPS Cover Strike 2020 has addictive gameplay and graphics that are no less cool than the previous game.

This game also takes the same theme, namely fighting against terrorist attacks with more than 100 fun and challenging missions. There are various types of modern weapons that are ready to accompany you on the battlefield.

#3. N.O.V.A Legacy

N.O.V.A Legacy

Who doesn’t know NOVA Legacy? This offline FPS game made by the well-known developer Gameloft presents cool graphics with a relatively small file size. This game tells the story of space battles against aliens to save humanity.

Broadly speaking, there are two game modes that you can play, namely online and offline modes. In online mode, you can battle online multiplayer with other players worldwide. While in offline mode, you will be challenged to complete various exciting missions to defeat the aliens.

#4. Squad Strike 3: FPS

Squad Strike 3 FPS

The next best offline FPS game on android is Squad Strike 3 developed by Value. If you are a fan of famous competitive games like Counter-Strike on PC, you must be very familiar with this one game.

Yup, apart from the similar gameplay, this game also provides several legendary maps. If you play in offline mode, you will be faced with bots whose difficulty level can be set by yourself.

#5. Squad Strike 4: FPS

Squad Strike 4 FPS

Squad Strike 4 is a continuation series of Squad Strike 3, which in this series has added the Advanced Gun Modding System feature. That is a feature that allows us to modify or customize parts of the weapon as we wish.

Talking about game modes, Hardcore Escape mode and Classic Team Deathmatch mode are available, both of which you can play online or offline.

#6. Real Commando Secret Mission

Real Commando Secret Mission

If you are tired of playing offline FPS games with deathmatch mode, you need to try this Real Commando Secret Mission game. This game developed by developer RockRex Games carries the theme of adventure with an intense storyline.

In this game, you will act as a true commando secret agent assigned by the state to carry out secret missions. Talking about graphics, this game presents realistic 3D graphics quality. And most importantly, this game can be played offline or without an internet connection.

#7. Cover Fire: offline shooting games

Cover Fire offline shooting games

Next, there is a game that is no less exciting than before, namely Cover Fire by Viva Games Studios. This game presents quite exciting gameplay and is wrapped with stunning HD-quality graphics.

In addition to the online multiplayer battle mode, you can also play offline in story mode. What’s unique about this game is that you can form a team with different abilities, including Assault, Sniper, Demolitions, and Hackers.

#8. Last Hope Sniper – Zombie War

Last Hope Sniper – Zombie War

For fans of zombie-themed FPS games, Last Hope Sniper might be the right choice. Yup, this game developed by JE Software AB tells a story about a world that is nearing the end of the world due to relentless zombie attacks.

In order to save the world, you are assigned to eradicate the zombies using various types of weapons. In terms of graphics, this game presents a graphic quality that is quite epic for a mobile-class device.

#9. Zombie Hunter Sniper

Zombie Hunter Sniper

As the title implies, Zombie Hunter Sniper is an FPS game that requires you to hunt and kill zombies using a sniper. This game developed by Viva Games Studio has exciting and certainly challenging gameplay.

In terms of graphics, it also doesn’t disappoint, because you will be spoiled by the visual effects that are so amazing.

#10. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is one of the best horror-themed FPS games on the Google Play Store. The reason is, that in addition to its immersive gameplay, this game will also spoil you with console-class graphics quality and amazing visual effects.

In addition to stunning graphics, this game also has an interesting storyline to watch. To support your shooting skills, there are more than 40 types of weapons that can be upgraded.


Well, that’s a collection of the best offline FPS games on Android that you can download for free on the Google Play Store. Which is your favorite game? Don’t forget to give your opinion in the comments column below.

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