Home Guide 10 Uninstall Program Applications on PC Laptop (Best 2024)

10 Uninstall Program Applications on PC Laptop (Best 2024)


10 Uninstall Program Applications on PC Laptop – Maybe we want to delete applications that we no longer use or because these applications take up too much storage on the hard drive.

10 Uninstall Program Applications on PC Laptop

10 Uninstall Program Applications on PC Laptop (Best 2024)

When the hard disk capacity is running low, the performance of the computer or laptop decreases. For this reason, it is necessary to uninstall the application so that computer performance can return to normal and we can run it easily.

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To remove an application or program, we need an application. There are several uninstall program applications on PCs and laptops that can be used. Some of the applications that we will share below are Windows default applications and some are third-party applications.

#1. Menu Start

Menu Start

The Start menu or start menu is a built-in feature of Windows. This feature is used to access folders or applications more quickly. Users only need to click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner.

Then just look for the name of the application to be deleted. After that, just right-click on the application icon and select uninstall. Wait a few moments until the Windows system removes the application.


#2. Control Panel

Control PanelWho doesn’t know the Control Panel? Everyone who uses the Windows operating system is sure that the Windows OS they use has a Control Panel.

Removing programs using the Control Panel is actually one of the basic ways to remove applications. Users only need to enter the Control Panel. After that, click on the words uninstall a program in the Program options.

Then just look for which application to delete. In the last step, right-click on the application icon and select uninstall. A way to remove applications that are very easy and do not require complicated and time-consuming methods.


#3. CCleaner

CCleanerHave you ever used CCleaner? This application is an option to install the program. Even CCleaner is usually used to remove junk files.

This application can be obtained and used for free and provides many interesting features to assist in removing the program we want. It’s not difficult to use CCleaner to remove programs even if it’s the first time using it.


#4. Revo Uninstaller

Revo UninstallerRevo Uninstaller is an application to uninstall PC and laptop programs which is also worth a try. This application provides two types of installations, namely regular installations and also portable installations.

The way it works is to delete programs on the computer using the default uninstaller application. After that, Revo Uninstaller will scan files or scan, the program registry, and also programs that are no longer used.

That way, installing programs with Revo Uninstaller makes uninstalled programs or applications completely clean and will no longer appear on the computer. Some of the excellent features offered by Revo Uninstaller include:

  • Force Uninstall is used to remove applications or programs that cannot be detected by the Windows system
  • Evidence Remover is used to remove leftover, folders, files, and registry junk. That way, files that have been deleted using this feature cannot be restored.
  • Junk Files Cleaner is used to remove programs that Windows no longer needs.

#5. IObit Uninstaller

IObit UninstallerIObit Uninstaller offers convenience to its users where they can search for applications that they want to remove or uninstall easily. This application can be used to remove programs that are never used which take up a lot of storage space on the hard drive. One of the superior features of IObit Uninstaller is the integrated shortcut menu or shortcut menu.

Users only need to right-click the program to be removed and after that just delete it. After the program or application has been removed, the user can scan or scan the registry and system files that are still left behind so that they can also be deleted. Another advantage of the IObit Uninstaller is that this application can delete running applications.


#6. Puran Uninstaller

Puran UninstallerNot inferior to other uninstaller applications, Puran Uninstaller also offers excellent features to make it easier to delete files. The feature offered is called Instant Search to help find applications to be removed easily and quickly. There is also Batch Uninstall which is a feature to remove several applications at the same time.

Another feature offered by Puran Uninstaller is Force Uninstall. This feature is very helpful for removing programs or applications that cannot be detected by Windows system files. This application can also be used to identify a program whether it is a trusted program or an untrusted program.

#7. Absolute Uninstaller

Absolute UninstallerWhat makes Absolute Uninstaller special compared to the default Windows uninstaller application is that it can remove programs very quickly.

This application can be used to remove programs more thoroughly until they leave nothing or remnants. The best choice for someone who doesn’t want to work twice where sometimes we still have to delete residual files from applications that we have deleted.

Absolute Uninstaller can also be used to remove several applications at the same time, fix invalid program entries, change program properties, and so on. By using this application, removing applications becomes easier and you don’t have to work twice.

#8. Wise Program Uninstaller

Wise Program Uninstaller

Wise Program Uninstaller has a shortcut menu that can be used to remove any program you want. The deletion process does not need to wait too long.

How to use it by right-clicking on File Explorer. After the program has been removed, this application will scan or scan to check whether there are still files, folders, or the registry that is still left behind.

If there are stubborn programs or applications that cannot be removed, Wise Program Uninstaller provides a solution. There is a feature called Force Uninstall. This feature can later be used to remove the stubborn program forever.


#9. Convenient Program Manager

Convenient Program Manager

If you still want to know what are the program uninstaller applications on PCs and laptops, then please try the Comodo Program Manager. One of the advantages of this application is being able to monitor new programs or applications that will be removed in real-time.

This application can also track changes contained in the registry or system files. That way, when the program is deleted, all programs can be deleted as a whole and leave nothing behind so you don’t have to work twice.

Even the Comodo Program Manager can be used to remove Windows Updates, drivers, or other features that exist in Windows.

#10. Ashampoo Uninstaller

Ashampoo Uninstaller

It has quite a unique name, but who would have thought that Ashampoo Uninstaller is one of the best uninstaller applications. This application can be used to monitor applications that are being installed. Then open Ashampoo Uninstaller and it will record any changes made to the registry or disk writes.

Monitoring like this is very important because when deleting an application, all contents in the application can be completely deleted. Ashampoo Uninstaller can also be used to remove multiple applications at the same time. This application can also be used to delete applications that are in a package or bundle or delete reports related to the installed program.


It is important to note that using uninstaller applications should be done with caution, as some programs may be necessary for the proper functioning of your system. Always research the programs before uninstalling them, and back up your important data before making any changes to your system.

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