Home Emulators 5 PS2 Emulator Applications for PC Laptop (Best of 2024)

5 PS2 Emulator Applications for PC Laptop (Best of 2024)


5 PS2 Emulator Applications for PC Laptop – PS2 or PlayStation 2 was first released by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2000. At that time, PS2 became the favorite console of all children.

5 PS2 Emulator Applications for PC Laptop

5 PS2 Emulator Applications for PC Laptop (Best of 2024)

Even today, the PS2 is still considered the best game console because of its sales of 155 million units. Because it was so in demand, the games released by PS2 were very diverse, in fact, they released almost 3,800 titles.

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However, nowadays with the development of the PS2 game console era, it has begun to be abandoned because apart from the high price, now people want more practical things, namely by using an emulator application. An emulator is an application that you can use to play PS2 games as if you were playing a PS2 game console.

PS2 emulator applications are very much produced by developers. PS2 old game lovers now prefer to use emulators because they are more practical and easy. You only need a mobile phone or PC / laptop to play it and of course, because some of these emulator applications provide a free version so you don’t have to pay a fee to use it.

You must be confused here to choose which PS2 emulator application is suitable for your PC or laptop. Here are 5 recommendations for PS2 emulator applications that you can use. Immediately, see the following discussion.

#1. PCSX2


The PS2 emulator application that ranks first is the PCSX2 emulator. The PSCX2 emulator is the most recommended emulator application as a PS2 emulator for PCs or laptops, as evidenced by its selling figures which are selling well in the market to date.

The PCSX2 emulator application is one of the most used PS2 game emulators in the world. You can play many legendary PS2 games on a PC or laptop using this PCSX2 emulator. You can play any PS2 game using this emulator, but unfortunately one of the weaknesses of this emulator is that you have to have a PC or laptop with high and best specifications to use this PCSX2 emulator.

Why should you use a high-spec PC or laptop? Because this PCSX2 emulator has a plug-in system and requires optimal configuration to operate. If you already have the appropriate specifications on your PC or laptop, you can upgrade the game quality to HD and get the experience of playing like the original PS2 console.

The minimum specifications for the PC or laptop that you will use are a minimum of 2GB of RAM on your PC or laptop and the recommendation is 4GB. Then, your PC or laptop must have NetFramework 3.5 Sp1, DirectX9.0c, and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2008, 2010, and 2015 installed.

#2. Play!

Play!The next recommended PS2 emulator application is Play! emulator. This Play emulator has two versions, there is a PC version and also a mobile version. But actually, this Play emulator is better known on the Android and iOS platforms. Unfortunately, this emulator application is no longer available on PlayStore, but you can download it on internet sites, both mobile and PC versions.

Play! This will certainly help and make it easier for you to play PS2 games on PC or mobile. This emulator application can be downloaded on any site including the official site, but even though you can download it for free, this one emulator application still has weaknesses.

One of the downsides of this emulator is that you can’t play some PS2 games like Final Fantasy X and Resident Evil 4. Why? Because these games have a high enough resolution they don’t support this Play emulator. Even though it has weaknesses, this emulator application has the advantage of being very easy to use so it doesn’t confuse its users. You don’t need to download BIOS files and several other files to be able to play games.

The Play emulator can be said to be quite smooth. And this emulator application belongs to the Plug and Play type, where you don’t need to bother setting up settings here and there. But you still have to pay attention to the specifications requested by this Play application.


PPSSPPPPSSPP is a PS2 game emulator which is also considered the most popular. If you are a PS2 game lover, especially old games, this emulator application is perfect for you because many old game lovers use this emulator application to play the game.

One of the most interesting and highly recommended things about this application is that it is quite light in size, making it the best PS2 game emulator in Indonesia and even around the world. This PPSSPP emulator is actually not only available for PCs or laptops, but also available in versions for mobile devices, PC for Windows, and Linux.

The interface that belongs to the PPSSPP emulator application can be said to be simple so that almost everyone can immediately understand and play it easily. For the mobile version, this application has a size of around 28MB, so it can run well even with low specifications.

#4. RetroArch

RetroArchRetroArch is a PS2 emulator application that can be said to have been around for a long time, alias is the oldest emulator application. Even though it is an old alias emulator application, this emulator can run and be played quite stably.

Actually, not only can it be used to play PS2, but this application also supports you to play PS1 games. This emulator application is not only limited to game consoles owned by Sony, but you can also use this emulator to emulate various retro game consoles. The appearance of interface that this emulator has looks clean and tidy so it allows you to easily find and move the game files you are looking for.

You can also get the original key mapper. This emulator application is quite limited because it requires installing plugins for each game console separately. But this application is also almost ad-free and has stability in all of its games.

#5. NeutrinosX2

NeutrinosX2The last recommended PS2 emulator application is NeutrinoSX2. When compared to the previous PS2 emulator application, NeutrinoSX2 is still less popular than the others but this application is considered on par with the PCSX2 emulator. Because both are open source.

You can play various PS2 games on this one emulator, such as the Mortal Kombat 5 game and so on. For the NeutrinoSX2 emulator application to run optimally, GTK runtimes are needed. You as a user will get high-quality sound supported by cheats. But based on news or information circulating, the NeutrinoSX2 emulator can still be used on a limited basis because the developers are still developing it.

This is the article that discusses any PS2 emulator application that can be used to play PS2 games on a PC or laptop. There are various choices of emulators above, you can choose according to your wishes and of course, it must be by the specifications of the device that you have so that you can always play well and smoothly.


Hopefully, this article can be helpful and useful for you.

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