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8 Best Temperature Check Applications for PC (Updated 2024)


8 Best Temperature Check Applications for PC Updated – Monitoring the temperature of a laptop or PC is mandatory, especially for the needs of gaming, graphic design, rendering, and various other heavy activities.

8 Best Temperature Check Applications for PC

8 Best Temperature Check Applications for PC (Updated 2024)

If the user does not monitor the temperature of his computer or laptop, the temperature on the device can overheat, potentially damaging the components in it. Then how do we check the temperature? Of course with the app.

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There are several applications to check the temperature of a laptop or PC that can be used. These applications offer various advantages of each. There are applications made specifically for devices with certain processors, and there are also those that can be used for all types of processors. For more information about the best laptop PC temperature-checking application, please refer to the following information.

Some of the applications we recommend to find out the temperature of a laptop or PC are as follows:

#1. CPU thermometer

CPU thermometerThe first application to check the temperature of a laptop or PC that we will discuss is the CPU Thermometer. As the name implies, the function of this application is to check the temperature like a thermometer in general.

The application size is very small, which is only 613 KB, and does not interfere with computer performance, which is one of the reasons why we recommend this application. CPU Thermometer can not only be used for devices with Intel processors, but also for AMD.

#2. Real Temp

Real Temp

For computer or laptop users with Intel processors, Real Temp can be one of the best choices. This application is made specifically to check the temperature conditions on devices that use Intel processors, both single-core, dual-core, up to core i7. Unfortunately, this application cannot be used for devices that use Pentium 4 processors even though we don’t find the Pentium 4 itself anymore.

Real Temp will provide temperature data via the Fluke 62 IR Thermometer, which is a built-in device on the motherboard. Even though it can be used for the latest operating systems, in fact, Real Temp also still supports several older operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Real Temp can also run smoothly on Windows 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. If interested, please download and install this application. After that, we can monitor the temperature of the computer or laptop at any time.

#3. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner

As a company known for making various PC gaming accessories, MSI also presents software that can be used to check computer temperature. They named the software MSI Afterburner which was made specifically for computers and laptops that use devices from MSI.

An application that is suitable for checking the temperature on computers and gaming PCs. With MSI Afterburner, we can monitor components on a PC, from GPU to GPU. All the information needed is contained in one screen that presents information that is easy to read and understand.

#4. AMD Ryzen Master

AMD Ryzen Master

If Real Temp is an application to check the temperature of a laptop or computer with an Intel processor, then AMD Rayzen Master is a temperature check application for AMD processor users. This application is officially made by AMD and is intended for AMD users to make it easier for them to monitor the temperature of their devices. This application is here to manage various things related to your commuter or laptop processor.

If the device is running heavy games, AMD Rayzen Master provides an overclocking feature that will speed up the performance of your laptop or computer. Meanwhile, when we run light activities, we can reduce CPU performance so that the temperature becomes more stable. AMD Rayzen Master has also provided a dashboard that provides complete information about temperature, CPU speed, and so on.

Users can monitor it easily and the information presented is also quite complete. As the name implies, AMD Rayzen Master is only intended for AMD processor users. Even so, this application remains one of the best applications that we can use to check computer temperature.

#5. Core Temp

Core Temp

Another application that we also recommend for use is monitoring the temperature of a laptop or computer or Core Temp. Actually, this application was created so that users can find out the temperature conditions on the inside of a computer device. Core Temp provides information about the temperature of the processor, RAM, and fan speed.

The advantage of Core Temp is its small size so it doesn’t interfere with device performance and instead makes the temperature hot. In addition, the features presented are also quite unique. Core Temp makes it easy for users to find out the temperature of each core in the processor.

So, this application does display detailed information about processor cores. Unlike other applications that can only be used for certain motherboards, Core Temp is an application that supports all types of motherboards. So, we don’t need to worry whether the motherboard on our device is compatible or not with Core Temp.


#6. HWMonitor


HWMonitor is another application that is no less popular. Please note that this application offers things that are not found in other applications with the same function.

HWMonitor can not only be used to check the temperature and fan speed, but we can also check voltage. For users who have laptops for heavy work such as playing games, 3D rendering, etc., we recommend using this application.

HWMonitor will provide detailed information about the temperature of the device. If we feel that the temperature on the computer or laptop is too high, we can turn off several applications so that the temperature returns to normal. This is of course very important so that computer performance is maintained and not to experience problems that we don’t want.

HWMonitor can be downloaded for free. Developers of these applications take advantage of donations and advertisements as a source of income. If we think that this application is really helpful, there is nothing wrong with us donating via PayPal.


#7. Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor

As the name implies, Open Hardware Monitor is an application created to monitor hardware or hardware temperatures. This application has a simple appearance so as not to confuse users. If you pay attention, it looks almost the same as that of HWMonitor. All components will be displayed in one window.

All of these components are then sorted just like in the Device Manager. This laptop / PC temperature check application also displays the load and frequency of the CPU or GPU, storage space, memory information, and some other information. There is also a graph showing all the temperatures on the device.


#8. SpeedFan


Among the eight applications to check the temperature of a laptop or PC, SpeedFan is perhaps the most well-known and widely used application for checking the temperature.

This application is very old and even older than Windows XP. Even though he is no longer young, SpeedFan is still a reliable application to check the temperature of a computer or laptop.

Apart from just checking the temperature, SpeedFan can also be used to adjust the fan speed. Users can also create a kind of alarm that will give a warning when the device’s temperature is too high. An application that fits well for gaming PCs or laptops, graphic design, or other strenuous activities.



Overall, these applications can be very helpful for monitoring your system’s temperature, but it’s important to remember that they are not foolproof and you should still practice proper maintenance and cleaning of your hardware to prevent overheating.

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