Home Guide Complete PS2 PC Xbox 360 Bully Cheat Codes! 2024

Complete PS2 PC Xbox 360 Bully Cheat Codes! 2024


Complete PS2, PC, and Xbox 360 Bully Cheat Codes! – Feeling difficulty completing the mission in the game Bully? Check out the complete Bully PS2, PC, and Xbox 360 cheat codes for all of you!

Complete PS2 PC Xbox 360 Bully Cheat Codes!Complete PS2 PC Xbox 360 Bully Cheat Codes! 2024

For those of you who are gamers, of course, the presence of cheats is no longer taboo. Even using game cheats is a “common” thing to do among gamers.

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Several game developers have also officially issued game cheats to make gameplay easier for their users.

For example, Studio Rockstar Game released GTA V cheat codes, GTA San Andreas PS2 cheats, GTA San Andreas PC cheats, and this Bully PS2 password.

What Is Bully Game?

Bully is an open-world type game similar to Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and released by the same developer, Rockstar.

Rockstar Game Studio is rightly called the best open-world game developer at the moment.

Just look at the success of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game series, which still dominates the ranks of the best PC, PS2, PS3, and Xbox games.

Well, apart from the GTA series. Rockstar Game also launched a unique game like this Bully which has almost the same gameplay.

However, the difference between the two is that Bully takes a background in the school environment. Even though this game has been released for a long time, Bully still has a lot of fans.

In this game, you will play as a schoolboy named James “Jimmy” Hopkins who is forced to move schools by his parents.

At the beginning of the game, you will be bullied by school seniors to lower your self-esteem, so the main mission of the game Bully is for you to be respected by all the people at school.

As we discussed above. Game Bully is not a new game that has many modern features.

However, the Bully game has a unique theme and interesting gameplay that other games don’t have.

How to Activate Cheat Bully on PlayStation 2

Before using the cheat codes below, make sure you are using a working PS stick. Here’s how to use the Bully cheat on PS2:

  1. Connect the PS stick to the PlayStation 2 port, if you don’t have a PS stick, you can use a PC stick and just adjust the port.
  2. Make sure the PS stick is plugged in properly
  3. Enter the Bully passcode correctly so that the cheat works
How to Activate Cheat Bully on PlayStation 2

PS2 Bully Password

Here is a collection of Bully PS2 cheat codes that you can use on the Playstation 2 platform.

  • Unlock All Clothes : Press L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, L1, R1, R1
  • Hobo Wrestling Move: Hold L1 and press Up, Left, Down, Down, Triangle, Square, X, X
  • Fight Moves: Hold L1 and press Up, Left, Down, Right, Triangle, Square, X, Circle
  • Infinite Health / Full Health : Hold L1 and press R2, R2, R2
  • Cheat Unlock All Weapons: Hold L1 and press Up, Up, Up, Up
  • Unlimited Ammo: Hold L1 and press Up, Down, Up, Down
  • Money Cheat: Hold L1 and press Triangle, Square, Circle, X
  • Maximum Ammo Load: Hold L1 and press Up, Up

Code Cheat Bully PC

To use this Bully PC cheat, you can press Alt + Tab when the game starts. Then the console tab will open and enter the following cheat code:

  • Health Maksimal : iskelof
  • Unlock All Weapons: erasfg
  • Unable to Arrest: vwihdg
  • Super Punch: ersgjr
  • Everyone Has Firecrackers: dfqsbr
  • Friends with Everyone: palsgz
  • Getting a Girlfriend: dfglaf
  • Vehicle: lalazr [1:10]

Here is the Bully PC password code for those of you who play the game using a Playstation stick.

  • All Wrestling Moves: Hold LB and press Up, Left, Down, Down, Y, X, A, A
  • All Fighting Moves: Hold down LB and press Up, Left, Down, Right, Y, X, A, B
  • Restore Life: Hold LB and press RT, RT, RT
  • All Weapons: Hold LB and press Up, Up, Up, Up
  • Infinite Ammo: Hold LB and press Up, Down, Up, Down
  • Add Money: Hold LB and press Y, X, B, A
  • Load Ammo: Hold LB and press X, X, X

Bully Xbox 360 Code Cheat

Not only PS2 users can use the cheat, the Xbox 360 console also has its own code, which is as follows:

  • Master all moves: Hold LB + up, left, down, right, Y, X, A, B
  • Master all Gym moves: Hold LB + up, left, down, down, Y, X, A, A
  • Get weapon: Hold LB + up, up, up, up (DPAD)
  • Unlimited bullets: Hold LB + up, down, up, down
  • Maximum bullets : Hold LB + X, X, X
  • Uang unlimited: Tahan LB + Y, X, B, A
  • Maximum Health : Hold LB + RT, RT, RT
Bully Xbox 360 Code Cheat

Tips for Opening Bully Items for PS2, PC, and Xbox

Apart from the Bully cheat above, you can also try the following trick to open and unlock various items in the Bully game. Here are the tips and tricks:

  • Prisoner Suit = Beat all detention mini-games
  • Mandy’s Photo Picture = Complete the mission “Discretion Assured” in chapter 4
  • Edna’s Face Mask = Destroyed 19 tombstones during Halloween
  • Making Beatrice a Spouse = Complete the mission “That Bi*ch” in Chapter 1
  • Making Pinky a Match = Complete the “Carnival Date” mission in Chapter 2
  • Making Lola a Partner = Complete “The Tenements” mission in Chapter 3
  • Making Mandy a Partner = Complete the mission “Discretion Assured” in chapter 4
  • Make Zoe a Partner = Complete the “Smash It Up” mission in Chapter 5
  • Basic BMX = Complete Shop class 1
  • Retro BMX = Complete Shop 2 class
  • Green BMX = Complete Shop class 3
  • Blue BMX = Complete Shop class 4
  • Red BMX = Complete Shop class 5
  • BMX Frame = Complete Shop class 5
  • Wrestling Outfit = Complete Gym Class 1
  • Wrestling Helmet = Complete Gym class 3
  • Dodgeball = Complete Gym class 5
  • Various Chemical Plant Marks = Completed both parts of the “Busting In” mission in chapter 5
  • 5 Combo Attacks = Find transistor 4 and take it to Hobo
  • Russell’s outfit = Completed Chapter 1
  • Fast Food = Completed the mission “Burger Joint” in Bullworth Vale
  • Deer Sweater = Picks up a Sweater in the school office during winter
  • Boxing Gloves = Complete the “Dishonorable Fight” mission
  • Nerd Hat = Failed three classes in a row
  • Orderly Outfit = Complete “Finding Johnny Vincent” in Chapter 5
  • Pumpkin Pumpkin Head = Destroy all 27 pumpkins during the Halloween mission
  • Dwarf Outfit and Trophies = Destroy all garden gnomes
  • Rat Jar = Complete the “Rats in the Library” mission in chapter 5
  • Football Outfit = Complete Chapter IV
  • Trophy in Windowsill = Completed the “Beach Rumble” mission
  • Black and White Camera and Album = Completed Photography class 1
  • Yearbook Camera = Completed Photography class 2
  • Photo Album = Completed Photography class 3
  • Color Camera = Completed Photography class 4
  • Photograph of Ms. Phillips = Completed Photography class 5
  • x2 Carnival Prize Tickets = Completed Photography class 5
  • Teddy Bear doll = Complete the “Carnival Date” mission in Chapter 2
  • Helmet = Be in first place at Kart Race Carnival
  • Incognito Hat = Complete task #21 near the Town Hall
  • Zoe’s Photo Picture = Complete the “Smash It Up” mission in Chapter 5
  • Character Sheets = Complete the “Character Sheets” mission
  • Grotto Master = Collect all G + G cards
  • Red Ninja Cloak = Completed the “Big Prank” mission in the Halloween mission
  • Bike Helmet = Win all bike races
  • Pinky’s Photo Picture = Complete the “Carnival Date” mission in Chapter 2
  • Apologize = Finish English class 1
  • Mocking Opponents = Finishing English class 2
  • Can Apologize to Teachers & Caretakers = Completed English class
  • Mocking your opponent hurts more = Complete English class 4
  • Can Apologize to the Police = Completed English class 5
  • Pirate Hat = Defeat pirates on the island near the Beach House
  • Burning the School Flyer = Complete the mission “The Gym is Burning” in chapter 5
  • Firecrackers = Completed Chemistry class 1
  • Stink Bombs / Stink Bombs = Complete Chemistry class 2
  • Grim Reaper = Complete the “Funhouse Fun” mission in chapter 4
  • Uppercut = Find transistor 1 and bring it to the hobo
  • Calf Kick = Find transistor 2 and bring it to the hobo
  • Hard Kick = Find transistor 3 and bring it to the hobo
  • Circular Kick = Find transistor 5 and bring it to the hobo
  • Head Blow = Find transistor 6 and bring it to the hobo
  • Rubber Bands = Collect all 75 rubber bands
  • Swimsuit = At ​​the Beach House, find Preppie on a blue mission on the beach and beat her swimming time
  • Green Ninja Cloak = Hit an item with a projectile (eggs, etc.) 1,000 times
  • Grave Tombstones = Destroy all gravestones.
  • Firefighter Helmet = Pulls the fire warning alarm 20 times
  • Lola’s Photo Picture = Completed “The Tenements” mission in Chapter 3
  • Viking Helmet = Get all collectibles
  • Greaser Gang Jacket = Completed Chapter III
  • Skate Shoes = Walk until it reaches 50,000 KM
  • Paper Boy Ribbon = Completed Paper Route level 4
  • Bullworth Golden Shield = Completed the “Total Mayhem” mission
  • Aluminum Trophy = Completed the mission “Racing the Vale.”
  • School Mascot Outfit = Complete “Nice Outfit” in Chapter 4
  • Graduation Cap = Complete all five levels of all classes
  • Beatrice’s Photo Picture = Completed the mission “ “That ***ch” in chapter 1
  • Black Ninja Cloak = Complete your yearbook
  • Band Poster = Purchase at Carnival by paying for 10 tickets
  • Skull Halloween Costume = Complete “The Candidate” and “Halloween” missions
  • Boxing Costume = Win “Boxing Challenge” or “Prep Challenge” in Chapter 2
  • 1 Egg Carton in Jimmy’s Room = Completed “The Eggs” mission
  • Wolf Mask = Found in a school locker after unlocking it
  • Shorts = Cycle 100 KM
  • Victory Poster = Complete “The Campaign”
  • Free Soda from the Soda Machine = Purchased 100 sodas
  • Venus = Complete the “Weed Killer” mission in Chapter 2
  • Cowboy Hat = Gave a homeless man in Bullworth
  • Girlie Girl Poster = Purchased at the Carnival venue for 10 tickets
  • BMX Champion = Completed one of the races on a pesa
  • Running Pants = Run / walk 40 km in-game
  • Gold Clothes = Buy all the clothes in the game
  • Soda Hat = Drinks 500 sodas
  • Artist Set = Completed art class 5
  • Go Kart = Beat all Go Kart racers

If you don’t find the end cheat or the cheat that makes the teacher afraid of the Bully game on PS2, PC, or Xbox because the code doesn’t exist.


So, those are the PS2, PC, and XBOX 360 bully cheats along with some of the tips that we have summarized especially for you.

For those of you who want to reminisce about playing the Bully game on PC, you can buy it via Steam and make sure you buy Steam Wallet on my item because it’s cheap!

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