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5 Ways to Recover Unexpectedly Lost WhatsApp Chat 2024


How to Recover Unexpectedly Lost WhatsApp Chat – In today’s modern era, people worldwide can already connect with each other. With the existence of communication technology, parts of the country and other parts of the country can communicate quickly and easily.

5 Ways to Recover Unexpectedly Lost WhatsApp ChatHow to Recover Unexpectedly Lost WhatsApp Chat 2024

There are also many available communication technologies, including the Whatsapp application. Whatsapp is one of the most popular applications among the public.

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WhatsApp ranked 8th on January 1, 2019, based on social media rankings in the “Internet and Telecom > Social Network” category made by Similiar Web. Meanwhile, in the world ranking, the Whatsapp application is in 30th place. WhatsApp plays an important role as an application for chatting both personally, community, and so on.

About WhatsApp Application

WhatsApp is an application for sending messages that can be installed on smartphones and across platforms. Whatsapp allows users to exchange news via text, telephone calls, and video calls, send emoticons, send stickers, use gifs, and create stories, photos, and videos.

To access WhatsApp, an internet connection is required. WhatsApp has basic like Blackberry Messenger.

Whatsapp was released in January 2009 and was acquired by Facebook in 2014. Using WhatsApp is quite easy with just your mobile number.

In addition, users no longer need to add friends’ contacts on Whatsapp because Whatsapp will synchronize phone contacts with the Whatsapp application. This application is available on multiple platforms, namely Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, BlackBerry 10, Series 40, Symbian, Windows Phone, and Web-Based.

Advantages of Whatsapp

  1. Easy to Use (User Friendly)

The WhatsApp application is very easy to use even for new users. Users only need to register their mobile number on the Whatsapp application to start using this application. The features that are presented in the Whatsapp application are also quite easy to understand (User Friendly). Features such as the chat column, status page, and settings page.

  1. Mobile Numbers Are Automatically Synced

Users do not need to add friend contacts one by one to the Whatsapp application. Mobile numbers in phone contacts will be automatically synced into the Whatsapp application. If you want to chat with other users, you only need to type the contact’s name.

  1. Can Backup Chats

This feature is suitable for users who will use a new smartphone and don’t want to lose old messages on WhatsApp. This feature can backup chats by backing them up on the user’s Google Drive account. Chat backup can be found in the “Storage and Data” settings

  1. Using an Internet Connection

Nowadays, times have changed to become much more sophisticated than before. Currently, everything already requires an internet connection to be able to access. Whatsapp only needs internet connection data to exchange messages. By using an internet connection, users do not need credit so spending is more economical.

  1. Can Cancel Message Delivery (Unsend Message)

Users can cancel messages (Unsend Messages) that have been sent. Unsend messages can be made in all chat columns, both personal and group.

To unsend messages, users only need to press the message they want to delete, then select the delete button and select “Delete for everyone”. By canceling a message, other users will not be able to see and read messages that have previously been sent

  1. Personal Information can be Hidden

Users can hide personal information on WhatsApp accounts such as status to profile photos. In addition, users can hide read receipts so that other users cannot see whether the messages sent have been read or not. Users can also hide their last seen so other users don’t know when they were last online.

 Disadvantages of Whatsapp

  1. Bora Kuota

In the Whatsapp application, one of the causes of wasteful internet quota is photos and videos. When another user sends a photo or video, the user must download it first to be able to view the photo or video. In this section, the Whatsapp application can be an application that wastes quota if there are lots of photos and videos to be viewed.

  1. WhatsApp Web Cannot Make Voice Calls

The Web-based WhatsApp application cannot make voice calls or video calls. This is different from other applications such as Line Desktop, Line on Desktop is still capable of making voice and video calls. If you want to make a voice call or video call, users can do it via a smartphone.

  1. Wasted Battery

This applies if the user uses Whatsapp Web. This is because Whatsapp Web must be connected to Whatsapp on the smartphone so that the power on the smartphone battery will also be drained.

Prolonged use can make the smartphone hot and wasteful of battery. This is supported by the results of a survey by Avast in 2017 that Whatsapp is a chat application that wastes battery.

How to Restore Lost WA Chats Without Backing Up

In the Whatsapp application, there are several other shortcomings apart from the list above, namely the loss of Whatsapp chats because they have been deleted for a long time. Users cannot view messages that have been deleted for a long time, so it will be very confusing for users.

Users who have activated the automatic backup feature, they can still look back at old chats. However, this does not apply to users who have not backed up and their chats have been deleted.

For users whose chats have been deleted for a long time, there’s no need to worry because users can still restore the chats without rooting or flashing.

There are several ways you can do to restore the deleted chat. This method applies to almost all cellphone brands such as Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Lenovo, LG, Vivo, Nokia, iPhone, Smartfren, and so on.

#1. Restore Whatsapp Chat Backup With Google Drive

Restore Whatsapp Chat Backup With Google Drive

This first method can be done only if the user has previously backed up data or backed up Whatsapp data. For those who haven’t backed up Whatsapp chats, you can immediately read method number two. Here’s how to restore deleted chats via WhatsApp.

  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • On the main page, click the menu icon in the form of three vertical dots at the top right. Then select “Settings”
  • Then a settings page will appear with several menus. To restore and backup data, click the “Chat” menu
  • Then select “Chat Backup” and click “Back up to Google Drive”
  • Choose how many days to back up data, such as daily (Daily), weekly (Weekly), or monthly (Monthly)
  • Then select the Google account that will be used to backup WhatsApp chats
  • After that click “Back Up” to perform the WhatsApp data backup process
  • If the backup process is complete, uninstall the WhatsApp application. After that install it again
  • Then open the WhatsApp application, and later you will be asked to restore data. Click Restore to restore the lost chat
  • After completing the WhatsApp chat restore, you will see all WhatsApp chats back again.
  • After that, users only need to log in to WhatsApp with their mobile number.

#2. Using the Recent Notification Application

Users only need to install the Recent Notification application on a smartphone. The application can be found on the Google Play Store. After completing the installation, the user only needs to change the setting to Allow all in the cellphone settings.

Deleted Whatsapp chats can be viewed and restored automatically with this application. However, users must install this application before the WhatsApp chat is deleted. If you have never installed this application, you cannot restore deleted chats.

#3. Through a PC with the Phone Rescue application

Through a PC with the Phone Rescue application

If it doesn’t work with the previous steps, you can do this third method. This method requires a PC or laptop and an application. Users can search for the Phone Rescue application on the internet.

  • Download the Phone Rescue app
  • Scan WhatsApp messages that have been deleted on the device by ticking the WhatsApp section. Then press the > button to continue to the scan stage.
  • Preview it and click the “Recover” button in the lower right corner to select the messages you want to restore

How to Restore Lost or Deleted WA Chats on iPhone

Apart from Android smartphones, this also applies to the iPhone platform. Where WhatsApp is a multi-platform application so this also applies to the iPhone. Here are the steps to restore Whatsapp chats on iPhone.

#1. Backup Messages on WhatsApp

  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • Then click the Settings menu > Chats > Chat Backup.
  • Do Back Up
  • Uninstall the Whatsapp application on your iPhone.
  • Reinstall the WhatsApp application on the iP
  • Then do login WhatsApp account.
  • After verification, the option to restore old messages (restore) will appear.
  • After that, click Agree or Agree, then the previous conversation will return.

#2. With iTunes

With iTunes

The next way is to use the iTunes application. This method only applies to users who have synced WhatsApp data automatically on iTunes. If you’ve never done it, then this method can’t be done. Here’s how to restore WhatsApp chats with the iTunes application.

  • Connect your iPhone with iTunes and select Summary on the iTunes application
  • Click the Restore Backup button.
  • Then select the backup file you want to restore. Like Text Messages, meaning only for WhatsApp conversations.
  • Then click “Restore” or “Restore”.
  • Make sure the device stays connected during this process.
  • If the process is complete, users can easily view WhatsApp chats that have been deleted on iPhones.

Why Can’t Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chats?

Sometimes there are problems when you want to restore chats that have been deleted long ago. Like not being able to restore, chat is not detected by WhatsApp, and so on.

The first cause is that the data restore is not in the folder or the data restore has been moved. The second cause is that the data restore is outdated (old version) so it can’t be used on the latest version of Whatsapp.

To overcome this problem, users can do another alternative by searching for data restore that has been moved. In addition, as an alternative, users can install the previous version of the WhatsApp application (Downgrade) that matches the data restore version.


Thus the article from Bloggernazrul regarding how to restore lost WA chats without backing up. You can choose the method that suits your WhatsApp conditions. Hopefully, this article can help and add insight into returning Whatsapp chats. Hope it is useful!

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