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How to Register Internet Download Manager for Free 2024


How to Register Internet Download Manager for Free – This is important to know for those of you who like to download files on the internet. Maybe you’ve used the trial period to use IDM. Then while downloading the file, suddenly the trial period runs out so you have to purchase the application.

How to Register Internet Download Manager for FreeHow to Register Internet Download Manager for Free 2024

By buying a license, users will get an IDM serial number so that this application can be fully utilized without having to crack it first.

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As a solution, you don’t need to worry, in the following we will discuss the IDM serial number that can be entered to fully activate this application.

What is IDM (Internet Download Manager)?

IDM is software that is used to download audio and video files quickly even though the file size is large. The size of this application is fairly light so it is not easy to infect the OS you are using with a virus.

This application is arguably safer so you can rely on it to download various types of files. Actually, many applications and programs are scattered on the internet to download files. It’s just that the way it works is not as good as IDM.

How to Fix Fake IDM Serial Numbers

How to Fix Fake IDM Serial Numbers

As software that provides a trial period of 30 days, then you do have to pay. However, many choose to uninstall IDM when the trial period is up. After that, the user reinstalls IDM so that he can activate the trial period like the first time.

This is solely to be able to use IDM for free. At first glance it may seem easy, in fact, not a few have experienced fake serial number problems when doing this. This condition was experienced when uninstalling IDM after 39 days of the trial period.

Well, usually a warning will appear “Internet Download Manager has been registered with a fake serial number or the serial number has been blocked, IDM exiting”. To solve this problem, many end up reinstalling Windows and then IDM.

With this method, IDM was successfully installed again on the device used. However, it is not recommended to always reinstall Windows every time the IDM trial period runs out. It’s a good idea to find out how to register IDM which is easy to do so you can use it freely.

Can IDM Registration Be Done Permanently?

Can IDM Registration Be Done Permanently

Basically, the IDM registration method that will be reviewed here can be applied permanently, you know. Not only using the IDM serial number, you can also activate this application with the IDM patch.

The patch is an application that contains codes to be included in a special program. Especially for programs that have previously been successfully installed on the device. Later, the patch will enter the code into the IDM on the PC/laptop to become the full version.

IDM function

IDM function

As reviewed above, IDM is software that can be relied upon when it comes to downloads via the browser. IDM is the best software for downloading files on the internet.

Lots of functions of this application will make it easier for every user. Especially when talking about the process of downloading audio and video files. You don’t have to wait a long time to be able to download your favorite file even though the size is relatively large.

The first benefit that can be obtained is that the work done becomes easier, for example, to complete assignments on campus. Where the assignment requires you to download files as subject matter, both from Youtube and other websites.

Apart from that, IDM also allows you to download series or movies that you want to save to watch later. By downloading it first, you can watch it at other times when you are free.

IDM Application Trial Period

IDM Application Trial PeriodMost people will use the trial period first when they find this application installed on their PC/laptop. Especially if you want to download your favorite song or movie to watch with friends.

Like most applications, IDM also provides a trial program that can be used free of charge for 30 days. If it’s past this period, the IDM feature can no longer be used. No wonder the activity of downloading files stops suddenly.

In order to be able to download various types of files again, you must have a serial number for the IDM application. Why not choose another downloader application that can be obtained for free? Actually, it’s not without reason why many still choose this application.

The features and performance are known to be the best so they are capable of downloading various types of files. Especially if the size is large enough.

How to Register IDM (Internet Download Manager)

#1. Using Patches

Using PatchesIf you want to find out the easiest way to register IDM, then using Patch is the solution. Not only easy, but also free you know. There are already many patches for IDM that are scattered on the internet and can be obtained easily.

However, some patches may not work properly on certain IDM versions. Considering that the IDM developer himself routinely updates this application every month. Application updates are needed to overcome bugs or errors.

In addition, this is done to improve IDM performance to make it smoother. Therefore, make sure you are using the latest version of IDM. The steps for registering IDM using Patch are as follows.

Update the IDM Application

If you are using an old version of the IDM application, you should update it first. You do this by downloading the installation file on the recommended site, namely on the official IDM website. You can also directly click the IDM download link below.

Download IDM

After updating the IDM version, a notification will appear to register. At this stage, just cancel and exit the IDM application.

Download Patch for IDM

At this stage, you must patch IDM which has been successfully installed on the device. We recommend that you download the latest IDM Patch and then extract the file using WinRar or the like.

Follow the instructions or guides in it to get the full version of IDM. Later, the patch will be detected automatically by the antivirus. Therefore, temporarily turn off the antivirus before downloading the patch. If the Patching process is successful, you can activate the antivirus again.

Download Patches

#2. Using the IDM Serial Number

Using the IDM Serial Number

If you buy the full version of the IDM application, a license will be given from the developer later. So, just use the license to activate the IDM application so that it can be used freely.

Then, what if you want to download the free version of IDM? You just need to copy the license

How to Register IDM (Internet Download Manager) Using IDM Serial Number

How to Register IDM (Internet Download Manager) Using IDM Serial NumberIf you have purchased the full version of IDM, you will receive an IDM license from the vendor. Just use that license to activate your IDM application. If you download the free IDM version, copy the IDM license from the following list to activate IDM.

The IDM serial number collection can be tried to be entered when the IDM application has expired its trial period.


N0Z90 -KJTTW-7UZO4-I27A1

F9TZ9 -P6IGF-SME74-2WP21


Maybe not all of the IDM serial numbers above can work as they should. Therefore, you need to try them one by one. If it still doesn’t work, please do the IDM registration method using the Patch as reviewed above.

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