Home Guide How To Reset Epson L120 Printer 100% Working In 2024

How To Reset Epson L120 Printer 100% Working In 2024


How To Reset Epson L120 Printer 100% Working – The Epson L120 printer is a printer that can be used to print daily documents or photos. This printer has a design without injecting ink but often symptoms of damage such as the indicator light flashing alternately until it cannot print, one way to overcome this are to reset the Epson L120 printer.

How To Reset Epson L120 Printer 100% Working

How To Reset Epson L120 Printer 100% Working In 2024

Advantages This printer uses a special refill ink tube that can be filled easily and can print many pages. However, in everyday use for printing, sometimes the Epson L120 has various types of problems that cause the printer to no longer be used.

In this case, it is usually marked by the blinking ( blinking ) on the paper or ink indicator light repeatedly and alternately periodically. In addition, on your computer monitor screen error messages will also appear, such as ‘It is nearly time to reset the ink levels ‘, ‘ Service Required ‘, ‘ Ink waste is full ‘, and It is time to reset the ink levels.

The main cause is usually caused by ink on a cartridge overflow and dirty, the ink in the tube being up, the cartridge not tight or damaged, having reset the ink (ink level), paper jam (paper remaining in the roller), the mold has reached the maximum limit (overprint) and several other causes.

How to Reset Epson L120 Printer

How to Reset Epson L120 PrinterThe Epson L120 printer that has an error or cannot be used may be caused by various causes. Therefore, there are 2 ways to reset the L120 printer that you can use.

The first way is manual without the need for software or applications. This is done if your Epson L120 printer has an ink level error after filling the ink or a sign that your printer’s ink has run out.

For the second way, you use the help of the Epson printer reset application. You can use this method if the Epson L120 printer that you are using always displays a blinking or flashing light indicator (waste ink pad counter).

These two ways you can use as a solution to overcome the Epson L120 printer, but it can also be used in the L series such as the Epson L110, L120, L200, L210, L220, L300, L385, L405, L455, L485, L550, L310, L350, L355, L360, L365, L555 and more.

#1. How to Reset the Epson L120 Printer Manually

How to reset the Epson L120 printer because this ink level is enough for you to reset it manually without software. This problem is indicated by the ink indicator light on the printer you are using turning on and then going silent and the printer cannot be used to print.

Here’s how to reset the Epson L120 after filling ink or running out of ink:

  1. Turn on your Epson printer.
  2. Press the power button and resume button for 5 seconds.
  3. Press both buttons again for 3 seconds.
  4. Leave the printer for a while.
  5. Then the Epson printer will work again normally.
  6. Finished.

If the method above is still not able to solve the problem of your Epson L120 printer error. You can try the next method using the help of the Epson resetter application.

#2. Epson L120 Resetter Application

Epson L120 Resetter Application

This application can help you to solve all the problems that exist in the Epson L120 printer that you have. In addition, this resetter can be used for free and is suitable for all Epson L series on the market.

How to reset the Epson l120 using the latest resetter :

  1. Download resetter Epson l120 first.
  2. Extract and install it on your computer or laptop.
  3. Turn on your Epson printer.
  4. Then open the resetter application.
  5. Then click the Select button.
  6. Choose L120 or adjust it to your Epson printer version.
  7. You have to select the Particular Adjustment Mode menu.
  8. Choose Waste Inkpad counter
  9. Check the main pad counter box.
  10. Click Initialize then click Ok on the pop-up message that appears and restart your Epson printer.

If you have followed the guide above, your Epson L120 printer will return to work normally. The problem that occurred in the Epson L120 printer has now disappeared using the resetter application.

Check the Cause of the Epson L120 Error

Check the Cause of the Epson L120 Error

If you find the Epson L120 printer error and cannot print any documents that usually appear on the message ” Ink waste is full “, ” it is nearly time to reset the ink levels “, ” it is time to reset the ink levels “, ” service required ”, “ Inkpad is at the end of its service live ” on your computer screen.

Do the initial checking technique for printer components that could be the main cause.

  1. Ink Cartridge  – Check the ink in the printer cartridge again. if it’s run out, please refill it. See also the hose that connects to the printer not to be jammed or pinched.
  2. Cartridge  – Do not let the printer cartridge be blocked by foreign objects, such as torn paper or others, and clean it if there is dirt or overflowing ink. If necessary, please remove the cartridge first then suck the remaining ink in it, then reinstall it.
  3. Roller  – Do not cover the printer and make sure the roller is not jammed due to the presence of paper or paper jam stuck in it.
  4. Remaining Ink Drain Tube  – Another factor that can cause the printer to flicker is that the remaining ink drain tube is full. If possible, please suck all the remaining ink in it to dry/clean.
  5. USB cable  – Check the USB cable that connects the printer to the computer (PC/laptop). Make sure it is not problematic or has been installed properly.

If the checks that you have done from the beginning above have been carried out but still cannot be used, you should do a total reset.

A total reset aims to return all configurations to their original positions and can clean all remnants of data that have long been stored on the printer chip.

Such as resetting the number of pages you want to print or paper that has been printed to zero, normalizing the ink pad, restoring the initial printer settings, and so on.

Solution If Failed to Reset Epson L120

Solution If Failed to Reset Epson L120

After you have carried out the stage of checking the cause of the error problem and have carried out the reset and step-by-step process, but the Epson L120 printer indicator light is still flashing, try the following solutions.

  1. Re-clean both cartridges and suck or remove the ink inside.
  2. Make sure the color and black cartridges are not interchanged.
  3. Wipe the foam where the cartridge stops (located on the right) until dry.
  4. Make sure the ink hose is not blocking the cartridge path.
  5. Suck the remaining ink in the tube/vacuum drain.
  6. Unplug the power cable for about 3 minutes before doing the reset.
  7. Make sure the rollers are not blocked by foreign objects or paper residue.

If you have tried the above solutions but the printer still cannot function properly, maybe it is time for you to take it to the nearest printer service technician in your area.


That’s the review that we can provide regarding the information on how to manually reset the Epson L120 Printer, hopefully, it will be useful and help all your home activities.

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