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How to Use Remote TrackView on Android Phone 2024


How to Use Remote TrackView on Android Phone – For those of you who are parents, supervising the use of cell phones in children is a must. Having TrackView makes it easy for you to control someone’s activity from your cell phone. Then, how to use this TrackView?

How to Use Remote TrackView on Android PhoneHow to Use Remote TrackView on Android Phone 2024

In the midst of the Covid 19 outbreak that hit, various activities were busy switching online, including teaching and learning activities. Even though it is done online, monitoring of telephone use must still be carried out, one of which is by using a TrackView.

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This TrackView application can control the activities of a person be it your child, girlfriend, or family through the services provided by this application. So, this application is very helpful for you parents who are busy with work but can still supervise the daily activities of your children.

In short, this TrackView application can provide information to you about the activities of people remotely. So you only need to monitor someone’s activity through your cellphone screen using TrackView.

How TrackView Works

The way this application works is that it only uses the cellphone camera and can be used to tap anything on the cellphone, such as messages. However, it would be better for you to have permission from the party you are going to tap their cell phone to prevent unwanted things from happening.

You can easily get the application here for free on the Playstore by downloading it. However, TrackView can be used if two different phones have or have the application installed in them. So if it’s only installed on one cellphone, it’s confirmed, TrackView can’t be used.

How to Use TrackView

It was mentioned earlier, that this application can be used if two different phones have TrackView installed in it. The way to register for TtackView is very very easy, you only need an email to verify. Here are the steps you can take to use the TrackView application:

  • First download the TrackView application on your cellphone and on the cellphone that you want to tap
  • Then a permission notification will appear for you so that TrackView can access such as contacts, microphone, camera, or media
  • After you give permission for TrackView to access media, then proceed to register Trackview using your email
  • Proceed with registering TrackView using one email account. Why is only one email account used? Because so that the two cellphones are connected between your cellphone and the cellphone that will be tapped.
  • Select “Sign in With Google”, then you log in using the email you have
  • After logging in with an email account, the registration process is complete.

Menus and Features in TrackView

In the TrackView application, there are two menus provided. The first menu is the camera and the two locations are available in the TrackView application itself. The following is an explanation of the two menus.

  • Camera Menu on TrackView

In this camera menu, you can find out information on what activities are being carried out by the owner of the cellphone that you are tapping through the camera, you can also check the front camera and rear camera.

Apart from being able to check the camera, you can also listen to the voice of the person you are tapping by activating the ear feature provided on the camera menu. So, you can listen to the chat that is being done.

  • Location Menu on TrackView

As the name implies, the location menu is a menu that can display the location or place of someone you are currently tapping. This application will continue to provide information on all the places that the owner of the cellphone that you are tapping has passed.

After you know how to use TrackView, here’s an explanation of the features provided by TrackView that you can take full advantage of, namely:

  • GPS location that can track in real time (on the spot)
  • IPCAM for video and monitoring for audio or voice
  • The feature detects and there is an instant warning to your smartphone device
  • Remote audio and video recording, making it difficult to find
  • There is two-way audio
  • The buzzing of missing applications or silent mode, even if the phone being tapped is in silent mode
  • Save battery, because the application works in the background and in sleep mode
  • Excellent video quality
  • Very easy and cheap to install
  • On the Front and Rear Remote control switch to the camera
  • Connect with your Google Gmail account
  • Can access securely
  • Always on, even when the device is in sleep mode
  • Multi-network support, such as wifi networks, 2G, 3G, 4G, and so on.
  • Automatic network switch service
  • Features real-time and low latency
  • Wide accessibility


That’s how to use TrackView which can help friends of bloggernazrul monitor someone’s activity. From how to register to how to use it. This application really helps you as a parent to monitor your child’s activities when not at home.

But again, you have to be wise in using this application. Not everyone you know needs to be stalked. Precisely it would violate the privacy of that person, in order to respect each other.

What are the dangers of using this application? The danger with using Trackview is the privacy rights of the person you are intruding on. So that if you are caught tapping it, it can cause disputes. Maybe just as much for this time.

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