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11+ Best Free Lightweight Steam Games of 2024


11+ Best Free Lightweight Steam Games – There are thousands of games of varying quality and price on Steam. However, not all budgets are enough to spend on these games.

11+ Best Free Lightweight Steam Games

11+ Best Free Lightweight Steam Games of 2024

As a result, people try to find free Steam games and find alternatives to paid games. Since there is no specific filter for this in the Steam market, we recommend the 10 best free Steam games of 2023 that could appeal to your players!

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#1. Paladins

a game similar to Overwatch, which attracts players with its unique mechanics even though it’s free, and stands out with its fantastic and varied character options. You can find everything you are looking for in MOBA games except for the ‘hit feeling’ problem in Paladins.

#2. Team Fortress 2

TF2 is a fun MMOFPS game that has 27 million players. It’s a lightweight free Steam game that stands out with its unique graphics, cute character models, and team-play-focused gameplay understanding.

#3. War Frames

Hard to find Steam Games 2023 that are free to play and not P2W (pay and get). Warframe is the solution to this problem players are having! If you are looking for a well-thought-out and easy-to-play MMOFPS/TPS mix, you can go for Warframe. This is a quality game except for the erratic interface and disconnection issues.

#4. No More Rooms in Hell

Despite being released in 2011, this free game which is one of the most played CO-OP type games fights with your friends to try to get out of the zombies alive. No More Room in Hell, also known as the free version of Left 4 Dead, has 4 million players.

#5. PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2,  F2P  since launching the MMOFPS game with excellent graphics, a realistic physics engine, and diverse, detailed, and easy gameplay, has been featured among the best among games and has maintained this title for many years. In addition, we strongly recommend that you download and play this game, which is not P2W but has the option to purchase products that affect only the display or those that can be purchased without money.

#6. War Thunder

In War Thunder, you try to defeat your enemies by using tanks and planes to wreak havoc on a large map. Great graphics, an amazing atmosphere, and realistic gameplay… There is a lot of debate about whether this game is P2W or not. Progress must be very difficult, we leave the interpretation of the P2W discussion to you.

#7. Not Reverse

The visual structure is Minecraft, and the gameplay structure is DayZ; A game where you try to survive in a world made of cubes. Despite the fact that there is only one developer behind this immersive game that you won’t want to put aside for hours on end, the idea of ​​the Minecraft – DayZ combination has made this game very popular.

#8. BlackSquad

Best Steam game It has great graphics, a great physics engine, and a realistic hitting feeling; This is the kind of game where you won’t understand how the hours go by while playing. Competition, action, and excitement are always at the highest level!

#9. APB: Reloaded

It is the best Steam game that arouses the curiosity of the players because it is presented with the slogan ”  free multiplayer version of GTA  “, and it is more fun to play if there is a large community of players. The gameplay is good, and there are no server problems, but The graphics are not of extreme quality, but there are optimization problems.

#10. Dirty Bombs

This is the best Steam MMOFPS game with a variety of unique features, the gameplay we can call a mix of Overwatch and CS. It is an action-packed free Steam game with fast-paced gameplay, dazzling quality graphics, and a realistic physics engine.

#11. Warface

Crytek’s MMOFPS game asks the question ‘How can this game be free’ in every aspect. It has beautiful graphics, simple gameplay, and a physics engine that makes the gameplay realistic. There are classic MMOFPS, Co-Op, and storyline Co-Op modes.

It’s REALLY Turkish right down to the voiceover. Warface is a game that has completely moved away from P2W and ensures that once played it doesn’t stop. You should definitely try it, once you try it you will understand what we mean.


The recommendations for the best Steam games can be further improved. If there are free games on Steam that you also like, share them with us in the comments.

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