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10 Best Online and Offline Fishing Games on Android 2024


10 Best Online and Offline Fishing Games on Android – Fishing games are entertaining, let alone being able to fill our free time every day, and of course, you are looking for the best fishing games on Android and the most popular fishing games, fishing games, in my opinion, are very fun to play, perfect for children and also for teenagers who have nothing to do at all.

10 Best Online and Offline Fishing Games on Android10 Best Online and Offline Fishing Games on Android 2024

There are lots of fishing games or fishing games on Android, but there are several fishing games that you can try and they are definitely fun, friend, want to know what are the best online & offline fishing games on Android? see the following reviews.

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#1. Monster Fishing

Monster Fishing

Monster Fishing 2023 is the best fishing game application in the whole world, this application has been installed by 10 million Android users, and this game application made by Nexelon.inc has received a 5-star rating and received good responses from fans of fishing games. Not only that, in terms of graphics, it is 3D and looks real, like fishing in the real world, aka it looks real.


#2. Fishing Times

Fishing Times

Fishing Kali is the newest and super light offline fishing game for 2023, to play this one game you don’t need to use a network connection and can save more on internet quota packages.


#3. Championship Fishing

Championship Fishing

If you like championship fishing games, aka you want to be the best fishing player in the whole world, championship fishing games are a recommendation for us, by playing championship fishing games you can become the best and number one player in the whole world, the way you have to catch the big fish and have the highest or heaviest fish weight.


#4. Bass Fishing 3D Free

Do you like fishing games in lakes or swamps? Bass fishing 3d for free is the solution because you can drive a boot or canoe to where you want which is listed on the map in this game, you can also fish in the sea or other waters for free without having to complete a mission.


#5. Free Big Fish Fishing

Free Big Fish Fishing

If you like big fish or fish that weigh over 100Kg this big fish fishing application is right for you, in this game you can find good fishing locations and it has quite a lot of features and has 4 fishing modes.


#6. Wild Fishing

Wild Fishing

By playing wild fishing games you don’t need to worry and be afraid because this wild fishing game, it’s very easy to use for anyone, all you have to do is throw the rod, eat the bait, and then pull it, and the characteristics of the wild fishing game are more fish in the sea, lots and professional fishing tools, fishing rods or fishing rods that are strong and not easily broken.


#7. Fishing Times – Snapper Tournament

Fishing Times – Snapper Tournament

Do you like the style of river fishing or the location of fishing in the river? Fishing Times is the best fishing game for 2023 and has become the most popular fishing game on Android, you can also sell your fishing fish and can have tournaments with other players, and compete in fishing for big fish or looking for fish that weigh more than other players.


#8. Fishing Mania

Fishing Mania

Fishing Mania is a fishing simulator game, and an exciting adventure genre to play on your Android phone, the fishing locations for this game are mostly in the sea and in lakes as well as in troughs or ponds, even though there are not many types of fish in the fishing mania game, you can try this one game.


#9. ICE Fishing – Catch Big Fish

ICE Fishing – Catch Big Fish

If you like fishing in areas with snow or mountains and like extreme fishing, you can try this one game because here we will be placed in fishing spots in mountain areas and places with ice.


#10. Fishing Season

Fishing Season

The fishing season game is our version of the coolest game, by playing this game we can fish on the Amazon River, to the Pacific Ocean. and of course, when playing this game you don’t need internet access, aka this game is offline.


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