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Recommended 25 Best Thrilling Survival Games for Android 2024


Recommended 25 Best Thrilling Survival Games for Android – Playing the best Android survival game can be the right choice to spend your free time. Especially for those of you who like games on cell phones that are challenging and exciting. Survival games are known to trigger adrenaline for anyone who wants to play them.

Recommended 25 Best Thrilling Survival Games for AndroidThe Best 25 Best Thrilling Survival Games for Android 2024

No need to worry, there are many free survival games on the Playstore. You only need to choose which one is more interesting to play according to the capacity of the Android smartphone used. Here are recommendations for the best Android survival games!

#1. Limbo

LimboLimbo is a popular game played on various platforms for playing games. Not only available on Android, but this game can also be played on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox with a fairly dark background.

You will play as a small child in a side-scrolling world. There, it will be filled with lots of monsters that roam and it’s a little tense. Solve puzzles and avoid every trap that hinders the journey, also make sure to stay alive so you can win the game.

#2. This War of Mines

This War of MinesPins will feel the sensation of fighting in the middle of a war that is raging in this best Android survival game. Players will act as civilians who must survive in the heat of war. Anxiety, lack of food, and fear are felt in this situation.

It’s no wonder that players will face tough life choices but they must be made. For example, being forced to steal food from weak people and kill people!

#3. LifeAfter 

LifeAfter Life After is an MMORPG genre game with a zombie theme. The gameplay provided is fascinating and makes you nervous, released by the vendor NetEase, and requires you to survive during a zombie attack.

Apart from that, you also have to build a place to live to avoid scary zombie attacks. What’s more exciting is that players can build a settlement and work together to attack zombies.

#4. PUBG Mobile

PUBG MobilePUBG Mobile is also the best Android survival game which provides multiple game modes. Each mode that is run requires you to survive enemy attacks until finally, you get a chicken dinner as a sign of winning the match.

This game on Android provides various game modes, for example, arena, classic, arcade, ranked arena, and play lab. In addition, there are battlefields with their own characteristics. Call it Sanhok, Erangel, Miramar, and Vikendi.

#5. Survival Games: Zombies

Survival Games ZombiesA zombie attack is one of the most thrilling attacks in a game. In this game, Pins is invited to build a city that has collapsed and make it a shelter from zombies. To survive, Pins must be able to add soldiers, this needs to be done so that Pins’ troops can face zombies with different abilities.

#6. Minecraft

MinecraftMinecraft is a survival game with unique graphics. It looks like an 8-bit game so it provides an interesting experience. This game is very fun to play, both online and offline.

You can build all kinds of objects however you want in the world of Minecraft. Besides that, prepare yourself to face the challenges and chases of the monsters.

Players must be ready to be preyed upon by other characters alive. You can play with 10 friends at once, it’s sure to be a lot of fun surviving in the world of Minecraft together.

#7. Jurassic Survival

Jurassic SurvivalHave Pins ever imagined being attacked by dinosaurs? This one game offers a tense experience for players in surviving the attack of dinosaurs. But don’t worry, if you succeed you will have tamed the dinosaur.

For Pins to be able to survive, Pins must be able to collect the food materials needed to strengthen the shelter.

#8. Prey Day: Survival Craft & Zombies

Prey Day Survival Craft & ZombiesTaking the theme in 2033, this game tries to invite you to survive zombie attacks. As a result of this infection, there were many victims so only a few humans remained. Therefore, Pins must be able to find useful items that can be used to protect you from zombie attacks.

#9. Crashlands

CrashlandsCrashlands is a survival game that uses an outer space setting. One of the main or key factors in playing the game is to set the right strategy. Pay attention to the environment around the game to collect various scattered items.

Not only does it require you to survive, but you are also faced with tense actions. The RPG sensation in it will make it even more fun to play.

#10. Last Day on Earth

Last Day on EarthBasically, the concept of zombie games is related to the ability to survive. Well, this one game is very tense because you will live amid zombies. Not only survive zombie attacks, but you also have to go around looking for food. Players also have to create shelters and collect items as stock for exploring.

#11. Survival Island EVO

This one game offers an experience for Pins to feel hunting and living like ancient times. With a first-person perspective, Pins are invited to maintain life by hunting and looking for food.

Apart from that, to survive Pins can build shelters to avoid wild attacks. Don’t forget, Pins can also make weapons to protect themselves in this game, you know.

#12. Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

This game, which was previously available on PC, is now available for smartphone users who want to experience adventure and survive in the wild. To survive, Pins must be able to collect lots of scattered items. In addition, Pins are required to be able to survive in the environment to survive.

#13. Grim Souls

Slightly different from other games, this one game has a strong fantasy feel. Pins must be able to survive the pursuit of enemies coming from the dark. To survive, Pins were asked to be able to explore various inhabited places while looking for the treasure hidden in them.

#14. Republique

This game makes you become a hacker who is on a mission. The mission is to help a woman named Hope to get out of a mysterious place.

Gamers will not feel bored, because in this game you have to solve various interesting puzzles.

#15. Westland Survival

Pins curious how cowboy life? If so, this game could be perfect for you to try. In this game, Pins will become a cowboy who can survive criminals. In defense, Pins must be adept at escaping from armed attacks from criminals. You can play this offline game without the internet.

#16. Doomsday: Last Survivors

The story in this Android survival game is not much different from zombie games in general. When humanity is at the end of time, Pins need to fight to survive. You will act as a survivor and then form a team to fight zombies and create a bigger shelter.

#17. Last Hope 3: Sniper Zombie War

This Android survival game can be played offline, you know! You will play a very exciting zombie-themed shooting game until you can beat the boss. Guaranteed the sensation of playing this game will be very exciting.

#18. Mr Meat 2: Prison Break

Tired of zombie games? You can try to play this one game with a psychopathic theme. You will play the son of Mr. Meat Rebecca who came to the prison to witness her father being executed. However, in the end, his father actually escaped execution and killed anyone he saw.

#19. The Ants: Underground Kingdom

Pins will act as an ant colony in this survival game. You will be required to defend your ant empire by thinking about survival strategies. Of course, the sensation of playing this Android survival game will be very exciting Pins!

#20. Mini World: Block Art

Pins like things that are funny and cute but challenging? You can play this one game with a survival theme offline. You need to find items to build your in-game craft and arrange blocks on the ground. Exciting isn’t it Pins?

#21. Downwell

Pins will play a young boy looking for a red gem treasure. In this Android survival game, you only have boots that can help you fly to shoot bad guys. Of course, the game will be very tense.

#22. Ocean is Home: Survival Island

This Ocean is Home game is a survival game that can be played offline. You will be stranded on an island and required to survive by hunting and building houses. In addition, the island is also very large with a unique location.

#23. Out There Omega Edition

Pins will play an astronaut who suddenly wakes up after years of sleep. Stuck alone in outer space, and must survive by exploring planets and gathering resources. This game will certainly be very challenging to play.

#24. Nightmare: Malaria

The main mission of playing this Android survival game is to save a little girl named Anna from malaria. You have to save him to survive the vicious disease that eats away at his brain and blood. Pins will also be increasingly challenged to find solutions.

#25. Organ Trail: Director\\\’s Cut

Having fairly simple graphics doesn’t reduce the excitement of playing this survival game. Pins will live in the small town of Chicago and then survive the zombie attacks. In essence, the games in it are no less exciting than other games.


Those are some recommended 25 best thrilling survival games for Android that you can play online or offline. In addition, some of the Android applications for the games above also have sizes that are not too large and are compatible with all Android devices. Have a nice play!

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