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How to Download BlueStacks 5 on Windows 7,8,10,11 PC 2024


How to Download BlueStacks 5 on Windows 7,8,10,11 PC – Download BlueStacks 5 is finally released and you can download it on your favorite PC. By downloading Bluestacks 5 you can play games with a different atmosphere.

How to Download BlueStacks 5 on Windows 7,8,10,11 PCHow to Download BlueStacks 5 on Windows 7,8,10,11 PC 2024

Bluestacks is software that helps its users to use Android applications on Windows or Mac computers. Bluestacs acts as an intermediary for your desktop or PC with your cellphone.

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The application, which was launched for the first time in 2011, continues to have an increasing number of users. This is because the advantages and conveniences offered by this application are considered quite helpful. Want to know how to download it? Check out the following explanation.

Understanding BlueStacks

One of the benefits or advantages provided by this Bluestacks software is that you can play your favorite Android games on a computer or PC.

With such advantages, it allows you to play games on a bigger screen. Apart from that, you can also operate the game easily because of the keyboard from your computer or PC.

By downloading Bluestacks 5, you can also run various Android applications at the same time. However, it turns out that not all types of Android can be connected in these Bluestacks.

Pros of Downloading Bluestacks 5

As mentioned above, Bluestacks offers many advantages that benefit its users. Here are some of the advantages of Bluestacks software:

  • Bluestacks can be downloaded on all versions of Windows starting from Windows 7, 8, and also 10
  • You can download and install your favorite Android application. Starting from Instagram, WhatsApp, Instagram, to various types of games
  • You can test the games and applications that you have synced through Bluestacks
  • It is very easy to download and install applications and games. You could even say, this convenience is the same as you who want to install an application on your Android phone
  • Bluestacks make it easy for you to play games with a bigger screen and can use the keyboard and mouse to operate it
  • Apart from applications and games, Bluestacks can also work with webcams, keyboards, speakers, and other devices

Features Offered Download BlueStacks 5

Apart from its eye-catching functions and advantages, it turns out that the features in Bluestacks also make potential users more interested. Some functions exist in Bluestacks, including:

1. Easy Integration

Bluestacks integrates a camera, mouse, sensors, microphone, and more, making it easy to use Android apps on Windows devices. The integration itself is very important for gaming purposes.

2. Ramah Operator

If you’re an Android developer looking to see how your Android apps are performing, you can do that with Bluestacks. With developer support to help you complete your test smoothly.

3. Player Friendly

Players can now stream their games directly to Twitch or Facebook using Bluestacks without going through a complicated process. This feature is of course very practical and efficient for players who want to stream their entire game.

4. Fast Update

With Bluestacks on the rise, the company released BlueStacks 2 and recently Bluestacks 5. This is an upgraded and updated version of Bluestacks 5 with additional features.

5. Similar To Android Devices

The Bluestacks App Player home screen is also similar to the Android device home screen as it has a similar menu and icons. Whenever the app is installed, the icon will appear on the Bluestacks 5 home screen.

6. Easy Application Installation

There are two ways to install apps on Bluestacks. First, download directly from the Google Play Store. Then for the second way, namely by downloading the application APK file and installing it with Bluestacks 5.

Device Qualification

The minimum Windows version that you can use for Bluestack is Windows 7 with a minimum of 2GB of RAM and 5GB of free space on the hard drive. The recommended laptop specifications are Windows 10 with an Intel or AMD Multi-Core processor. The minimum available RAM is 8 GB using an SSD.

If you have a device outside the qualifications above, it is possible for you to still be able to download and also install the Bluestacks software. However, we recommend that you don’t force it because if you still insist on running Download Bluestacks 5, your device might be damaged.

How to Download BlueStacks 5

There are two ways you can download Bluestacks 5, namely by going through the Google Play Store and App Installing the APK file. Here are several ways to install Bluestacks 5 on your computer or PC before you can install the Android application you want.

  1. Open your browser and go to www.bluestacks.com.
  2. Then you can select Download Bluestacks 5.
  3. Save the downloaded file and run it. The download and installation process can take a long time, especially if your internet connection or system is slow.
  4. BlueStacks will automatically start after installation. Again, this can take some time, depending on your connection and computer system capabilities.
  5. When run, BlueStacks gives you the option to sign into your Google Play account. To access, install, and use Android apps from the system’s Play Store, you must first go through the Google Play registration process.
  6. After logging in to Google Play, you can continue to install Android applications.

Instal BlueStacks 5

If the app and file Download Bluestacks 5 have been downloaded perfectly, you can proceed to the installation stage. This method is very easy, you only need to open the file that you downloaded by double-clicking it.

Actually, the Bluestacks installation process is done automatically in general. But you can make settings so that it doesn’t install automatically by clicking “customize”.

Download the BlueStacks 5 Android App

If you have downloaded and also installed Bluestacks 5, then all you have to do is follow these steps to be able to install the Android application on your computer or PC.

Description Explanation
Developer BlueStacks 5
Requirements Windows 7,8,10,11
Size 1.18 MB
Download Here
Google Play Rating 4.0 – 5.0
  1. If BlueStacks 5 is not running yet, click Download Bluestacks 5 to start then click play store
  2. Search for your favorite Android application in the search button section which is usually at the top. If so, you will see the icons of various Android applications that you have added on Bluestacks. You just have to select the application you want
  3. After that, on Bluestacks you can see every application that is currently open or running in a separate tab. This can make it easier for you to switch from one application to another
  4. Bluestacks will also show a sidebar containing controls on the right side of the Android application. You can try these controls to change the keyboard, take a screenshot of a photo or video, turn on the location, adjust the volume, or rotate the Bluestacks display screen.
  5. To get premium services, you can upgrade by paying a monthly fee. This can make it easier for you to use Bluestacks without being disturbed by advertisements

FAQ Seputar Download BlueStacks 5

#1. What To Do If Can’t Install Download BlueStacks 5?

The first thing you can do is download and reinstall it. If you still can’t install, you can follow these steps.

  • Delete application data. To delete data, you can select settings on your computer or PC. Then click Apps and scroll until you find the Bluestacks icon. Then all you have to do is click clear app data
  • Perform application cache deletion. You can do the steps above up to the icon stage. If so, you can select the application and click clear cache.

#2. How Can I Upgrade Bluestacks Software From Version 4 to 5?

To upgrade Bluestacks to the latest version, you just need to downgrade Bluestacks version 5 by following the guide given above.

If it has been downloaded and installed, you only need to run the software. Bluestacks 4 and 5 can be installed simultaneously on a computer or laptop so you can still use it according to its function.

But you need to know if Bluestacks 4 cannot be upgraded to Bluestacks 5. You can still move data from your Bluestacks 4 to your latest Bluestacks 5.

#3. Can the control settings in Bluestacks be changed?

Of course, I can. How to change the appearance and control settings is also very easy. You can follow this step.

  • Open Bluestacks software
  • Then you can click on the game control icon with a keyboard image. You can see this control on the right side of bluestacks
  • You can also click the control editor and click the advanced control again
  • After that, various control settings will appear, starting from key bindings, properties, and look around mode, to fire with a left click
  • If you have made the desired settings, you only need to click save. This is so that the changes you have made can be saved and applied


Until here, the discussion this time is about Download Bluestacks 5. We hope that you will understand more about the functions and advantages of this software. Thank you for listening to this discussion to the end. Sorry if there are still deficiencies. Stay tuned for other interesting discussions.

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