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How to Test Webcam on Windows 10 Laptop PC Desktop 2024


How to Test Webcam on Windows 10 Laptop PC Desktop -For gamers, this webcam may be important and needed, but for ordinary users, like me, I never use this webcam. And maybe some computer/laptop device users don’t know how to use it.

How to Test Webcam on Windows 10 Laptop PC DesktopHow to Test Webcam on Windows 10 Laptop PC Desktop 2024

There are several ways to easily activate a computer/laptop camera, with the settings menu on the device you are using. This camera feature is visible in the application list when you click the start button.

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Various brands and types of laptops are equipped with cameras. This camera feature can be used to make video calls or just to take selfies.

These features have different pixel resolutions. Resolution can be measured in MP units (megapixels). The bigger the megapixels on the laptop camera you have, the better the images you receive.

This feature does not always turn on, if you open an application that supports camera access, the camera on your laptop will activate automatically.

How to Test Webcam in Windows 10 Laptop PC Desktop

In this guide, I will show you how to test and use a webcam on Windows 10. In general, the camera is a default Microsoft application that exists by default on Windows 10, let’s just test the webcam as follows:

  • Click start on the camera search menu
  • Then click the camera
  • If the webcam is working normally then the camera application will appear and the image will appear on the camera
  • To test the function of the webcam, please take photos and record a video
  • If everything is working properly, then your webcam is ready to use

If you want to open the camera manually, here’s how to activate the camera on a laptop:

Menu settings

Activate the laptop camera through the settings menu, here’s how:

  • Click start or you can also click the Windows icon on your laptop
  • Click camera from the list of visible apps
  • If you have trouble finding it, click the gear icon to open the settings menu. You can also open it by pressing the Windows key + 1 simultaneously, then the settings menu will open
  • Open the privacy menu. You can also open it by writing “privacy” in the search field
  • Click the camera on the left of the screen, there you will be taken to the laptop camera settings
  • To activate the camera, you only need to slide the switch at the top
  • At the bottom, you can set camera access to whether camera access is connected to software (software), if you don’t want to connect it, just turn off the switch at the bottom.

Check whether the camera is active or not

If you have activated the camera but the camera is not working, first make sure that the camera is installed correctly. Here’s how to check if the camera is active or not:

  • Select star or windows on the desktop
  • Write “Device manager” in search and hit enter
  • After the “Device Manager” opens, you select the camera device used
  • Right-click the device, then click “update driver”
  • Windows will immediately update the webcam to work properly

How to turn off the webcam on the laptop

If you are using an external webcam camera and are worried about being accessed by hackers, then the camera can be turned off manually. Here’s how to turn off the camera manually:

  • Select the start or Windows icon
  • Write “Device manager” in search and hit enter
  • Opening the device manager can also be done by pressing the Windows key + R simultaneously after the Run feature opens, typing devmgmt.msc, and clicking enter
  • Look for the camera in the device list
  • If you have found the camera menu, click the installed webcam camera
  • Right-click on the webcam camera, then click “disable device”


Those are the ways to activate the webcam camera, how to check the webcam camera, and how to turn it off. Thank you, maybe that’s enough for the explanation I gave, I hope it’s useful.

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