How To Fix Your Windows license will expire soon 2023

How to Overcome Your Windows License Will Expire Soon – This warning message that always appears on your laptop will certainly be very annoying, and if you experience it then you must immediately find a solution as a way to overcome and eliminate it.

How To Fix Your Windows license will expire soon

How To Fix Your Windows license will expire soon

This warning message means that the Windows license on your laptop or PC has expired or has expired.

Mostly, the message Your Windows License Will Expires Soon appears on Windows 8 and Windows 10 on laptops or PCs whose licenses have expired and will expire in a few days.

Therefore, in this article, we will help those of you who are looking for a solution, how to remove Your Windows License Will Expires Soon on your laptop or PC.

Why Does Your Windows License Will Expire Soon Appear?

How to overcome and eliminate the Your Windows License Will Expires Soon warning that appears on a laptop or PC, not many people know about it. But in fact, this warning message is caused by 3 reasons, here’s a review:

  • Using windows in trial or trial mode.
  • Windows that you are using has expired or has expired.
  • Using windows activator that gives only a few months active period.

The message “Your Windows License Will Expires Soon” is caused because Windows has not been activated or windows activation has expired so it must be reactivated immediately.

What are the Steps to Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon?

Why windows that have expired must be reactivated? Or maybe someone is asking, what will happen if the windows have expired.

In the following, we will provide information on the lack of windows that are expired and not activated:

  • The windows activation window appears every time you boot.
  • The windows wallpaper is blocked and cannot be changed.
  • It says This copy of Windows is not genuine at the bottom.
  • There is a watermark or windows logo at the bottom.
  • Cannot change the appearance of the lock screen.

Although the above does not fully affect the performance of your computer at home, these shortcomings will interfere with your daily activities in using an expired Windows computer or laptop.

How to Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon on Windows 10

Usually, you are required to enter the serial number during the installation process. But now you just need to use the procedures we provide so that your windows are licensed.

Even so, sometimes even though our Windows is actually licensed, it turns out that Windows License Will Expires Soon notifications often appear. First, make sure you have downloaded and followed each of the steps below.

#1. Via Task Manager

How to remove Your Windows License Will Expires Soon appears:

  1. Open the task manager or by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  2. On the Processes tab look for Windows Explorer.
  3. If you have found it, right-click> and Restart or End Task.
  4. Then click File > Run new tasks > type explorer.exe > OK.
  5. Open Command Prompt run as Administrator.
  6. Type slmgr -rearm  in CMD then Enter.
  7. If the message Command is completed successfully and the restart command appears, click OK.

After the PC or laptop has been restarted, the status on Windows is not activated, you must immediately activate it using an activator. However, if the status changes to Windows is Activated, then you don’t need to activate it.

#2. Removing Windows License

The second solution, how to get rid of the message Your Windows License Will Expires Soon, is to use Command Prompt / CMD.

The way this method works is that you will remove the license from your Windows product key.

Here’s how to solve Your Windows License Will Expires Soon:

  1. Run a command prompt with Administrator access.
  2. In CMD, type slmgr /upk  and press Enter on your keyboard.
  3. Then the message ” Uninstalled product key successfully” will appear.
  4. Click the OK option on the message.
  5. Finally, you have to restart your PC or laptop.

After your laptop or PC is active again, the other windows license will be removed so the message Your Windows License Will Expires Soon will not reappear.

However, because your Windows license key has been removed from your laptop or PC, it means you have to reactivate Windows using the activator you have.

#3. Using Activator

Activator is software that is able to provide an extension of the active period of expired windows for free.

In addition, some activators can activate windows permanently so that the message “Your Windows License Will Expire Soon” will no longer appear on your laptop.

What Causes Windows Licenses Will Expire Soon Appear?

Maybe here you are asking, What causes the Windows license will expire soon notification to appear? What caused this notification to appear.

Even though you have made settings such as entering a serial number or doing a  windows loader on your operating system. Therefore we will share the information that causes the notification to appear.

  • Viruses:  the first cause is due to viruses. You need to know that usually the application to crack your Windows is considered a virus by the antivirus application that you install. When you receive this notification, you may accidentally delete the crack, causing the Windows license will expire soon notification to appear.
  • Activator with a short-term active period:  the second reason could be because maybe you are using an activator that turns out to be active for only a few days. One of them is KMSPico, which turns out to be active only for about 180 days, aka 6 months. That is, every 6 months you have to routinely activate the operating system. If not, then a notification that your Windows license will appear.
  • Original Windows with a limited active period:  another reason is that maybe you are using an original or original Windows operating system but it turns out that it has a certain time limit. Usually when they are tempted by promos that say they will install genuine Windows but it turns out to have a time limit.


That’s an article related to how to solve Your Windows License that Will Expires Soon on a laptop or PC that always appears. This method can be a solution for those of you who are currently annoyed by the appearance of the warning message.

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