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10 Best 3D Aircraft Games on Android 2024


10 Best 3D Aircraft Games on Android – Playing fighter plane war games is one of the games that we must play on our Android phones, fighter plane games are also the most played game by children and adults because they are fun to play.

10 Best 3D Aircraft Games on Android10 Best 3D Aircraft Games on Android 2024

There are quite a lot of fighter plane games on Android and they are scattered around, but if you are looking for a 3D fighter plane war game, you are in the right article, because we want to review some of the best online & offline 3d fighter game recommendations on Android. Do you want to know what are the best 3D fighter plane games on Android? see our reviews and reviews.

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#1. Sky Fighters 3D

Sky Fighters 3D

Sky Fighter 3D is a 3D fighter plane war game developed by Doodle Mobile Ltd. The Sky Fighter 3D aircraft war game is the best war game application and has been installed by many Android smartphone users. Sky Fighters 3D has been downloaded and installed by more than 50,000,000+ worldwide, including in Indonesia.

The Sky Fighter 3D game is a light aircraft war game, to be able to install this game on an Android device, you don’t need to have a high cellphone specification because the game file is only 13MB and light, suitable for cellphones with potato specifications.


#2. Modern Warplanes

Modern Warplanes

The Modern Warplaner game is a 2020 3D airplane war game that was just released this year, even though it is a new airplane war game. Modern Warplanes managed to get a good response from Android game lovers and get a number of users reaching more than 8 million installs.

To play this game you also don’t need to use an internet connection (Offline) and you also don’t be afraid to have to pay because this game is made for people who love free war games.


#3. Fighter Jet Air Strike

Fighter Jet Air Strike

Jet Air Strike Mission 3D is the ultimate and thrilling 3D modern fighter jet game that lets you drive a realistic airplane simulator in the endless blue sea. Get ready to get some amazing action while playing this fighter plane simulation game. Unlike other jet fighter games, Jet Air Strike 3D has also been specially designed using ultra-high definition graphics to give you a realistic airplane flight simulation experience.


#4. Gunship Strike 3D

Gunship Strike 3D

Gunship Strike is an immersive and realistic 3D fence helicopter action game available on Google Play. This aircraft game is capable of launching enemy attacks using its secret weapon. This airplane war game aims to destroy enemy military bases.


#5. Ace Fighter

Ace Fighter

Are you tired of playing unreal flight simulation games and airplane games? and looking for real and genuine-looking fighter plane games? the Ace Fighter fighter flight simulation game is our recommended airplane war game for you. Because this one game is very exciting and you can feel a real battle between planes.


#6. Wings of War

Wings of War

Wings Of War is an airplane war game made by Extreme Developers, one of the best game companies that launch new games every day. Extreme Developers deliberately made this fighter plane war game specifically for people who like action games and fights in the air. The graphics of the Wings Of War game, it is 3D different from other fighter plane games that have been released by Extreme Developers.


#7. Galaxy Strike 3D

Galaxy Strike 3D

Galaxy Strike 3D is a fighter plane war game between all galaxies. This game takes place in extraterrestrial warfare and outer space planets, for those of you who like fighting games outside the galaxy and like to fight against aliens in outer space this Galay Strike 3D game is our suggestion for a fighter war game.


#8. Sky Baron

Sky Baron

Sky Baron is an airplane war game in the air. if you have ever seen combat using fighter planes in neighboring countries of origin and like fighter plane wars between air forces this game is one of the most exciting airplane war games that you must play. the graphics of the Sky Baron game are quite good and have 3D (3 Dimensional) graphics that are quite real and real like in the real world.




From The Sea, this game has the feel of a game war on the ocean. The goal of this game is to destroy the islands and the main mission of this game is to destroy enemy military bases. This game also has a map that you can attack, from Korean, America, and other countries.


#10. Modern War Choppers

Modern War Choppers

Modern War Choppers is a PVP game in the world of helicopters, this helicopter war game will make you feel the thrill of being a combat pilot and fighting between other helicopters. the goal of this helicopter war game is that you to be able to survive until the end and become a winner.



Now that’s all the 3d fighter plane war game that we can review. So, in your opinion, which fighter plane war game is the best and most exciting to play? if you have played it, don’t forget to comment below and visit our blog often.

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