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8 Ways to Fix Windows 11 Black Screen Here’s the Solution 2024


8 Ways to Fix Windows 11 Black Screen Here’s the Solution – Windows 11 Black Screen, In this sophisticated era, of course, you are already familiar with laptops and computers. Both of these tools can help you learn and even work more effectively.

8 Ways to Fix Windows 11 Black Screen Here's the SolutionHow to Fix Windows 11 Black Screen Here’s the Solution 2024

One of the problems that often occurs on laptops and PC devices is a black screen or black screen. Usually, this problem often occurs in Windows 11.

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Of course, this problem can make you annoyed and can even hinder work on a computer or laptop. It’s best if you get a black screen problem, don’t panic first because there are actually several solutions to overcome it.

Maybe many of you don’t know how to deal with black screen Windows 11. So before you know the solution, you have to find out the cause first. Below there are several reasons and you can pay close attention.

Various Causes of Black Screen

Black screens usually occur suddenly and sometimes we don’t even remember what we did last time so the PC or laptop goes blank.

Usually, the last time we used a PC or laptop it was still normal, but when you turn it back on, the screen doesn’t show any images.

There may be several causes that make your computer or laptop suffer from black screen problems and this is very important for you to know.

For this reason, this time we will provide the causes of a black screen for those who don’t know, so you can refer to the following information.

#1. The update or installation process is not perfect

One of the most common causes, when you get a black screen problem in Windows 11, is the update or installation process is not perfect.

When installing Windows 11 there may be problems so that the screen on the computer or laptop turns black and there is no image.

Usually, the problem you get when installing Windows 11 is the battery that suddenly runs out or the lights go out.

Now, if such a problem has occurred, the Windows 11 that is installed will be defective or imperfect and that is what causes the screen to darken.

#2. File Explorer Corrupted

File Explorer is an application that is very often used by people to store and manage files on Windows 11.

This file manager application is very important to exist and if there is even the slightest damage it will affect your Windows 11 system.

When a non-fatal problem occurs, the result is the error message Windows Explorer is not responding.

But if there is very severe damage to this file explorer, the result that occurs is that it can make Windows 11 look blank and dark.

#3. Viruses

Next, a computer or laptop that is affected by the virus will also cause the desktop screen to go dark and have no image.

Even if a laptop or computer is infected with a virus, it will prevent us from entering the desktop when the device is turned on.

The characteristics of computers and laptops affected by viruses include the appearance of files with strange names. Actually, there are many other features and what is often found is that many applications cannot be opened.

This one is often found when the screen goes blank.

#4. Not Original Windows

Windows that are not original are usually activated by using a patch or falsifying the original Windows key.

This can cause problems later on, such as the appearance of activating Windows now or this copy of Windows is not genuine.

Pirated or non-original Windows users will also experience a dark desktop screen commonly called a black screen.

Not only that, even Windows 11 which is not original can also cause the Microsoft Store to not be opened so that users cannot download applications from there.

#5. Corrupted Startup

The next problem that causes the Windows 11 screen to darken or black screen is a corrupted startup.

If you experience a problem like this, it will be very detrimental because you cannot enter the desktop when you turn on your computer or laptop.

Not only that, even the loading process will stop when the logo appears and just spin there without finishing.

A damaged startup is one of the causes of a black screen so you won’t be able to run your laptop or computer.

#6. Problems with the Power Supply

Furthermore, the problem that can cause the laptop or computer screen to darken is an error in the power supply.

If you experience damage to the power supply then of course your computer or laptop will not be able to turn on. And if it can, it only displays a black screen.

Of course, this problem can be very detrimental for those of you who are studying online and even working.

#7. Corrupt Drivers

Drivers that are corrupt or imperfect when installed can also cause the laptop or computer screen to darken.

Not only that, clashes between drivers that don’t match can also cause black screens on your computers and laptops, especially on display drivers.

#8. Graphics Card Problem

A graphics card is a computer component that functions to be able to produce a display or image on a monitor screen.

There is also the main function of the graphics card, namely rendering images by converting data into signals that are understood by the monitor.

When the graphics card is not running properly and has problems, it will cause the monitor to display an error.

An example of a problem when the graphics card is not running normally is the colors that get messed up, the image is blurry, dark or it can go blank black.

#9. Overheats

The next problem that can cause your laptop or computer to get a black screen is overheating. You need to know that overheating is a condition where the temperature of the computer gets very hot.

It can even exceed the maximum temperature that can be held by the components inside the computer.

This can cause damage to various components of the computer or laptop that you have.

And one of the impacts that often occurs when experiencing overheating problems is that the desktop screen turns black and there is no image or what is commonly called a black screen.

#10. Last Application Installed

The last problem that can cause your laptop and computer screens to darken is the last application installed.

When using a PC or laptop, we sometimes forget what was done last time, maybe we can even install an application without realizing it.

So if suddenly your laptop or computer goes blank black without knowing the obvious cause, then try to remember the last time you used it.

And if there is an application installed before turning off the PC or laptop, then that is the cause of the black screen.

How to Fix Black Screen on Windows 11

How to Fix Black Screen on Windows 11

After you already know some of the causes of a black screen on a computer, you want to immediately know how to fix it, right?

For that, if you have a black screen problem on Windows 11, don’t panic first because you can try alternative solutions on this blog.

Maybe many of you don’t know what are the ways to deal with black screen problems in Windows 11.

Now for those who are curious and have this problem on a computer, you can immediately pay attention to the alternative solutions that we will provide below.

#1. Removing All Unnecessary Devices

To solve various problems that exist on a computer or laptop, especially black screens, you have to start with the easy ones.

One of the easiest ways is usually that you can remove all unnecessary devices.

You can also remove all additional devices connected to the computer such as cameras, printers, Bluetooth, and other devices that use USB ports, and then restart.

#2. Run Windows Explorer Manually

If you are experiencing black screen problems on your computer or laptop, don’t panic first.

There are several ways you can do it, one of which is that you can access the task manager or run Windows Explorer manually.

The method is very simple and easy to do, you just need to turn on the PC as usual, and then wait for the loading process to finish.

If so, enter a black blank screen and you can press the CTRL + ALT + Delete button then select the task manager.

#3. Restart the Graphic Driver

In Windows 11, there is often a sudden black screen problem when you finish playing a game or running an application in full-screen mode.

This happens because the connection to the display is lost and it could also be due to a bug in the monitor refresh rate.

To solve this problem, you can use the shortcut key to restart the graphic driver.

This is done to connect devices that have been disconnected, the method is very easy, you just press the Windows key + CTRL + Shift + B.

#4. Replace Display Projection

The Windows 11 screen can often have black screen problems because the projection option doesn’t go to the main screen.

This can happen after we connect a laptop or computer to a projector and monitor. So that the computer that you have often experiences blank screen disturbances.

And if you want the Windows display to return to the main screen, you can also use the shortcut key.

The method is very easy to do, you just have to press the Windows + P  button to bring up the projection option. Press the P key until you get to the PC option and the windows appear again.

#5. Enter Safe Mode

The next way to deal with black screen problems on both laptops and computers is that you can enter safe mode.

After that, you can make repairs, such as problems with damaged drivers, incomplete updates, or uninstalling applications that cause problems from safe mode.

The method is very easy, you can immediately enter safe mode with networking. After successfully logging in, do the following according to the problem you get on your laptop or computer.

  1. Install the last installed program
  2. Use a system restore point (if any)
  3. Windows 11 updates
  4. Uninstall updates
  5. Reinstall graphics drivers
  6. Clean boot (manually)
  7. Finished

#6. Try Using Another Monitor

For PC and laptop users who experience this problem, you should try using another monitor.

Especially when the laptop or computer is turned on the bios menu doesn’t appear at all and if such a problem occurs then there is interference with the monitor.

One way is that you can replace it with a new monitor. And also you need to try changing the monitor cable that connects to the PC.

Usually, a damaged monitor cable can cause the computer screen to turn blank black even though it is already on.

#7. Fix Dead Blacklight

The next way to be able to solve the black blank screen problem on laptops and computers is to fix the blacklights that are off.

You can use this method when there are no other alternatives to fix laptop or computer monitors.

The method is very simple, even new users can do it, just bring your laptop or PC to the nearest service location.

You can even buy the inverter and repair it yourself. Or you can ask for help from friends who already understand the problem.

#8. Reset the PC or Laptop

The final solution that you can use to solve the black screen problem is to reset the PC or laptop that you have.

This feature is very useful for fixing fatal problems without having to reinstall. But some consequences must be accepted, one of which is that all applications will be deleted.


That’s all the information we can convey about how to deal with the black screen on Windows 11. Hopefully, the reviews above can be useful, especially for those who are experiencing this problem on laptops or computers.

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