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The 8 Best and Latest Free PC Cleaner Applications 2024


The 8 Best and Latest Free PC Cleaner Applications –  In this discussion, we will try to review the list of the best and free PC cleaner applications for you to try.

The 8 Best and Latest Free PC Cleaner Applications

The 8 Best and Latest Free PC Cleaner Applications 2024

Where for sure this cleaner application is essential for a PC or laptop as a cleaning tool from trash or viruses that enter the device. And below, we recommend several PC cleaner applications that you can try and if you are curious, see the explanation until it’s finished and enjoy reading.

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Talking about the development of the times, everything has changed drastically since the existence of Android. Where everything is easier and faster in terms of work what you may need is speed.

Besides that, another device support that is no less widely used is a PC or computer that is usually used for office work or personal use, of course, there are many choices of brands, and also the specs given usually depend on the price.

Having a PC device that is fast in a working connection is definitely the dream of everyone who has a PC or laptop. However, if the device used is slow or slow, it certainly makes us annoyed and hinders everything so it will take a very long time.

So, here we need something called a PC cleaner application that you can try to maximize the device you are using again. Because if you have tried downloading the PC cleaner application this will help a little to clean the device from trash and even viruses that are on your PC.

Basically, support from third parties, such as this cleaner application, is very important and you can use it as a helper when there is a buildup of garbage.

It’s not even a joke, sometimes it makes existing devices go blank or hank and makes performance slow and of course, it’s disrupted, isn’t it? However, with the references that we provide below, you can try using one of the applications that you can try.

The best collection of PC cleaner applications

The best collection of PC cleaner applicationsBelow we will try to recommend for you the best PC cleaner application that you must definitely try. Where there are many references so that you can more easily choose which one to try. And for more details, you can see the explanation as follows:

#1. Storage Sense

You can access Storage Sense for free for Windows 10 and of course, this one application you can rely on to clean up junk or cache files on your PC automatically when the hard disk is full it will run.

Where you can make settings for this application as well as regarding the frequency or remaining memory on the hard drive. And it works when you touch the number you set, this storage sense will work to clean up the trash.

#2. Total PC Cleaner

The Windows you use will feel easy and light when you install the Total PC Cleaner application as a trash cleaner on your laptop or PC. Where you can enter to download this application on the Microsoft Store and get this apk.

This simple display on one page makes it easy for you to use it and maximizes the work of the Total PC Cleaner application. Apart from being easy to download, you should also know that this apk has small files, no ads, and is free of malware, of course.

#3. CCleaner

The CCleaner application is a cleaner application that can be said to be familiar and has many users. And of course, the performance of CCleaner doesn’t need to be doubted and of course, you can download it easily and search for it directly from the internet.

It’s a good function and can make you comfortable in cleaning up trash that has accumulated on your PC or laptop, which can be done quickly and accurately, of course.

#4. AVG PC Tune Up

With so many files that accumulate on your PC, it will cause a number of things, such as a battery that runs out quickly, security is vulnerable, and so on, you will feel. And therefore you can try to use AVG PC TuneUp which makes recommendations for you for sure.

Even this application is quite familiar and many people use it because of the advantages of the apk. Where this apk can clean the drive protect the PC you are using and improve your performance, of course, to make it even better.

#5. Disk Cleanup

Meanwhile, the disk cleaner application is an application that comes with Windows, which many people may not know how to use.

Even though it is fairly default, this disk cleanup application has a good function to be able to clean up full space on your PC or laptop. Apart from that, this application is free of advertisements and is free for you to use.

#6. Revo Uninstaller

Revo UninstallerWhen you clean up the trash, it’s usually still on the hard drive on your PC or laptop. And of course, you shouldn’t let all of that accumulate and make the performance of your laptop or PC accumulate so that it will become slow.

Well, the solution is that you can try using the Revo Uninstaller application, which is certainly no less great than the application we mentioned above.

#7. Ashampoo Win Optimizer

Ashampoo Win OptimizerThe last other application for you to try is Ashampoo Won Optimizer where you can try this one application to clean up leftover browsers, cache files, and trash as well as other things that make PC performance slower.

And of course, things like this don’t want to happen to the device you’re using right? Therefore, the Ashampoo Win Optimizer, it can solve everything that has been your problem so far when it comes to cleaning PCs.


We hope that what we have said about Downloading the PC Cleaner Application can be useful for all of us and see you in the next discussion only at loop.co.id which always provides updates for us every day.

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