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The 13 Best Free Screen Recorder Applications for Android 2024


The 13 Best Free Screen Recorder Applications for Android  -In general, every cellphone is equipped with a built-in feature in the form of a screen recorder. However, usually, these applications are not optimal in terms of features, so they require additional applications that can be downloaded. However, many do not know what applications they can use. For this reason, this time we will recommend you the best application that you can use.

The 13 Best Free Screen Recorder Applications for AndroidThe 13 Best Free Screen Recorder Applications for Android 2024

Screen recording is important for some people, for example, content creators. A lot of content nowadays relies on such applications, especially for those who make videos about tutorials.

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There are screen recorder applications that are free or paid. Thus you can choose according to what you need. By using a premium application, you will get more features. But this does not mean that there are no free applications that have good features because in fact there are still many applications that you can use.

For those who use a regular screen recorder, most users will only record things that happen on the cellphone screen without sound. You need this screen recorder application when you want to do dubbing. This is indeed not an easy thing to do, but you don’t need to worry because we will recommend to you readers of bloggernazrul the best cellphone screen recorder that you can use.

List of the Best Screen Recording Applications for Android

With the help of the application, video editing can run faster. You don’t need to be confused anymore in determining which application is the best for recording screens on mobile phones. Here are some lists that are ready to help you, including:

Adv screen recorder application

The Adv Screen Recorder application has very high video and sound quality. In order to get it, you can visit the App Store or Google Play Store. This application makes it easy for its users because it looks user-friendly.

Mobizen application

Who doesn’t know the Mobizen application? This application is perfect for doing Android screen recordings which can be used for free. In order to get this application, all you have to do is visit the Google Play Store or the Apps Store.

After that, type the keyword mobizen. This application can be used for free without paying because you just need to download it. The quality of the video recorded is certainly not in question because the video quality is very clear.

You can even edit it directly through this one application. With only one application, you can do various things, including recording the screen and editing it.

Mobizen application

Az Screen Recorder application

This second application is the best application for recording mobile screens because it is widely used throughout the world. This can already prove that the quality of the video produced is of course very good, even though the results are also satisfying.

Game screen recorder application

This application, as the name suggests, is specifically made for someone who wants to record the screen while playing a game. Talking about quality, this Screen Recorder game is no longer in doubt.

The recorded sound is very clear, that way you can feel very satisfied with the edits or screen recordings that were made. We recommend that you do screen recording while playing a game.

Game screen recorder application

DU Recorder application

There are so many advantages that this application has, so it is guaranteed that anyone who uses this application can be sure to be very satisfied. The advantages are like the sound produced is very clear, and the video quality is good because the user can adjust the quality of the video he is recording.

It doesn’t stop there, you can also use the application without having to pay. This means that this application is free and can be obtained through the App Store or Play Store.

Rec screen recorder application

For those of you who want good-quality videos, you can use the Rec Screen Recorder application. This application is capable of offering quality up to 1080 p. However, to be able to use it you are required to have supporting cellphone specifications.

While this application cannot be run on smartphones that have low specifications. If you already use this application, then you can feel how good the quality of the videos taken when using this application to record the screen.

Google Play Games app

It turns out that Google Play games can also be used to do screen recording on Android devices. Many people know that Google Play games can only be used to secure accounts from online games that are being secured so that they are safer.

However, in reality, this application can be used to record screens with a quality that can be adjusted according to your wishes and needs.

Super screen recorder application

Super screen recorder application

Of the many screen recorder applications above, Super Screen Recorder doesn’t want to be left behind either. This application can be obtained through the App Store or Google Play Store. The use of this application is very helpful because it can record the screen easily and the quality is good.

Background video recorder application

If the applications above are not satisfactory, you can try the following applications, such as Background Video Recorder. Using this application it can be done very easily. What’s more, with the support of a very simple interface.

For a beginner, you can use this application without feeling confused. You can use this application without bothering to get it because it can be obtained through the App Store or Google Play Store.

X Recorder application

You should try this X recorder application because it can be used to record cellphone screens. This turns out to be a benchmark for the quality that has been produced when using this application.

Freecamp application

Free Camp is a free screen recorder application that can be used simply. Its attractive and intuitive interface allows users to create screen recorders very easily, but the results are like a pro.

This software can be used free of charge and there is no watermark. The fun part is that it’s free of ads. One of the advantages possessed by Free Camp is its high-resolution quality.

It doesn’t stop there, users can also save videos like wmv. Edits can be uploaded directly to YouTube. If there are video fragments that you really don’t want, you can delete them very easily.

Noise from the rear screen can also be removed, there are several choices of audio effects that can be selected as needed. But unfortunately, this application cannot save wmv videos and there is no webcam available.

Super screen recorder application

The next HP screen recorder application is Super Screen Recorder. The interface part is very friendly and user-friendly. Coupled with the video editing features which are quite impressive. You don’t need a rooted device. Also, there is no time limit for recording. High-quality recordings are available with various resolutions, bitrates, and frame rates. You can pause or resume recording as you wish.

Adv screen recorder application

Adv screen recorder application

ADV is the most reliable application for Android users. The reason is that this application provides a wide selection of important features that are indeed used for screen recording. Users can make settings for various frame rates, and bitrate resolutions.

Can also write or draw over the clip. When recording, you can use the rear camera or front camera. This application further allows the user to stop the recording. Even though it’s free, there is no watermark on the final video.

For those of you who are creative, you can edit the video you recorded using the latest Capcut mod application so that the resulting video looks more attractive and looks more professional.


Recording the screen in this era of digitization doesn’t require a complicated method, because you can take advantage of the HP screen recorder application and use it one by one. You can try one of the lists above to do a screen recording. Not all of the applications that we shared above have features without a watermark, because some of the screen recorder applications above still have a watermark.

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