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The 8 Best TV Remote Apps for Android 2024


The 8 Best TV Remote Apps for Android – TV remote control apps on Android are quite diverse, but here we have listed the best remote control apk recommendations for Android.

The 8 Best TV Remote Apps for Android

Best TV Remote Apps Recommendations for Android 2024

Infrared (IR blaster) is one of the least used features on cell phones. This is also a less common feature on mobile phones now. Actually a lot of uses.

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One of them is to control your television. There are several apps where you can do this. We list the best TV remote control apps for Android in this article.

#1. Google Home

Google Home is definitely one of the best TV remote apps. Its main function is to control Google Home and Google Chromecast devices.

That means you’ll need one of these to do this job. Otherwise, it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is choose a series, movie, music, picture, or other content.

Then you transfer it to your screen. It can’t do things like change the channel. It also can’t change the volume.

However, you can change the volume of the phone and it has the same effect. This app is free. However, you must have a Google Home device and a Chromecast.

#2. The Roku App (Official)

The official Roku app is perfect for Roku owners. This app lets you control almost anything on your Roku. The only thing you need for your original TV remote is the volume.

The remote with the Roku app features fast forward, rewind, play/pause, and navigation buttons.

It also comes with voice search. This is not what you think when it comes to TV remote control apps because you don’t need an IR sensor to use them.

However, those with a Roku don’t need the full remote app. This app is also free.

#3. Sure Universal Smart TV Remote

Sure Universal Smart TV Remote is one of the great TV remote apps. He worked on a lot of television.

It also supports devices with an IR blaster. It has DLNA and WiFi support for photo and video streaming. You can try it before you buy.

#4. Remote TV Universal

Twinone Universal Remote is one of the better free TV remote apps. It has a simple design.

You will have no problem after installing it. It should also work for most TV and satellite sets. There’s even support for some devices that don’t fit into this category.

Currently, the only downside is the ads. Twinone does not provide a way to get rid of it.

We’d like to see a paid version maybe in the future to accommodate this. Also, it seems to be only available on certain devices. Otherwise, this is a good choice.

#5. Unified Remote

Unified Remote is one of the more unique remote control apps. Useful for controlling one’s computer. This is advantageous for those with an HTPC (home theater PC) setup.

There is support for PC, Mac, and Linux. It also comes with a keyboard and mouse for better input control. Also great for Raspberry Pi devices, Arduino Yun devices, and more.

The free version has more than a dozen remotes with the most features. The paid version comes packed with features, including 90 remote controls, NFC support, Android Wear support, and more.

#6. Xbox

The Xbox app is a really good remote control app. This gives you access to many parts of Xbox Live. This includes messages, news feeds, and more. There is also a built-in remote control.

You can use it to navigate the interface, open applications, and much more. It provides quick access to the play/pause, rewind, fast forward, rewind, and other buttons that you would normally need a controller to access.

Many people use their Xbox as a complete entertainment package. It can be used to make people’s jobs a little easier.

#7. He gave up

Yatse is one of the Best TV Remote Apps available for Kodi. It has many features. You can cast media to your streaming device if needed. It also has native support for Plex and Emby servers.

You can access offline libraries, fully control Kodi, and even have support for Muzei and DashClock.

There are many things you can do with this application. But it’s best used in something like a home theater computer connected to your TV. You can try it for free.

#8. Mi Remote

Most phones with an IR blaster come with a remote app. You can usually find it on the Google Play Store. For example, some Mi devices use Xiaomi’s built-in TV remote app.

Control your electrical devices with your mobile using Mi Remote. Mi Remote will help you when you can’t find your remote. You can change channels faster or even watch movies on your mobile device.

Supported devices: TV, air conditioner, satellite, DVD player, projector, A/V receiver, camera, etc..


if you’re looking to turn your Android device into a TV remote control, there are many great apps available that can help you do just that.

Whether you’re looking for a basic remote app or one that comes with advanced features like voice recognition or the ability to stream content from your phone to your TV, there is an app out there that will suit your needs.

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