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10 Android Emulator Applications on PC Laptop (Best 2024)


10 Android Emulator Applications on PC Laptop – If you are a gamer, especially mobile games, you definitely want excellent performance on your cellphone, right? If you feel that your cellphone is sluggish when playing games, your feelings will definitely be chaotic, especially since the games you are playing include the best Android games like PUBG or Mobile Legends.

10 Android Emulator Applications on PC Laptop

10 Android Emulator Applications on PC Laptop 2024

This type of game definitely requires very high cellphone specifications, but what if the cellphone you have only has mediocre specifications? Don’t worry, you can still play it via a PC laptop.

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You can play mobile games on a PC laptop using an Android emulator. You don’t need to worry about its large size, currently, many Android emulator applications are light in size, and the minimum PC laptop RAM specification is only 1 GB.

Here are 10 lists of Android emulator applications on PC laptops that you can use to play your flagship Android games. Immediately, please refer to the following discussion.

#1. Droid4X


Droid4X is an Android emulator application on a PC laptop that is very light and very easy to use. This Droid4X application can be an interesting choice for those of you who need an Android emulator on a PC laptop.

You can enjoy a variety of your favorite Android applications or games, from customization to button mapping to make it easier for you to play games.

The Droid4X application has advantages that make it attractive, namely support for add-ons. This feature allows you to control games on your PC laptop using your smartphone. This application has a very light size and is claimed to be able to run on PC laptop specifications that are not too high with certain adjusted settings so that it can run optimally.


#2. Android-x86


Android-x86Android-x86 is an Android emulator application that runs very well on a PC laptop. The system will run very stable considering that the resources from the PC laptop hardware will work fully to run the Android operating system without disturbing other running systems.

If you want to install your favorite mobile game application, it will feel very light if you use the Android-x86 application. And the developer is still continuing to develop Android-x86 applications by upgrading the Android version to Pie so that it is still very feasible to use in 2020.

#3. Genymotion


Genymotion is an Android emulator application that is quite light so it is perfect for those of you who want to start developing an application. This Genymotion application offers quite premium features.

This Genymotion application is still rarely used by users who only install an application or play games, but it is very often used by game or application developers who can be said to have become their friends.

The features offered are free to premium with cloud-based emulator services. This application is a favorite emulator for game developers and this application does not require very large resources from PC laptop hardware so this emulator is still very smooth to run today.


#4. Meme


Memu is an Android emulator application on PC laptop which is the choice for mobile gamers who always want to play games for a long time. Entering 2020, the Memu application is developing its newest version with the Android 7.1 version with several improvements in its performance.

Maybe the same as other Android emulator applications, the Memu application also has a mapping feature that can be customized or can be adjusted according to the game to be played so you don’t have to bother to rearrange it. Until now the Memu application developer is still actively developing it until 2020.


#5. LDPlayer


LDPlayer is an Android emulator application that is intended for those of you who really like playing Android games. This application is one of the interesting Android emulator choices in 2020. The developer of this application is still active in improving its performance to provide a smoother experience when you play games.

That’s what makes the LDPlayer application the choice of gamers as an Android emulator application on a PC laptop. This application provides two versions of Android, namely versions 5.1 and 7.1 which you can adjust to the specifications of the PC laptop you are using. One of the advantages that LDPlayer has is stability, speed, and multitasking features to be able to play two different games at the same time in the same window.


#6. Bluestacks

BluestacksBluestack is an Android emulator application that is quite light and very popular. This application has been written since 2014 and can be said to be an “All-in-one” emulator. Versatile here means that this application has continued to run stably since its first release.

Until now, the Bluestack application has been an interesting choice that the developers continue to develop. This application often provides updates to improve performance and performance. And recently, Bluestacks 4 provides options, namely online installers and offline installers. If you use a Mac operating system, you can still use this Bluestack application as your Android emulator.


#7. Tencent Gaming Buddy Game Loop

Tencent Gaming Buddy Game Loop is an Android emulator application that is very popular for gamers, especially PUBG Mobile players. As the name implies, this application was released by Tencent, a giant in the well-known mobile game industry.

At the beginning of its release, this application was only intended for users who play battle royale, especially PUBG Mobile. However, over time this application developed and evolved into a Game Loop. Game Loop supports settings up to 60 fps which of course can run smoothly. And of course, still adjusted to the configuration on each PC laptop.


#8. Red


Mumu is an Android emulator that is perfect for those of you who love playing Android games. This Android emulator is intended for users who like to play games. If you feel that your cellphone has started to lag, maybe this Mumu emulator application is an alternative for you to play your favorite Android games.

Maybe you know a game called Ragnarok M Eternal Love, this game recommends its users to use the Mumu emulator as one of the emulators that makes it possible to play the game smoothly. But, don’t worry, that’s not the only game you can play, you can still play other popular games.

#9. NoxPlayer


NoxPlayer is a fairly light Android emulator that you can use to play games. The NoxPlayer application is an attractive choice as an Android emulator, because of its very powerful performance even though it only runs on PCs and laptops that have low specifications.

Many applications or games can be run using this NoxPlayer Android emulator. A feature that is not left behind from NoxPlayer is the mapping feature for various types of games on Android. The developer is still continuing to develop the NoxPlayer application by updating it to provide the experience and convenience for its users.


#10. Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS is not like other Android emulator applications, but this one emulator runs in the form of a full operating system like Microsoft Windows. Even though it is an operating system, Phoenix OS can still run on PCs and laptops with even low specifications and don’t worry, the installation process is also very easy.

Due to its more comprehensive nature compared to other emulators, Phoenix OS is more suitable for those of you who are more tech-savvy. This Phoenix OS emulator is from China, so this operating system does not support Google Play services but you can still use APKs.



So many articles this time that discuss 10 Android emulator applications on PC laptops. Each emulator has its own features and advantages and disadvantages. Please select the Android emulator that suits your needs. Hopefully, this article can be useful for you.

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