Home Guide How to Reset Canon iP2770 Printer on PC Laptop 2024

How to Reset Canon iP2770 Printer on PC Laptop 2024


How to Reset Canon iP2770 Printer on PC Laptop – Are you including Canon printer users? Are you having trouble with how to fix a Canon iP2770 printer that has an error with code 009, 5b00, or b200 or an orange light flashing 5 times? Well, in this article we will provide a solution, please refer to the article below.

How to Reset Canon iP2770 Printer on PC Laptop

How to Reset Canon iP2770 Printer on PC Laptop 2024

The iP2770 version of the Canon printer is a printer that is often used by many people. Because the price is relatively cheap and can be modified into a printer with an infusion system on the cartridge. You no longer need to bother removing cartridges and injecting ink manually.

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One of the weaknesses that are often found in this printer is that it often has problems. The problems also vary, but your first step besides checking and refilling the ink is to reset this printer.

Resetting the iP2770 printer is an important thing to do as a first step before taking other actions. Because when you do a reset, it means you have given the order to the I {2770 printer to return to its initial formation.

So that the printer will check again and reset according to these conditions. For this reason, we provide a tutorial on how to reset the Canon IP2770 printer, see below.

Canon iP2770 Printer Problems

The Canon iP2770 printer is a type of printer from the Canon brand that is widely used in various circles. The reason is that this printer is a printer at an affordable price but the quality is not in doubt.

This printer can also be used to print photos with good quality and print speed that is quite fast. But even though the quality is good, this printer is not free from errors.

In some cases, the printer has various error codes, one of which is the error code 5200 Waste Ink Tank Absorber Full on this printer. If your printer is currently experiencing an error with a code like this, then it’s better to reset the printer immediately.

The method for resetting the Canon iP2770 printer is quite easy, you don’t need to go to a repairman. Follow the steps below and immediately put into practice. The first step is to first download the Canon iP2770 resetter software. You can get it anywhere.

Complete Guide How to Reset Canon IP2770 Printer

To do a reset on a Canon printer, you have to do the first handling before resetting. If you do a reset, it means you have given an order to the printer to change to the initial settings.

So, here’s a tutorial on how to easily and effortlessly reset a Canon IP2700 printer, guaranteed to work!

How to reset the Canon IP2770 printer manually:

  1. The first step is to enter service mode by first turning off your printer by pressing the power button.
  2. Then press and hold the Resume button for about  5 seconds.
  3. Keep holding it and don’t let go of the resume button, after that also press the power button until the indicator light on the printer turns green.
  4. After the indicator light is Green, please release the resume button but the power button must still be pressed.
  5. After the resume button is released, then press the resume button  5  times  (when pressing the resume button the printer indicator light will change to orange and green).
  6. Then release all the buttons that have been pressed on the printer then the indicator light on the printer will change and finally will change to green.
  7. If it’s finished, then your printer has entered service mode and can be reset with the software service tool v3400.

How to reset the Canon IP2770 printer with software:

  1. After entering service mode, place 2 pieces of blank paper on the printer.
  2. But first download the software to reset the ip2770 printer,  here.
  3. The first extract the results of the download so that it produces the  Service Tool v3400 folder.
  4. Then open the folder and run the  Service Tool v3400.exe file by double right-clicking.
  5. After that, you will see in the Clear Ink Counter section,  change the Absorber to  Main, then click the  SET button to the right.   
  6. Then click the  EEPROM button located at the top, after which the printer will start the print process.
  7. After finishing the print process, please turn off the printer and turn it on again.
  8. Finished.


Thus this article discusses how to reset Canon iP2770 printer on a PC laptop. You can follow any of the methods we explain.

Hopefully, with this article, your Canon printer with an error can now be used as usual. Finally, don’t miss the latest updates and information every day from us.

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