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8 Best Lightweight Android Emulators for PC Laptop 2024


8 Best Lightweight Android Emulators for PC Laptop Desktop – A lightweight Android emulator is a solution for those of you who want to play a series of exciting games on your Android mobile via a PC or laptop. However, did you know that you can still run Android applications without using an Android smartphone?

8 Best Lightweight Android Emulators for PC Laptop Desktop8 Best Lightweight Android Emulators for PC Laptop Desktop 2024

The trick is to use an emulator software. However, most emulators require a minimum specification and a fairly high storage memory. So that not all of these Android emulator applications can be used. Especially if you have mediocre PC or laptop specifications.

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So, that’s why we summarize what are the best lightweight Android emulators that are suitable for PCs and laptops with minimum specifications. Come on, see anything!

#1. Andy – Andyroid

This emulator named Andy or Andyroid provides complete features for its users. It even supports interface features. So you can make your Android smartphone a controller with the help of Bluetooth connectivity.

You can use Andy for a PC or laptop with minimum specifications, namely Windows 7/8.1, Ubuntu 14.04+, and Mac OSX 10.8+, while the required RAM starts from just 1 GB.

#2. Windroye

The next light Android emulator is Windroye which is a product made in China. Initially when installing this emulator application. You will be faced with a variety of Chinese-language menu choices. However, don’t worry because you can change it to English manually.

The advantage of this Windroye is that it is able to make the running of your PC or laptop much lighter. When compared when using other Android emulators.

#3. NoxPlayer

For gamers, of course, they are already familiar with this one emulator application. NoxPlayer has become a mainstay for gamers to enjoy games more satisfactorily.

There are various features in it, such as the charm bar and special features for controlling the mouse and keyboard.

This emulator can be used for PCs or laptops with minimum specifications of Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit/64-bit).

#4. Remix OS Player

The Remix OS player is actually not an emulator. However, it is more correct to call it the operating system. However, the overall function of the updated Remix OS player is the same as the Android emulator.

So you can use this software to enjoy your Android games on a PC or laptop.

#5. LDPlayer

For those of you who like to play mobile games like PUBGM, Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor (AOV), and various other mobile games. Then LDPlayer is our recommended emulator.

LDPlayer offers a variety of advantages. Among them are speed, stability, and multitasking features that will make it easier for you to play two games at once.

#6. BlueStacks

BlueStacks is an Android emulator that is quite popular because it has been around for a long time and has also experienced a series of system updates. Until now BlueStacks has launched its various application series. Until their newest series, BlueStacks 4.

Apart from being highly recommended for PCs and laptops with a minimum of Windows 7 OS specifications, BlueStacks is also very suitable and lightweight for MacBook laptops.

You can download the BlueStacks application for free through the official website. Both online and offline.

#7. MEmu

The advantage of MEmu compared to other Android emulator applications is that it supports the use of Android KitKat OS and Lollipop Android OS

For PC & laptop specifications, MEmu supports AMD, Intel HD, and Nvidia VGA types.

#8. Genymotion

An Android emulator called Genymotion can make it easier for you to test various applications without the need to install the application first.

Apart from that, you can set this emulator with various types of Android versions according to your needs. Genymotion is relatively light because you only need 117MB of storage memory.

So, that’s a list of lightweight Android emulators that you can try installing to make your gameplay smoother. Hope it helps!

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