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List of Questions About SEO Most Frequently Asked 2024


List of Questions About SEO Most Frequently Asked – Learning SEO is really complicated. There are many things to learn. Those questions may often be raised by beginners.

List of Questions About SEO Most Frequently Asked

List of Questions About SEO that are Frequently Asked by Beginners 2024

However, is such a statement true?

Could be yes, it could also not.

If we are still beginners and just want to learn SEO, we might be confused about where to start.

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The reason is, that there are many parameters or determining factors that make a website in the top position of search results. Not to mention, the science of SEO ‘feels’ not an exact science.

So, there is no special package specifically provided by Google. They just provide parameters, algorithms, and such.

Our job as SEO players is of course to analyze and optimize various things so that the site is on the first page.

Even though it seems confusing, we can still learn this technique starting from the basics. After understanding the ‘foundations’, we can certainly concurrently advance to a more complex level of knowledge.

So, incidentally, this time we will discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about SEO by beginners.

The hope is that we can learn together about the science of SEO so that we understand it better. Come on, see!

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can simply be interpreted as a technique for making a website/page in the top position of a search engine.

The concept of SEO certainly applies to all search engines, not just Google.

However, many people associate this SEO with Google directly. Naturally, currently, Google does have the most number of users compared to other search engines.

Where to start learning SEO?

Well, learning good SEO is possible by understanding the basic flow first. At least we already know some basic terms about SEO such as link building, CTR, bounce rate, backlinks, and other terms.

Foreign terms like this are quite important to understand when we are new to SEO. After understanding it, we can immediately practice.

At least, this is what should be done first:

  • Determine what topics will be reviewed and their goals.
  • Learn to create quality content + titles.
  • Learn basic on-page SEO such as meta tags, interlinking, and headings.

Why is it that when you ask about SEO, the answers sometimes vary?

Obviously, because the way or method used by everyone is different. Some use it to work, and some fail.

If we study in an online course, maybe it will be more credible, on the other hand, if we only rely on sites that are scattered on the internet, we have to think about it carefully. Don’t swallow it raw.

Think logically and if it makes sense, just try it.

What causes the website to be difficult to index and how to overcome it?

In this case, we must first clarify that ‘indexed’ is different from ‘appearing on the first page’ of search engines.

The meaning of ‘indexed’ is that the website is already in the search engine even though it doesn’t know what position it ranks.

The easiest way to find out the website index is by typing the keyword “site:yourwebsitename.com”.

If the website/domain name appears, it means it has been indexed. Conversely, if no information appears at all, it means something is wrong.

Maybe, here are some reasons:

  • Your website is new – it usually takes a few days/weeks for the new website to be indexed by search engines.
  • You haven’t registered your website with Google Webmaster – by registering yourself directly, new websites can be viewed more. Likewise, if you want to update articles, you should use the ‘fetch as console’ feature so that indexing is faster.
  • Problematic domain – if you buy an expired domain, there may be junk/SPAM backlinks that make it difficult to index the website. So, try to be careful in choosing domains, especially those that are already ‘used’.

Actually, there are still a few, but these three things can give a brief overview. So, how do you get your website indexed quickly?

It’s best not to focus too much on this. For new websites, it usually takes time. While waiting for the indexing process from search engines, it’s a good idea you update the website content so that it is richer in information.

Which is important, Off-page or On-page SEO?

In the world of SEO, there are no specific strategies and standards for increasing the ranking of a website. To get maximum results, we must apply various strategies simultaneously.

In essence, we have to implement Off-page and On-page SEO simultaneously.

How to increase Alexa Rank?

You need to know, that ranking on Alexa is heavily influenced by links and traffic. If the website has high traffic and quality links, of course, the ranking will be better.

If you want a good Alexa ranking, then also increase your website and visitors.

However, you really don’t need to focus on this standard. Because the most important thing is how you maximize the potential of the website that is being built.

How to get Sitelinks from Google?

Actually, it’s easy.

You need to know, this sitelink is heavily influenced by the algorithm. So there is no specific benchmark to get sitelinks.

Usually, sites that have sitelinks are owners of brand keywords.

For example, if we type in the Traveloka keyword, of course, we want to find the official Traveloka website. This is what makes Traveloka have sitelinks.

Apart from that, good and relevant content can also make a website credible. Maybe it’s because of this that the algorithm gives them sitelinks.

How long does it take to get to rank 1?

Not sure.

Why? This depends on how tough the competition is, how hard it is to promote its content, and how long your website has been built.

If the targeted keywords have minimal competition, then in a matter of days your website may already be in the first rank.

However, for new websites, stiff competition can take months or even years (depending on how to optimize it).

Why are website rankings on Google.in and Google.com different?

Generally, Google.in determines Hindi-language websites. Most likely, Hindi websites can get a better ranking on Google.in than Google.com

Blog-walking diligently, but why is it still failing stage 1?

Before answering this question about SEO, try to answer a few things:

How do you blog walk? Where did you do it? How often do you blog walk?

Some of us may feel that blog walking is the best way to get backlinks from other sites. In reality, this has little impact on SEO.

Backlinks from blog comments actually have nofollow properties, which means the link doesn’t really matter.

If you comment on 2000 blogs, you may still not be able to beat the website that is currently in the first ranking.

Even so, blog-walking is also good enough to strengthen the relationship between the owner and you.

But it should be noted, do not just put backlinks and spamming just like that. It will only damage your website and theirs.

Which domain extensions are good for SEO?

This question about SEO is probably asked quite often. The point is that it’s better to use a gTLD domain like .com, .org, or .net. In addition, another option is to use ccTLDs such as .co, .me, .io, and .in.

If possible, use the .com extension as most people are more familiar with that extension. You can choose other options if .com is no longer available.

Never use free domains such as .ga, and .tk because chances are the results won’t be optimal in terms of SEO.

How much influence does hosting have on SEO?

Large enough!

As we already know, Google is currently prioritizing sites that load fast. If the website is slow, then its position in the SERP will drop.

In this case, hosting also plays a role. The higher the quality and size of the hosting, the faster the website loads.

It is also important to choose regional website hosting. If we have a website for Indian, then use a hosting service that servers India or its surroundings.

Conversely, if our target is European, then also use a European server or its surroundings.

What is included in Black Hat SEO?

Actually, there are a lot of techniques. However, it is these techniques that are most often used:

  • Spamming blog comments with software or manual methods.
  • Make a dummy blog to attach a link to the moneysite (depending on how you use it).
  • Create web 2.0 to post links to main sites.
  • Duplicate content and AGC.
  • Spamming on social media and article directories.


These are some of the most frequently asked questions about SEO in various forums. Hopefully, it helps friends who are just learning about SEO.

Other references for overseas sites (Q & A about SEO): 104 Advanced SEO Interview Question and Answer, Update!

Have any other SEO questions? Please continue in the comments.

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