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The Right Way of Keyword Research 2024


The Right Way of Keyword Research – Keyword research is a special practice that professional content creators often employ to drive search traffic to search engine results pages. Content optimization by means of the correct keyword research is an important part of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) on the website that you are managing.

The Right Way of Keyword Research

Know The Right Way of Keyword Research 2024

The right keywords will help get a targeted audience for your website through search engines. This is the most important part of choosing the right keywords for your business or blog in order to reach relevant people.

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By doing research, the selected keywords will be relevant to your website or page. So both content searchers and Google can understand the topic of the page, and search engines can also provide better results.

In conclusion, keyword research is something that is very important for web content creators. Good for personal web, company web, or business web so that the content is found by search engines.

The goal is clear, to bring targeted visitors to web pages. Either to find information, buy products, transact business, or learn about the types of online businesses that are currently booming on the internet.

Compare when you have to do paid promotions to attract an audience !! How much financially must be spent?

When web content occupies the best position on search engine pages, visitors will come voluntarily. They come up with what they are looking for by finding relevant keywords through search results.

Learning how to research keywords correctly, means that you have saved hundreds or even millions of rupiah to bring audiences to your website.

Mistakes in Doing Keyword Research

All content creators definitely want the website they manage to rank first on Google pages. But not for just any keywords, and not just to get an audience …

The most important of the goals of doing keyword research is getting visitors who are relevant and on target.

That is visitors who are willing to buy and use the products/services that we are offering. This is very important, especially for business web managers.

For that, you can utilize keyword research tools or tools ( keyword research tools ). Currently, there are several free and paid tools that you can use, including:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword ideas
  • Content ideas
  • Keywords
  • Keywordtool.io
  • WordStream
  • Wordtracker
  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • MOZ

Discussing keyword research, in principle, you will enter the right search keywords, and after that hope to occupy the top position on Google.

But it is a mistake to do keyword research, this is done a lot, especially for new website owners.

This error even continues to be made repeatedly so that it cannot target keywords relevantly. And even the position of the content in the search results does not show results.

Of course, this would be in vain, even though the content is made at length, but does not focus on the main keywords that are targeted or targeted.

Please note, there is a lot of competition from content creators who are competing to occupy the first position on the Google page. This is the main problem for new content creators.

For this reason, keyword research must really be understood, at least so that the content you create can be found in the best-ranking search results.

The Right Keyword Research Way To Win Search Results

Here are the most important parts to pay attention to when doing keyword research:

  1. Search for the right keywords
  2. Search Volumes
  3. Keyword Difficulty (Keyword Difficulty Level)
  4. Keyword Suggestions
  5. Long tail keywords
  6. Improve Keyword Performance

#1. Looking for the right keywords

Doing keyword research is an important step before creating content for a blog or website. This research is useful for determining what keywords are suitable, for the right targets.

This research will also explain how to dig hundreds to thousands of keywords from several basic keywords using one of the keyword research tools. After that, you can determine which keywords are right for you.

So don’t seem careless in choosing keywords, because the risk is that the content will not be optimized properly and will slump in the search results.

#2. Search Volume

To beat the competition in search results, it is highly recommended to focus on specific keywords with high search volume and low competition.

When doing research, pay attention to how many people use these keywords. Usually, the search volume displayed is the number of searches each month.

You can determine the amount of search volume to be targeted, at least the search volume is above 500 per month so that the level of competition is also lower.

It’s best to find keywords with low competition to get enough visitors without having to wait too long.

#3. Keyword Difficulty (Keyword Difficulty Level)

Each keyword has its own level of difficulty, you certainly don’t want to waste and pay a fortune to optimize keywords with a fairly high level of difficulty.

It is highly recommended not to choose keywords with a high level of difficulty because it will be increasingly difficult to compete on search pages.

Please note, websites that are old and included in the large web category usually don’t care about keyword competition with a high level of difficulty. But for new websites, this is mandatory.

Don’t force yourself to choose keywords that are too difficult, because the competition will be even more difficult.

#4. Keyword Suggestions

Keyword Suggestions will show you keyword suggestions from the main keywords that are being targeted.

Generally, the search box section will provide suggestions for long tail keywords that are relevant to the main keywords typed in by visitors.

You can make keyword suggestions to complement content titles that will potentially attract more audience with the keywords that have been suggested.

#5. Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are very closely related to keyword suggestionsLong tail keywords themselves are keywords that contain at least three or more words.

Implementing long-tail keywords in a relevant manner, it will help visitors to find your content quickly in search results.

#6. Improve Keyword Performance

The correct keyword research results are not always accurate with reality. Even if the research results show good values, it could be that the keyword performance is not satisfactory.

Assessment of website keyword performance can be done regularly through Google Analytics in order to show more optimal results.

You can find an explanation of how to do keyword research correctly on  cubicdigital.com which is reviewed in detail and entirely and is accompanied by pictures that make it easy for you to learn it.

Content Quality

Please note, that even though the keyword research method has been carried out correctly, you still have to pay attention to the quality of the content. Quality content is the most important thing to make a blog more SEO.

Creating original and relevant content accompanied by a more complete explanation will help your audience and search engines understand the keywords you have previously targeted.


In summary, the right way to conduct keyword research involves a combination of audience understanding, brainstorming, keyword tools, prioritization, and ongoing monitoring. By following these steps, you can optimize your website and content for the right keywords and improve your chances of reaching your target audience and achieving your marketing goals.

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