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10 Best Blog Name Generators To Find the Perfect Name 2024


10 Best Blog Name Generators To Find the Perfect Name – By now you have an idea for ​​your new blog and have chosen a platform for blogging. Then one important next step is to determine the name of the blog. To get a good blog name idea, you can use a blog name generator.

10 Best Blog Name Generators to Find the Perfect Name

10 Best Blog Name Generators to Find the Perfect Name 2024

In this article, we will discuss the 10 best blog name generators in 2023.

Why is the Blog Name Important?

Before discussing it further, we will explain what a blog name generator is first. The blog name generator is an online tool to create and suggest unique blog names based on keywords entered. Even some blog name generators can also check the availability of the domain name you choose.

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Then, why is the name of the blog important? The blog name is your online identity. Naming your blog is just as important as naming a new company.

If you want to switch from casual blogger to professional blogger, then you need a blog name that is unique but easy to remember.

Some examples of blogs that have been successful and have unique names are DooceEveryday Carry, and The Everywhereist.

To get an eccentric and interesting blog name idea like the example above is certainly not easy. You have to collect a number of potential blog names. However, with the blog name generator, you can get blog name ideas in just seconds.

Brand Based Name vs Keyword Based Name

Did you know that blog names can also be registered as domain names? So, you need to create a name based on your brand or keywords. Don’t forget to buy a domain extension according to the target audience or blog goals.

Brand Based Name

Most people have heard of GoogleAmazon, and Facebook. These three platforms have successful brand names in the online world. The name is easy to remember and pronounce, and also unique.

Brand-based names are usually a combination of words inspired by a figure or an event. Sometimes the names can also come from contemporary jargon, for example, “netizens”, or random words.

The name doesn’t have to be relevant or meaningful. Just make sure the name you make sounds interesting and catchy so that your blog has the potential to grow and become a brand.

Keyword Based Names

Keywords or keywords are words or phrases that users type in the search field when they are looking for certain information. For example, a bookworm might type “a good book to read” in the search field to find new books to complete their collection. Here, “a good book to read” is the keyword.

Keyword-based names come from words that are related to the content people are looking for. Keyword-based names are created based on words related to the content

Let’s say you plan to create a blog that reviews songs. You name it Song Reviews 101 and the domain you choose is songsreviews101.net. If after checking it turns out that the domain has been used by another user, then you can add a prefix or suffix to create a variant of the domain name.

Some users prefer to use keyword-based blog names because they are benefited by search engines. People can find your blog easily if the name or domain matches some or all of the top keywords.

Of course, you don’t want potential visitors to avoid your blog just because of a complicated name, right? Therefore, make sure the blog name you choose must be easy to remember, short and simple.

The Best Blog Name Generators

As previously explained, a blog name generator is an online tool that will help you determine blog name ideas. Here are the 10 best blog name generators.

#1. Name Generator

As one of the best blog name generators, Name Generator has the ability to create original and attractive blog names. Later this tool will ask for all information related to your blog, from verbs, adjectives, and names to places of residence.

If you don’t want to enter personal information, click the Suggest button, and the system will randomly display a list of name suggestions. It’s this list of names that Name Generator excels at: you’ll find names in ‘classic’, ‘rhyme’ formats, and even computer-generated puns.

Unfortunately, the number of suggested names is limited and this tool doesn’t have a feature to check domain availability. But one thing is certain, you can still find the right name for your blog.

Although this tool helps you to find blog name ideas, you still have to use other online tools to determine whether the desired blog name is already in use or not.

#2. Zyro Business Name Generator

Zyro’s business name generator with advanced AI support is another cool option that you should try. This tool is carefully integrated with AI technology, which allows it to follow the best industry examples when it comes to generating catchy business names for you.

All you have to do is enter keywords related to your niche, business, or blog. Then, wait for a second or two, and watch the resulting list of names.

#3. Wordoids

This blog name generator called Wordoids can create catchy names. This generator even has a smart interface that makes it easy for users to review more name choices.

Wordoid supports five languages, namely English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian. You can combine more than one language to create a variant domain name.

In addition, this tool offers a quality-level option that determines the quality of the resulting blog name. You can choose the level from high, medium, to low. The higher the quality level, the more natural the words generated by this generator.

The wordroid pattern is also customizable. You can use a specific word as a prefix, body, or suffix.

Meanwhile, for the length of the phrase, you can set the number of characters – a maximum of 15 and a minimum of 5 characters. Moreover, you can also show or hide wordoids results with .com and .net domains.

#4. DomainWheel

DomainWheel is a free online tool that you can use to get ideas for blog names, domains, and even URLs. You can enter one or several keywords into this generator, and after that, it will suggest the best name for you.

You can filter name results by extension selected by using the Search Domain button.

If the suggested names aren’t to your taste, scroll down to find random suggestions and ideas.

Domain Wheel also recommends words that rhyme and match the keywords you enter. After finding a preferred domain, you can register it directly by clicking the View Details button.

#5. Name Mesh

Name Mesh is the best blog name generator to find your blog name ideas. To use it, simply enter one or more keywords into the search field and click Generate.

Because there are eight categories offered by this tool, search results will be displayed one by one according to these categories.

Another advantage of Name Mesh is that this tool provides a choice of domains and their prices.

This generator also allows you to filter blog name results by length and extension. Apart from that, you can also choose a registrar to register the domain name.

The people behind Lean Domain Search are the developers of WordPress. This blog name generator is free and simple. You only need to enter a keyword, then click Search, then thousands of available .com domain variants will appear.

You can sort the results by popularity, character length, or alphabet. In addition, this tool can sort names by keyword position – starting or ending with a keyword.

#7. DomainsBot

DomainsBot is an easy-to-use blog name generator. This is inseparable from the neat appearance of the dashboard. After typing in keywords and clicking Search, this platform system will display a list of available domain names along with options to register these names.

To filter search results, all you have to do is check the available categories in the interface located on the left side. You can choose an extension from a top-level domain ( TLD ) to a generic top-level domain ( gTLD ).

#8. Panabees

Attractive design, fast performance, and ease to use make Panabee one of the most used tools for creating blog names and looking for domain name recommendations. Type in a word or two that describes your blog content, then this tool system will process it.

The way Panabee works is by combining two keywords, removing or doubling letters, and swapping keyword positions.

Panabee provides domain extensions .com, .org, .net, .us, and more. You can choose the one you want and check its availability.

One thing that differentiates Panabee from other generator tools is the feature that allows you to check whether the selected blog name is already in use or not on various social media platforms. The existence of this feature really helps the development of your business and business.

#9. Blog Title Generator

The Blog Title Generator developed by SEOpressor tends to be used as a tool to create blog titles or content titles rather than being used as a tool to create domain names or brands. You must be quite familiar with the premium version of this plugin if you use WordPress.

Apart from being free, this generator also provides tips for creating attractive headlines and titles for blog content.

#10. NameStation

NameStation is also one of the most used blog name generators. It’s just that the functionality is limited.

Type keywords in the Keyword Domains Generator section on the Domains Search page. This tool system will process these keywords and then display a list of domain names randomly. Most of the suggested blog names are a combination of the keywords you enter with random words.

The only feature of Name Station that might interest users is the name contest. Registered accounts can contribute to the contest by posting blog or domain name ideas for other users.


Choosing a blog name is important as it reflects your online identity. Come up with a name that is easy to market to outsiders if you plan to take your blog into a business. If you want your blog to be SEO-friendly, we recommend creating a keyword-based name.

Looking for blog name ideas is not so easy. But with a blog name generator, you can get the right name.

DomainWheel and Nameboy are easy-to-use generator tools that are perfect for users who want to quickly find a blog or domain name. Meanwhile, for users who want to get detailed search results, use WordoidName Mesh, and Panabee.

Choose one of the 10 best blog name generators above and create a unique and unforgettable blog name.

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