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27+ Interesting and Most Visited Blog Topics and Themes 2024


27+ Interesting and Most Visited Blog Topics and Themes – Blogging has now become one of the best ways to share information or tips about your hobbies and ideas, or even earn income online. However, creating a personal or professional blog is not as easy as people think.

25+ Interesting and Most Visited Blog Topics and Themes27+ Interesting and Most Visited Blog Topics and Themes 2024

You need to find interesting blog topics and blog titles, buy a suitable domain name, and then run it consistently. Sometimes, determining an interesting blog theme can also be quite difficult.

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But worry not, in this article, we have prepared 27 attractive blog themes to help you start your blogging journey. Check it out!

Attractive Blog Themes for Blogging Success

As you know, a blog is one of the media that you can use to share various things, from just telling stories and posting your work content, to making money.

So, if you want to start a blogging journey but don’t know what blog titles will attract visitors, here we provide a list of blog themes that are frequently visited.

Here are the most visited blog topics:

#1. Automotive

For those of you who have a business or work in the automotive industry, this topic can be an interesting blog theme. Blogging about motorbikes or cars is also quite popular among fans and the community to share interests and build relationships with one another.

One example of a popular blog in this niche is Iwan Banaran.

Generally, things discussed on automotive blogs include custom modifications, reviews of the best motorbikes and cars in their class, or the latest automotive news.

#2. Product Reviews or Reviews

Review content or reviews can be an interesting blog theme. Many people want to find a neutral opinion about a product before buying it. For this reason, content around reviews is often in great demand, especially for trending items.

So, you can make reviews attractive blog titles so that your blog has the potential to get traffic quickly. Plus, if you pay attention to the quality of the articles written, readers will feel at home reading them for a long time until they run out.

One thing to remember, you should focus on one industry only. If you’re interested in creating review content related to other industries, consider creating another blog.

In writing reviews, you don’t just write about one brand or company. You also have to include the pluses and minuses of each product you review so customers don’t feel like you’re being sponsored by that company.

#3. Article tutorial

If you’re good enough in a particular field, try starting a tutorial theme as a catchy blog title.

Today, many people are looking for solutions to their problems online. People will head to Google when they have a question on their minds. That way, this one idea can become an interesting blog theme. You can share your knowledge and skills, or even successfully start how to make money from the internet through your blog.

You can target readers who want to quickly fix something or readers who want to improve the quality of their project. This topic is also not limited. That’s why tutorials are one of the most visited blog topics.

#4. Cooking Recipes

Do you like cooking? Take advantage of this opportunity to start a blog about recipes. Yes, cooking recipes can be an interesting blog theme. Write your own experimental recipes so readers get the information they don’t usually find on other blogs.

Or, you can discuss cooking techniques, review kitchen equipment, try unique ingredients, and more.

As an inspiration, Food52 is an example of a blog that is quite popular in this niche.

Food52 isn’t just about food. On this blog, you can also find posts about interior design, restaurants, and drinks. In fact, they also provide store information where you can buy furniture and cooking equipment.

#5. Food and Restaurants

Apart from discussing recipes, those of you who like to travel and taste food in various places can try to create a culinary blog.

There are lots of contemporary restaurants and foods that people often hunt for because of their uniqueness. Food entrepreneurs are starting to compete to create unique menus that have never existed, so the theme of food and restaurants is now also one of the most visited blog topics.

#6. Advice or Consultation

Apart from writing reviews and guides, giving advice can also be an interesting blog theme. That way, you can help the audience who is making a choice. Generally, blogs with the theme of advice discuss life’s problems. But, you can also discuss other things.

Whatever the niche, you can start in two ways. You can write articles about readers’ problems, or even through the live chat feature on your blog.

#7. Traveling

If you like traveling or adventuring, share your experience through the travel blog. Online travel journals are not only entertaining but also useful for audiences with similar interests. Take advantage of all of this to create a compelling blog title.

There are many types of posts you can make as a travel blogger. For example, you can group posts by city or country visited, then review things like food, tourist attractions, or how to get around there. Or, you can also review the best and most budgeting hotels.

#8. Fitness

Nowadays, people are very active in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Well, fitness or exercise can be an interesting and productive blog title.

There are many things you could cover, depending on your area of ​​expertise. For example, you can provide exercise guidance, nutrition advice, and mental health tips.

With a fitness blog, you can also offer your services as a fitness instructor. One example of a successful blog in this area is Badass Fitness.

Shannon, the owner of this blog, is an experienced instructor who specializes in the Tabata style of workout. With her blog, Shannon invites people to join her exercise group in Florida.

#9. Self Defense

It is very important to know how to protect ourselves in dangerous situations. However, due to time and distance reasons, some people find it difficult to learn martial arts.

So, take advantage of this opportunity to make self-defense an interesting blog theme. This topic is being widely discussed, so the blog you create has the potential to get a lot of traffic.

Some of the types of posts you could write might include safety advice, self-defense moves, and non-lethal weapons for self-protection.

#10. DIY Projects

The minimalist concept and various other decoration styles that are currently in great demand by millennials have a distinct potential for you to determine an attractive blog title. Many people are looking for inspiration to decorate their homes with a limited budget. Well, you can take advantage of this opportunity to create a blog that focuses on DIY (Do It Yourself) projects.

Or, you can choose DIY blog topics other than home decor. Cosmetics, accessories, and everyday life hacks can also be interesting blog themes.

#11. Walkthrough Video Game

Who doesn’t love video games? The game industry has recently developed rapidly, even online games have become a sport in themselves. This is also an opportunity for you to choose gaming as an attractive blog theme.

To create a gaming blog, you can discuss walkthroughs or guides for completing a game. You can break them up per game and write walkthroughs on how to complete each mission.

Walkthroughs can be interesting blog titles for readers, especially if the topic is about games that are currently popular.

#12. Gardening

Gardening is also becoming a highly sought-after blog topic, especially for urban people. You can take advantage of this moment to turn it into an attractive blog title.

There are many ideas about gardening that you can cover. As inspiration in looking for examples of blogs, you can visit Stephanie Rose’s blog, Garden Therapy.

Garden Therapy does not only discuss gardening techniques and tools. On this blog, you can also read about handicrafts and make cosmetics from plants and fruits.

#13. Photography

Digital technology makes photographic works accessible and enjoyed by everyone. People’s interest in photography has also increased.

So, take advantage of this by bringing up photography as an interesting blog title. Apart from that, getting money from blogs through this niche is also fairly easy. For example, you could create an online photography course, or sell your work.

You can also use a photography blog as a portfolio website. In fact, some photographers also share their work as online diaries or journals.

#14. Light Entertainment

Some people use the internet to relax and look for something that can help them refresh. Usually, they will look for unique websites with entertaining content. Well, you can carry an interesting blog title by creating a light entertainment blog.

Examples are 9GAG, BuzzFeed, and Bored Panda. You can write funny things and post funny memes or videos, then interact with visitors. Even though it sounds strange, blogs whose content provides light entertainment for their visitors can actually generate a lot of traffic.

#15. Musical Instrument Instructor

If you work as a music teacher or have an above-average ability to play a musical instrument, you can create an interesting blog title with the theme of teaching how to play a musical instrument. Apart from that, you can also earn with it.

To get visitors interested in using your services, try offering a free trial. Show your musical skills in a unique way, for example by remixing traditional songs into catchy and modern songs. That way, people will be interested in getting knowledge from you.

#16. Learn Languages

Learning a language other than the one used in everyday life is a hobby and a challenge for many people. However, some people experience difficulties and feel confused about where to start. Take advantage of this opportunity by bringing language learning as an attractive blog theme.

On a language blog, you don’t always have to post lessons about a particular language. Try visiting Ellen Jovin’s blog entitled Words and Worlds of New York if you want to see an example of a blog on this topic.

In her blog, Ellen doesn’t only discuss grammar and vocabulary in this city that is nicknamed the Big Apple. He also posts about foreign language books, conferences, and restaurants in New York. Or, you can try to make a slang dictionary, which is starting to emerge among many young Indonesians.

#17. Websites and Coding

Today, there are many platforms for creating websites. Because of this, themes around website design and coding are also some of the most visited blog topics.

Blogs about web design usually serve as a learning platform, especially for those who are learning how to become a web developer. This interesting blog title can discuss things about website builder reviews, tips for learning to code, and the best web design features. So, it can be concluded that web design is also a frequently visited blog theme.

#18. Interior Design

Interior design is also currently the most visited blog topic. To do this, you must be able to attract your audience with posts that are relevant to the moment.

For example, you could discuss decorating suggestions, the best color combinations, and reviews of furniture or home furnishings on a particular theme. Even better, you can demonstrate your design process using engaging step-by-step videos.

#19. Sports

If you like sports, you can use them to make these activities an attractive blog theme. Unlike the fitness theme that we discussed earlier, you can use this sports-themed blog as a news platform. For example, you can cover news about football, basketball, or other sports both locally and internationally.

Or, you can also review sports equipment that you’ve tried or the best sports venues in various cities that you’ve visited.

#20. Animals and Accessories

Blogging about animals can also be an interesting and entertaining and educational blog theme for visitors. Apart from showing the daily lives of cute pets, you can also use this blog topic to share tips on being a good groomer, and reviewing the best pet food, or unique accessories for your beloved pet.

Some other animal blogs choose blog topics that support the movement against violence against animals, for example, Animal Justice Project.

As well as promoting animal welfare awareness, this non-profit organization also invites people to join its mission.

#21. Self Development

It’s rare that there are schools that teach lessons about life, and it just so happens that many people don’t like the life they’re currently living. You can benefit these people by bringing up the topic of self-development as an interesting blog title.

For example, you can share posts that help organize someone’s mind, to share the best food menus for a healthier body and soul. There are tons of things you could write about in this one of the most visited blog topics.

#22. Entrepreneur

Working in a company may not be everyone’s dream. Today, more and more people aspire to become entrepreneurs, or even become freelancers. However, starting your own business is not as easy as many people think.

Blogs about entrepreneurship can provide guidance and insight for people interested in this lifestyle. Generally, the topic of this blog discusses how to build connections for freelancers, or how to manage schedules well.

#23. Public Speaking

For some people, public speaking is a frightening experience. Fortunately, there are many blogs that can help people become better conversationalists.

One of the big names among blogs that have opted for the idea of ​​a public speaking blog is TED Talks.

TED Talks provides tons of video presentations. This blog covers a wide range of topics, and you can also find seminars that teach public speaking skills. Undoubtedly, if you carry the topic of public speaking, you can also create a blog theme that attracts visitors.

#24. Minimalism

Tips for living a good life but having minimal expenses are the most visited blog topics. The number of blogs that discuss it is also quite a lot so this blog idea about frugal living can become a blog title that attracts visitors.

If you want to motivate others to save money, this blog topic can be a great blog idea. You can post about frugal and healthy cooking recipes, recycling tips, and even other simple aspects of life.

#25. Stories and Light Stories

Do you like sharing stories? This blog topic is one of my favorite blog ideas, especially if you want to develop your writing skills and improve the quality of your writing.

You can also allow other people to participate in posting something on your blog. In this way, you can learn from each other.

#26. Guide for Beginners

Beginner’s guides are similar to how-to articles. But, as the name suggests, this blog idea is more focused on readers who never learn about the topics you write about. If you want to help people learn, a beginner’s guide could make an interesting blog title.

#27. Local News

If you’re just starting out, it may be difficult to start a blog that covers national news.

So, try writing stories around topics that are closer to you. Find the latest events in your area or nearby cities. For example, as a fan of street art, you can write about events that are held in your city.

Don’t worry, start small by building your online persona around your target audience. Use language that readers enjoy, and add eye-catching visual elements. So, it’s clear, that news can also be an interesting blog title.


Apart from the blog topics discussed above, there are many frequently visited blog themes and other blog ideas that you can implement. Just think about whatever you’re interested in, and you’ve got a pretty far-reaching view or thought on the topic. People will definitely be interested in your blog if you know exactly what you are posting about.

So what are you waiting for? Choose a catchy blog title and start your blogging journey right now!

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