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How to Use VPN on Windows 10 PC Without Applications 2024


How to Use VPN on Windows 10 PC Without Applications – Some Windows 7,8 and 10 users definitely don’t understand how to use a VPN on a PC without an application, in fact, we can’t only use VPN on a PC but we can also on a laptop, Mimin, talking about VPN, at the very least, use an application, right, min? No, bro, this time Mimin wants to discuss how to use a VPN without any additional applications.

How to Use VPN on Windows 10 PC Without ApplicationsHow to Use VPN on Windows 10 PC Without Applications 2024

Let me explain a little, without us realizing that Windows 7, 8, and 10 actually have a VPN feature provided, it’s just that we don’t realize this feature has existed for a long time, what do you mean, min? Yes, it’s simple like this, Windows already has a VPN feature, but not many people know how to set the VPN feature on Windows.

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Therefore Mimin will teach you how to use the VPN feature on Windows 7 8 and 10 without additional applications. You can practice this tutorial on your laptop or PC at home.

You need to know, that this tutorial can only be done on Windows 7,8 and 10 operating systems. I don’t know about Windows 11 because I haven’t tried it yet, even if it’s on an old version of Windows or a new version of Windows, the features or names aren’t much different.

Because I use the Windows 10 operating system, I make the title according to the operating system I use. You can also practice it on Windows 7 and 8, for the guide you can follow below.

#1. Open the Network Status Feature

Open the Network Status FeatureThe first step is to be able to use VPN without additional applications on a PC or laptop, you can go through the Open Network & Internet settings feature for Windows 7 and 8 because I use Windows 10 so I use the search feature and type network status then click.

#2. Network And Sharing Center

Network And Sharing CenterOnce in the settings menu, you look for advanced network settings then look for the Network and sharing center menu then click, oh yes there are many ways to enter the network and sharing center, if you already know a lot about how, all you have to do is look for the network and sharing center feature.

#3. Set Up A New Connection Or Network

Set Up A New Connection Or NetworkIn the Change your Networking settings section, click Set Up A New Connection Or Network, and then you will be directed to the next menu.

#4. Connect To A Workplace

Connect To A WorkplaceAfter being in the Choose a Connection option display, you select Connect to a Workplace then click Next.

#5. Use My Internet Connection (VPN)

Use My Internet Connection (VPN)After you are in the How Do You Want To Connect? you Click Use My Internet Connection (VPN).

6. Enter the Internet Address

Enter the Internet AddressIn the Type the internet address to connect to the menu, you are asked to enter an internet address, how do you get this internet address? the easy way is for you to open the Vpnbook site then you will find a list of internet addresses, and select the VPN server you want, oh yes, don’t forget to note down the username and password provided by VPNbook.

Enter the Internet AddressOh yes, for the username and password sections, the password will be changed every month by the owner of the VPN site, so you have to visit the VPN Book every month to get a new VPN password.

If you have entered the internet address then click Create and wait a few seconds.

Guide: How to Activate VPN

The next step, you just need to activate the VPN that we installed earlier, how do you do it? open the menu icon network or icom network.

#1. Open the Network / Network Icon

Open the Network Network IconAfter you open the network icon menu, the next step is to open the VPN Connection and then click after clicking Connect.

#2. Enter the VPN Book Username and Password

Enter the VPN Book Username and PasswordThe next step is you are asked to sign in, enter the username and password provided by VPN Book, and then click OK. and wait a few seconds until the VPN is connected to your network. Now all we have to do is check whether our IP has changed or not, usually, our location will change, which was originally Indonesia, and it will become a foreign country’s IP.

The method is quite easy to enter Whats Is My IP Address, for example, you can see it below.

Enter the VPN Book Username and PasswordHere I get my computer’s IP, and you can see that the ISP for my city and country has changed, if it’s like this, it means that we have succeeded in activating the VPN.

Min, how do we turn off the VPN that we installed earlier? the easy way is to enter settings look for VPN, and then click disconnect, if you are confused you can see the picture below.Enter the VPN Book Username and Password


Isn’t it really easy to use a VPN on a Windows 10 PC without additional applications, if you have trouble connecting to the VPN, we can discuss it in the comments column.

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