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WordPress vs Blogspot: Which is Better for Blogs 2024


WordPress vs Blogspot: Which is Better for Blogs – There are various ways to capture and store your work, travel or adventure stories, and personal stories, one of which is to create a blog. However, if you’ve never tried blogging, you might feel confused or find it difficult to get started, especially with the many blog platforms you can choose from.

WordPress vs Blogspot Which is Better for Blogs

WordPress vs Blogspot Which is Better for Blogs 2024

Of the many blogging platform options, there are two very popular tools, namely WordPress and Blogger. However, which one is the best? So, in this article, we will discuss the comparison of WordPress vs Blogspot. We compare the two based on five factors, namely ease of creation, manageability, performance, security, and customization.

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In summary, this is the difference between Blogspot and WordPress:

Important Features to Consider WordPress Bloggers
Easier to Create and Use
More Complete Management Features
Reliable performance
Guaranteed Security
More Flexible Customization

The assessment we have given above is of course based on direct research and our observations in using both. Below, we will explain the full Blogspot vs WordPress comparison based on the five criteria above. Happy reading!

Overview of WordPress vs Blogspot

When it comes to blogging, WordPress and Blogger are the two most used blogging platforms.

However, there are some basic things about differences between WordPress and Blogspot. Blogger (service) or Blogspot is a simple blogging platform, while WordPress is a blogging platform and CMS  with much more complete features.

What is Blogspot?

Blogspot from Blogger.com is a site for creating free blogs developed by Google. Since then until now, Blogger is known as a user-friendly platform. With this tool, you can create a blog in just minutes, and then publish posts. Everything you can do for free on Blogger.

Then, What is WordPress?

There are two things that we need to highlight here. WordPress does not only have one service but is divided into WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

  • WordPress.com is a hosted service that is used to create a free blog. You can also get access to premium packages to activate additional features.
  • WordPress.org is a self-hosted service and is an open-source project so it has more advanced features and options.

Generally, the WordPress that we often encounter on the internet is the self-hosted version of WordPress or WordPress.orgThis platform can be installed for free, but to create a blog or website, you have to buy hosting and register a domain first.

At Hostinger, there is a free hosting service if you want to learn how to make a website with WordPress,

Next, we will compare WordPress vs Blogspot based on the five criteria previously described.

WordPress vs Blogspot: Creation and Use

Blogger and WordPress are known as user-friendly blogging platforms. It’s just that, when it comes to creating a blog easily and quickly, there are quite significant differences between the two platforms.

How to Create Blogspot

In terms of ease of use, Blogspot provides ways and steps that are much simpler. The steps are also much easier than WordPress.

Here’s how to create a Blogspot:

  1. Go to https://www.blogger.com/. You’ll immediately see a Create Blog button.
  2. Click Create BlogAfter that, you will be directed to the Google login page.
  3. Sign in with your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, please create a Gmail account first.
  4. After logging in, enter the title of the blog. If you click Skip, you will be asked to enter a blog name.
  5. Enter your Blogspot URL. Because it’s free, your blog will have a blogspot.com subdomain.
  6. Click Save, and you’re done. You have successfully created Blogspot.

How to make Blogspot really only takes a few minutes. After that, you can start writing or publishing content, setting themes, or adjusting blog settings.

All of this makes Blogger a tool that is easy for novice users to operate. What’s more, Blogspot is also available in Indonesian, which will make it even easier to use.

How to Get Started with WordPress

WordPress also excels when it comes to ease of use. This platform is so popular that many well-known web hosts offer an easy option to install WordPress in just a few clicks.

You also don’t have to wait long to create a blog on WordPress. However, on the other hand, you need a long time to learn and understand these features and options so that WordPress can be optimized.

There are so many options and features offered compared to those on Blogger. This variety of features gives WordPress its own advantages for you because the creativity of content creation and site customization is not limited.

Winner: Blogspot

Briefly, here’s a comparison of the two in terms of manufacture and use:

  • Blogspot: easy creation, just use a Google account, available in Indonesian
  • WordPress: more intuitive, more complete features, limited language

To be honest, we don’t mean to say that WordPress is difficult to use and operate. However, because the features that WordPress provides are more diverse, you also need to do a few extra steps. So, for Blogspot vs WordPress in terms of ease of use and creation, the winner is Blogger.

WordPress vs Blogspot: Site Management

You already know how easy it is to create a blog with Blogger or WordPress. However, creating a blog is not the same as managing a blog. The platform chosen will determine how much convenience is offered when you have to manage and maintain a blog. Please note, that managing a blog means that you must always update it and implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


In terms of website management, Blogger has various conveniences that you can take advantage of. You can add new pages with just a few clicks. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn’t provide maintenance-related features, unless you understand and are an expert on HTML.

Blogger, on the other hand, has an advantage when it comes to monetization. You can make money blogging on Blogger by installing AdSense (if indeed you meet the qualifications to do AdSense). All of this is thanks to the ‘tight relationship’ between Blogger and Google.

On Blogger, there is a Settings tab which is easy to fiddle with. Enter this tab and you can set and manage a number of site options or features, including how to optimize your blog for search engines.


The steps for adding new pages and posts on WordPress are not much different from what you do on Blogger. Everything is easy and fast. Even the WordPress editor provides more options than Blogger.

Once you get to the site’s settings page, you may be quite overwhelmed because there are so many options on offer. If a particular platform or plugin needs to be updated, a notification will appear on the dashboard. The presence of information like this will make it easier for you to always update the site.

WordPress has a Settings tab where you can customize and manage everything from your blog’s URL structure to privacy settings:

The platform also includes options for managing users and even tools for importing content from other blogging platforms. Even if you want to move from Blogger to WordPress, the process of moving can be done very easily.

Winner: WordPress

In terms of site management, here’s a comparison of the two platforms:

  • Blogspot:  limited features, quite complicated maintenance, but easy to monetize
  • WordPress:  full features, many tools available for maintenance, monetization is a bit difficult

Website management requires a lot of tools, options, and features so that the blog can be adjusted according to the wishes and needs of the owner. Thus, between Blogspot and WordPress, in terms of site management, the winner is WordPress.

WordPress vs Blogspot: Performance

There are two things to keep in mind when it comes to website performance:

  1. Blog loading time
  2. Site (or dashboard) backend speed

There are many factors that affect website performance apart from the two points above. For example, you uploaded an image that is too large. This uncompressed image size can be the cause of slower website loading. Another example, the hosting provider currently used offers services that are not prime. Automatically your experience will be disturbed.


Regarding performance, Blogger is undeniable. This hosted platform is powered by Google, and based on our experience, there’s never been a problem with loading times. On the other hand, Blogger websites tend to use simple designs, and because of this, performance is not always an issue.


WordPress also has a fairly fast loading time. However, since what we are comparing is a self-hosted WordPress platform, the performance of your blog or website largely depends on the hosting provider chosen. So that loading times don’t slow down, choose a hosting provider that has the best track record in terms of performance. Even so, you still have to control and manage all website content and the website itself so that loading times don’t cause big problems later.

Generally managing and developing a website so that it has high performance requires many things, including flexibility. For example, you can easily integrate a CDN with your chosen platform, or automate image optimization.

Winner: None

In short, you can always speed up loading your website or blog if you use WordPress. Whereas on Blogger, what you see is what you get. This time, for a comparison of WordPress vs Blogspot, there is no winner. Both of these platforms have advantages in loading times.

WordPress vs Blogspot: Security

Being able to create and manage your own blog does feel good. But, when faced with security concerns, you have to make the right choice. Hackers will try to break into and access your website, and then destroy it with Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Or, they even keep you from logging into your own website dashboard. In order for a website to be properly protected, you must make it online on a platform that already has a positive record of dealing with security issues.


Not only performance, but Blogger is also superior in terms of security. This is because Blogger is fully supported by Google. So, because your blog is created on Blogger that is supported by Google, there is no need to doubt its security. Unfortunately, the default security settings cannot be changed because you are using a closed platform. 


The fact that WordPress is often the target of hackers is nothing new in the world of websites and blogging. One reason is the open-source platform.

Fortunately, this CMS provides an opportunity for its users to protect their websites in various ways. For example, a web hosting provider provides a sophisticated security module that cannot be penetrated by hackers.

You can also change website settings to increase security. These rules can be changed manually or by installing security plugins, such as Sucuri Security, and several other ways to secure websites.

Winner: WordPress

For security matters, here’s a direct comparison of the two platforms:

  • Blogspot:  supported by the Google system, but security settings cannot be changed
  • WordPress: customizable security features, lots of security support, can use plugins

The point that must be understood is that the security of a WordPress-based website can be regulated and managed by you. Don’t be afraid to find out more about this and follow the website security measures provided.

Thus, the website will be protected from malicious attacks on the internet. So, for a comparison of Blogspot vs WordPress in terms of security, the winner is WordPress.

WordPress vs Blogspot: Customizability

Customizability is the level of flexibility offered by a platform that allows you to create and manage websites.

In creating a blog, the platform chosen certainly offers a number of options or customization options. With these advantages, you can online various types of blogs.


In terms of ease of use, management, performance, and security, Blogger is no less than WordPress. Unfortunately, in terms of ease of customization, Blogger has to be quite far behind.

Blogger is designed to be a platform that is easy for anyone to operate, including novice users. Therefore, the tools and options it presents are not so many.

One of the advantages of Blogger is the availability of a number of simple and neat theme collections. With this theme, the blog will appear responsive both on desktop and mobile devices:

Unfortunately, the themes presented cannot be customized further. Even though you can use certain HTML to change the Blogger template and also some basic aspects, such as theme colors, the choices offered are limited so your blog design will definitely be similar to other users’ blogs.


WordPress is one CMS whose ease of customization can’t be beaten. This CMS has thousands of plugins and themes, both free and paid. You can even combine free and paid versions to create websites:

Winner: WordPress

Finally, for customization flexibility, here’s a direct comparison:

  • Blogspot:  limited customization tools, few themes provided, no plugins provided
  • WordPress: lots of customization options, tons of WordPress templates available, and thousands of plugins

The process of installing and activating plugins and themes on WordPress is very easy. In fact, you can change the overall appearance of the website quickly.

You can also enrich your website with various features. Because, with plugins, you can add as many new features to your website as possible. So, for a comparison in terms of ease of customization for Blogspot vs WordPress, the winner is WordPress.


The differences between WordPress and Blogspot seem endless. However, self-hosted WordPress is superior in almost every way. WordPress has many options regarding content management, security, and ease of customization so this tool is very easy for all users to run.

This fact does not make Blogger not a good choice for online blogs. If you just want a simple blog setup without high-level features, then Blogger is the best easy alternative.

What do you think about our comparison of WordPress vs Blogspot? Please write your opinion in the comments column below!

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